LightBox: Image & Movie Showcase with Full Blog

LightBox: Image & Movie Showcase with Full Blog

Updated 3/26/2011

ver 1.2

LightBox: Image & Movie Showcase with Full Blog

LightBox Photos, Movie and Image Showcase by is a Portfolio Blog with an elastic grid for ALL portfolio categories. Stretch your window and the image items fall into place. Easy to maintain and has numerouse php and jquery enhancements. Theme Switcher, Option Page, 5 Widget Areas, Jquery Enhanced. Image and Video Handling. See the Demo!


Theme Switcher

  • 15 Colors to chose from
  • Set a default color ( the first one they see when they first come to the site)
  • Smart Switcher remembers wht the user last selected for their personal color and will show that for them when they return (7 days then resets to your default)

Grid Options

  • Flexible expanding grid ( re-size your window and the grid will readjust)
  • 2 options to show your images
  • Fixed Grid : all images are cropped to the same size for a clean uniform look.
  • Mixed Grid: Accommodates horizontal and vertical sizes and fits them in the grid for best fit. You could also use this as a horizontal grid if you size your images the same.
  • Alternate Thumbnail Option for a different thumnbnail and larger lighbox pop-up image
  • Movies, SWF ’s and Images in the lightbox. (vimeo, youtube and swf’s)

The Blog Sidebar :

  • 6 Banner Ad Spots fully managed from the Option page. ON/OFF in the admin
  • Custom Featured Sidebar Section that show 5 thumbnails and title of any category you want. Turn ON/OFF in the admin. ( you can do things like create a category called “Featured Sidebar” and add the posts you want to highlight to this category. Simple remove this category from the navigation with the option in Theme Option Page if you wish.)
  • Custom Sidebar Widget to show your portfolio Categories when in the blog. ON/OFF in the admin.
  • Widget Area to add what you want.

Footer Widget Area and Custom Spots

  • Socials: ON/OFF and select which to display in the admin
  • Custom Portfolio Category Widget
  • Latest From the Blog Widget
  • Twitter posts ON/OFF and select how many to display in the admin
  • 4 Widget area in each column!

Other Stuff

  • Custom Option Page
  • 15 Colors!
  • Threaded comments
  • Jquery Enhanced
  • Multilevel Menu
  • Expand/Contract Footer
  • Google Analytics Code (Add in the Theme Option Page)

Be sure to check out the demo



Demo running on WP 3 .1