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is there an option to have the slider as an image instead of a property. if not would be a good option. Is it hard to modify to make full width slider?


In the theme option you have option to use custom slider for slideshow. And you can add the slider items from ‘Slider’ tab in the left side menu.


Two more things. 1. Where do you add the agents photo. I have looked in the user profile section but cant find it. 2. On the agents other listing it shows the number of beds and bath but does not show what they are it just like . 3, 2 not Bed 3, Bath 1 can you fix

Sorry another bug, on the Agents other listings on the property page the price does not display correctly also, it displays like 29000 not $290,000

Sorry but have checked your demo and have redownloaded and uploaded and its still the same. Your site page check it http://themeforest.net/item/light-house-clean-real-estate-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/243383 Right hand column Titled Agents Other Listings. – It look like this . Georgia 250000 4, 3, 2200


I see it now… we have fixed the problem.

I will upload the update today…


The update already uploaded and ready to download, please redownload the package… thanks

Could this theme be configured to feature/sale a different product, say, training packages I offer – instead of houses? I would like to swap ‘Property’ for ‘Training’ throughout the site, and ‘Trainer’ for ‘Agent’.

Also, where does the site’s advanced search pull its data from? What I’d like to configure instead is to have a training details input form on the site where my trainers can submit details regarding different training packages and then have THAT be the data the site’s advanced search functionality queries. Would that be possible?

Thanks! Chris


Yes, you can change property for training and agent for trainer throughout the site, but it needs some modifications to the theme code.


hi can you tell me if this has the option of £ instead of $ or is this just for american use?.


You can easily change the currency symbols in the theme options.


Can you add membership to this theme? So people could sign up and discuss the properties.

Is the search customizable. If I just want to show search for City, State and Zip, is that possible?

How do you get the “Agent Information”, “Contact Agent”, and “Property Search” widgets to display in the sidebar on the property pages as displayed in the demo?

Where to add the agent image?

1. How to get blog not to show on homepage? 2. How to get homepage to display like demo: Creative Solutions, Custom Features, Helpful Service; and Featured Homes for Sale?

I’m trying to use a rating plugin. I want to rate each property. But I want to have it only rate the properties. The only way to control this on a bulk setting is to tell the ratings to show up on a certain category. Is there a way to set the property posts to a category? Or are they already coded to be a certain category name?



Lovely theme, have been setting it up and its works good.

I found a small bug in your tutorial which wasted my 2 hours in figuring out what was I doing wrong.


One column: [ts-display cat=”one-column” col=”1” postperpage=”4” showtitle=”yes” showdesc=”yes” showmore=”yes” contentwidth=”960” widthimg=”460” heightimg=”220” colspacing=”20” rowspacing=”45”]


One column: [ts-display-cat=”one-column” col=”1” postperpage=”4” showtitle=”yes” showdesc=”yes” showmore=”yes” contentwidth=”960” widthimg=”460” heightimg=”220” colspacing=”20” rowspacing=”45”]

Location: /DOCUMENTATION/tutorials.html#2


If anybody has this up online please would you post your links as it would be nice to see what people have done with the theme.

Is this quite simple to modify?

Many thanks


Nice theme, but I found a little bug.


As you can see, below the big property image there are 3 others image, but 2 images are in the same line, while the third image goes in a new line..

Can you solve that?


We will check and fix this issue.. thanks


It was a bug, we only forgot to upload the update to the demo server… please check again…


Yes, now it’s perfect!

I think I’ll buy this theme very soon!

I have another request: I see that property have TAGS , as you can see from right column block.

But, it’s possible to show in every property page his hown tags? This will be a very SEO features..

And more, what about meta-description and meta-keywords?

Every property will be have his own set of description / keywords ?

Thanks for your reply TemplateSquare!


You can use the theme as shown in the demo… but you can make any changes when needed.

About meta, you can use SEO plugin.


I think your site is down as i can not see it.

Please check -



It fix now.. thanks

But this bug is still there – with the pictures in the photo development area.


I think people are sitting on the fence waiting for the version with all the bugs ironed out, like me.

1.Id like to if the colours can change easily!

2. When people click on a property and enquire using the form does this tell you which property they have enquired on.?

3.A stand alone form to click on a fill all the details out rather than going in the wp admin.

I can see many people have done wp themes for real estate – and all have been missing something to give the agent a professional feel.

If you update this and add some nice features you might sell lots and lots.

I think adding a few more nice colour skins – i mean border and main pages rather than just the red and blue parts – give people a choice.

Just my point of view..lol as im a real estate fanatic



1) Yes, you can change the color easily in via theme option… you can choose use color picker

2) I will check again

3) I don’t understand… do you mean fill the property details form in the front end?



Have a login field and this will give you the option for to upload a new property from a stand alone form – click submit and bang its there on the site.

Also having the contact form on the property page – and when somebody enquires they actually receive an email stating which specific property they have enquired.

Also while im going on.

On the featured property – on the home page.

I would have the fields of:

- Name of the development - Beds - Baths - Size - Price in Larger font

- And then nice button saying view details

Blog – News

I would have this in a simple format.

Picture. and then text -

As your site has major potential for being a winner -please do some more home page colours and layouts or if there is add more screen shots of what can be achieved.

Oh and have the site for one individual company – not lots of agents as this look more like a portal of which its not.

Like i said these are my wish list..lol


I have a hard time wrapping my head around the following.

I want to post a handful of articles, have them featured in the slideshow on front page. The only way I get anything in the slideshow is by manually uploading images in the Slider menu, but as they appear on the homepage, once you press ‘more info’ they link to the slider objects. The custom label ‘slider-url’ doesn’t do anything for me.

From your documentation I deducted that if I post a blog post with a featured image, it should appear as a slider img, which it doesn’t. What am I doing wrong? What is the proper way of featuring articles?


Hi David

The colours look nice, was it simple to change the colours and amend the footer in grey like that?