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Good job!Good luck :)

Good Job, GLWS ;)

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Nice design. Is there plan to create WP theme with it?


Hello kramerdesign,
yes we have planes to create WP theme in nearly time.

is it possible to just have the images in portfolio section open to a large lightbox image?


Hello, l2yan00.
No, this feature isn’t supported in LightDose template.

Hi, it takes awhile to load the page..


Can you help to rectify the issue?


Hello, hongfai13.
It seems that your host is very slow in network connections. Ping is 430ms.
There are some images, that were not found on your server. Please check it (stories-logo0.png, stories-logo1.png, stories-logo2.png, stories-logo3.png).


Hi I manage to fix it by remove all the scripting hot linking. Another question, How can we improve the slider image resolution?

Dear chongfai13,
Please create a ticket by the link below and provide us more information about the required improvements:
atro212 Purchased

You are AWESOME!! Nice work :)




I like you theme very much! but before purchasing I want to know a couple of things.

Is it possible to make multilanguage site?

does this theme have documentation?

is it possible to change upper left logo size?


Hello, to13.
Thank you for your feedback.
LightDose WordPress Theme:
1. We are currently working on making theme WPML ready. This feature will be available in the next update.
2. We provide a detailed help documentation with lots of hints and tips.
3. We can help you to change logo size by making changes in css files.

LightDose WordPress Template:
1. Yes, it is possible, but you’ll need to create a translated copy of required pages.
2. We provide a detailed help documentation with lots of hints and tips.
3. We can help you to change logo size by making changes in css files.

Amazing support service. Highly recommended author.


thank you ximoaliaga :)


Im interested in html template. I have read that is possible change the color but… now is blue (in the demo) is possible change it to orange for example?? Sorry, I had to ask it..

Thanks a lot, great job, beautiful template!!


Hello jozarpe,
yes, it possible. We would help you to change it if you would have any troubles with this. )

hi, i am very interested in this template. however, i have a couple of questions to ask before i buy it : inside the works portfolio, When I enter in any of them (when i wnt to see a project in particular), can i make images bigger in their width? is it possible to make the text column straighter, for example? i mean, does this proportion text-image variable? in the live preview i have noticed that the images size only varies in its height, but never in their width…that’s why ‘m asking.

And when i click in any photo (again, being inside the specific project or work), the image stays the same size, instead of zooming it or making it bigger. is it possible to see a bigger image when i click them?

that’s all. looking foward for your answer! thanks


Hello, vestudioarq.
1. Yes, it is possible to change text-image columns proportion.
2. Yes, it is possible to see bigger images after click.


Hi, thanks, i bought the template few minuts ago. The guy to make me the web ask me about archive index.html (in THML folder) because dont work, wen you click on it, the explorer opens but nathing happens. Thanks


Dear vestudioarq,
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us detailed information about this issue.

Hello when click in index.html on HTML folder the explorer opens but nothing happens.



Hello, atncdsgn.
Please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll do our best for solving this issue for you.