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hi i want to build a wp manageable property rental website in 2 languages – English and hebrew, is that possible with your product? thnx

Yes, you can install language plugin such as wpml thanks

Hello again,

is it possible to manage the property images? If I upload images and after this went to “Manage Images” -> “Galerie” I could only sort the images but I can´t hide some pictures I don´t need anymore…?

Could you please help me?

Thanks a lot :) Abatovo25

You can delete picture you don’t need, if you have another questions please send support questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/

>Can you add multiple images per property, on the demo site, all the properties only have one image? >Can you change the currency for the site to £? >Can you change the fields in Property Details I just want, Price Per Month, Bedroom, Baths, Property Type >Can you edit the search fields in sidebar and homepage to remove Zip Code and State, I just want City?

Yes, you can upload multiple image per property, change currency to £.

To change property details required small change,... thanks

Hey there! I have a problem! I need to change “Beds” numerical options. Right now in theme options we can set “Maximum Number of Beds:” But the problem is that in Swiss they use “half” numbers. I mean, they say – House with 2.5 locals, or 2.5 bathrooms.. etc.

How can i change this option? Or, if is easier, delete de “selection” and let a space to insert manually the number. Thanks


could you share sample data xml please ?

Hello again,

1.) is it possible to set differences by the property in “Sale” and “Rent” and to seperate them in the property listing?

2.) How can I change the price from “900” to “900,00”?

3.) How can I open a property from the slider with a link on the picture and not on the link “more informations”?

Could you please help me? Thanks a lot Abatovo25

Hi I love the simplicity of your theme – can this be used as property portal where the public can advertise their properties…..or do you know what I can add to your theme to turn it into a property portal please? Thanks.

Hi, yes… registered user can upload property… thanks

Hi, is there a support forum? or is this it?

I am having some issues with the theme:

The shortcode for properties is always showing less properties than I ask for. Two or three are always excluded, In fact the oldest ones. I can change the publish date and then they appear but now the older ones are missing. Is there any fix for this?

The sidebar shows Other Properties but instead of placing the featured image, it shows the last image of the gallery. Sometimes it’s a bathroom or something else, instead of the main picture. How can I change this?

How can I change the order of images in the slider? Any way to order them?


site: arquinver.com.mx


Please send support questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/


Possible to integrate video into slideshow ?

you can insert a reservations manager?

hi i liked the simplicity of the script but i want to deal with the land (farmland precise) how to add the new category with the existing one you have and i have a lot of doubts but to begin with i will start with this

2 . how to make the menu bar height little big and to add the logo inside it

regards vijay

nice theme! any plans to convert this to a responsive theme?

Hi -

Tried to contact you through your support page but haven’t heard back. The homepage slider is not working – the correct slider is selected and the properties are “checked” to appear on the slider. Any ideas what I can do to make sure it’s working? Thank you.

Great theme. What options are available for mobile viewing? Thanks.

Hello – have a few questions before purchasing:

1. Can you add more than one agent to a property listing?

2. Can you sort the way the listings lay out ? ie: ascending/descending based on price?

3. Are there different versions of the homepage?

I dont see any responses to people with questions which is why I havent bought this theme yet.


I bought your theme yesterday. And now, when I create a portfolio I get the message: Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/.sites/783/site650/web/pactor/wp-content/themes/lighthouse/includes/ts-display/ts-display.php on line 136 and defined in /home/.sites/783/site650/web/pactor/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 992….

Can you tell me, wha kind of error and fix it, please?

And the second question: I need the properties in german. Is there a option/chance to change the language?

Thank you very much! Luxmedia

I’m really angry. I bought this Wp-template a few weeks ago. And it is full of errors.

The slider will not work. The sub-menus are not fixed. There are error warnings. You have everything set up itself.

The author simply does not answer. Neither comments nor for personal mail.

I can only warn you not to buy it. Unless you want to fix all the mistakes yourself.

A real disappointment! :(

I am running into the same problems as luxmedia_at and am looking to request a refund.