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My site that I’m having trouble with is www.skimmingstones.co.nz Excuse my limited knowledge of jargon here. I bought the theme because I like the way when you hover your cursor over the boxes they highlight with a Play logo if they are a movie and then launch in lightbox. I am using Vimeo and Youtube as a host for my TV pieces and I want them to launch just like the Demo does, but I’ll be stuffed if I can figure out how to do it. I’ve read all of the creators notes but when I create a new post there are things in your instructions which are completely missing from mine like the Custom Field. I have no idea what the Value Field is and I can’t find the Post Thumbnail feature. I’d love some clarification on this as getting this site up and running has a sense of urgency around it now. I’ve muddled through with some things but as you’ll see when you look at my site, its not working properly.


In wordPress admin for each post look to the upper right for a button that says “screen options”. when you click that you will see that you have to check the custom field checkbox for them to display. You will now see custom fields right under the content area with the Key and Value areas. Place movie in the key and link in the value as per directions.

Post thumbnail is now called Featured Image in the current version of WordPress.

Hope that helps, Just email if you have further question.

How can I enable the bottom section to always be open? How can I resize the Vimeo player, as I can not get this to work? Thanks

Is it possible to rename the “home” button? I want to change it to company.


in header.php line 60 you will see the text HOME … You can change it there.


Ok, worked. Thanks. But if I hit another button, for example “blog” the first button that I actually renamed, changes back to “home”. Any ideas?

Thank you for quick response.

One more question: Can you provide demo content? I just don’t get the theme to look like your demo. Not the pictures, but where everything is placed and shown.

My niece would like a site (WP is my preference) where she and her friends can share photos, comments etc privately. She chose the look & behaviour of your theme, so now I need to marry this with the privacy she needs. So I’d like a neutral home page if not logged in & a different home page if logged in. Do you have any advice about the right plugin or what to avoid?

Also, I need to be able to use one of the plugins which can restrict where non-logged-in people can access / view. Again, any comments or advice would be welcome …

Does this theme work with WP 3 .4.2?



It was releaed under an older version of WP but it works on the latest. The demo is running on 3.4

Love the look of the theme and am considering purchasing it but I have a few quick questions:

Can I place a background image to show up behind the thumbnails on the home page instead of the provided color skins?

Is it possible to lock the lower drop down menu?

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This theme is compatible with WP 3.9.1?

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utomi Purchased

please i bought mine cant install on wordpress,error message,template and css style is missing,please i need solutions