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Love your theme. Just wondering if the carousel and featured slider can be turned off from the main page.

Also do you have shortcodes to create tables and columns etc, and to have a gallery slideshow in normal posts as well?

Looking forward to your reply as I’m considering this theme for my new website.


Hi, yes they can.

Also for shortcodes, the best use is using plugin, i recommend using zillashortcode http://www.themezilla.com/plugins/zillashortcodes/

kyeoh Purchased

Bought the theme! Thanks for creating such a wonderful theme. Got 1 question for now – what HTML tag should I use for sub-headline within the post?


hi i think h2 or h3 tag would be okay.

i’ve got no experience with css so could you please help me the lines of code needed to make a few adjustments to the theme.


Yes sure if it’s just a minor changes. what would you want to adjust?


i would like if the theme didn’t load up a mobile site when someone used a mobile browser, basically have it on desktop site on all devices and how do i get the social widget displayed on themeforest to appear on my site.

kyeoh Purchased

Pls ignore my previous request – I used h3 tag and it looks good. What can I change to make the recent posts/popular posts margin on the sidebar to become lesser? Currently the top and bottom margin is too big for me, and I want to reduce it.

Secondly, I added a DIV tag to the thumbnails (featured image) for main page to have some hover effects, but the full effect only shows when the site (window) is shrunk to the minimum size.


To reduce it you can reduce the margin-bottom on .type-3 class. it’s about on line 625 on the unmodified css file.

For your second question i can’t figure out except if i see your site, if you don’t mind to give me the link to your site.

kyeoh Purchased

I can’t somehow get the margins done properly. The top margin is reduced but bottom one still remains the same.

As for the second one, I got it working, but someone the image repeats itself despite a “no-repeat” in the CSS .

Check eosguy.com

Also is it possible to have the logo without any top margin? I want the top of the logo to be without any white space. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Hey there,

I bought the theme and so far I’m pretty happy with it. I’m just wondering: 1: Is there a way of putting bigger banners (not many affiliated links offer 125/125 buttons nowadays. They all want bigger banners) on the right-hand side.

2: Is there a way of showing some Facebook followers on the page as well?

3. I have installed the Twitter widget but my latest tweets aren’t showing. Maybe I have done something wrong?

Thanks so much for any help you might be able to give me!

Best regards,



Hi Sunny,

For number 1 and 2 you can utilize text widget, to put some banner you can add some code on text widget like :
<p><a href="http://affiliatelink.com"><img src="http://site.com/image.jpg" alt="affiliate" /></a></p>

For facebook follower how do you want them to appear, would you like to have Facebook like box instead http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/ if you want it you can utilize it using the text widget, copy and paste the code you generated from that page.

3. Did you using twitter widget builtin on the Lightly theme, or downloaded 3rd party plugin, if you using the builtin widget on the theme you might download the update of the theme. If you using 3rd party you can tell the developer that the plugins doesn’t work, There’re so many twitter plugin that doesn’t work due to change on Twitter API weeks ago including the builtin twitter widget on my theme(already fixed though).

Hello plus62,

I have a few prepurchase quesions. 1. Is the theme tested in ie7 because i don’t have anywhere to test but only a plugin for ie9 that shows a few breaks in the layout and widget “Popular Posts Recent Posts Tags” isn’t working. Headlines slider left/right buttons not working and layout breaks when i try the dropdown in the main menu. I ask this because i know that it has to be tested in a proper ie7 not the plugin 2. Is there a option for a contact page with google maps and contact form?

That is all for now :) Thanks!



The theme was works on IE7 , but i didn’t tested them for some updates i made later, i’ll make sure to test(and fix if there’re any glitches) them soon once i setup IE7 on some of my PC, i’ll let you know.

For contact page and map, you can use the 3rd party plugins, i would recommend contact form 7(http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/contact-form-7/) and for map Google map v3 shortcode http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/google-maps-v3-shortcode/ since it’s good and responsive. I’ve used those plugin, you can ask me if you have problem setting them up.

Thank You.


Thanks for the answers! I’ll try the link codes first, and I have installed the Facebook plugin.

I purchased the theme on October 4th, and I do use the plus62 Twitter widget. However it’s not working… Did you update after that date? If so, should I download it again and reset everything? Sorry but I’m really a bit of a newbie here.



Yes, the widget fixed on October 18th update. Yes you should redownload but Not necessarily reset everything, you can just re-upload(and replace) the theme to your server. No problem, just let me know if there’re still problems on the theme or my answer weren’t clear enough.


Thanks so much for the answer! I downloaded the file again, but when I tried to install it I kept getting the same error message back: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Do you know what might be the problem? Thanks so much!


Maybe its because you upload the whole package not the theme itself, when you downloaded the package from themeforest unzip the Lightly.zip, you will have Lightly folder, and inside that folder you will find 4 folders such as Doc, Licensing, Plugin and Theme. Go to folder Theme and you will find lightly folder and lightly.zip, upload only that folder via FTP , or lightly.zip if you install them via WordPress dashboard.

Hey thanks so much for everything! It’s all done!

Hi there,

Does is this theme compatible with IE 7 and IE 8 ? I tried checking it in IE 7 /8 simulators and the theme didn’t load.


jullia Purchased

Hi there! Thanks for this theme! ;) I have one question: I saw that in the “library” folder is a folder “languages”. What is it for and how should I use it? I’m trying to change the language in romanian and I thought that maybe this is the option. For ex in this code

<?php _e('Posted in ', 'plus62'); the_category(', '); ?>. <?php the_tags('Tagged as ', ', ', ''); ?>

Can I easily change words like “posted in” and “Tagged as” with the words from my language, without changing them manually from all the files? Thanks!

Hi, Sorry for late reply.

Yes you can, please see the documentation in the “Translating Theme” section for the detail.

Hey plus62,

Thanks for all of your previous answers! Those problems have been fixed however…

My photos have not been showing properly in RSS feed and Bloglovin’. I was told it might have something to do with the theme. Do you have any idea what I’m supposed to do to get it fixed?

Thank you so much!



Hi, can you give me the link to the RSS and your blog? you can send via email on my profile


Hi there.

I’ve purchased the theme, and I’m so far happy with it, although there are 3 little things that could be fixed. One, in IE9 , when you refresh the page the text goes smaller and then bigger, also when you refresh the page the search bar goes higher and then goes back into its actual place.


Hi, maybe some delay when loading fonts. what’s your blog? does this happen on my theme demo? i tried but nothing really happen…


Hi, I just purchased this theme and I don’t see the instructional pdf or powerpoint. Can you tell me the name of it, so I can find it.


Hi, the documentation is in HTML file, From the files you downloaded you can find folder Doc, inside that folder you can find index.html just open it on the browser. Let me know if you can’t find it.

kyeoh Purchased


Any css that I can use to remove side padding for sidebar widgets when the mobile screen is 400px or less?

Also I think you might have missed my earlier question regarding the padding/margin for the logo – what to edit in order for the logo to be seen without any whitespace?

Cheers, Kenny


Hi, For sidebar padding, i’m not sure, the padding is on the container, except you give them a negative margin for margin-left and margin-right, i think it should work.

And yeah i think missed your question, really sorry. I tried using inspect element you can set the #logo margin to 0. On the unmodified style.css it should be on line #234

#logo { margin:0; font-size:64px;letter-spacing:-0.05em; line-height:70px;  } 
but you also should modified the javascript file on library/js/script.js there are code like this in line 15
    if ( $(window).width() > 768 ){
        $('#search-header').css('marginTop', ( ( ($('#logo').height() + 60 )/2) - ($('#search-header').height()/2) ) + 'px' );
        $('#sidebar-top').css('marginTop', ( ( ($('#logo').height() + 60 )/2) - ($('#sidebar-top').height()/2) ) + 'px' );

Please remove al the 60 addition ( + 60 ) so the code will be like this

    if ( $(window).width() > 768 ){
        $('#search-header').css('marginTop', ( ( ($('#logo').height() )/2) - ($('#search-header').height()/2) ) + 'px' );
        $('#sidebar-top').css('marginTop', ( ( ($('#logo').height())/2) - ($('#sidebar-top').height()/2) ) + 'px' );

this code is used to centering the search box.

Let me know if it still doesn’t work/

Problems in IE9 and Firefox; When you refresh the page, the text changes font and comes back; Plus when you hover over links, a grid comes up.


Did you modified the fonts (via style extender) or you leave them as it is? i think its because its loading from google font take some times, and ab out the grid comes up, can you give me some screenshot? so i can figure it out why.

Also, how will I know when an update is out? Also, does this theme work with IE8 etc? And, how can I remove the “last” button on the post nav toggle.


About update you can always check the theme page http://themeforest.net/item/lightly-magazine-wordpress-theme/2583570 and i always announced it on my twitter @anggunpribadi

for removing last button the only way is to modified the code. You can change them in the file library/plus62-helper.php go to line #429 you will see code like this :

$last = '<li>' . preg_replace('/>[^>]*[^<]</', '>Last<', $paginate[count($paginate) - 2]) . '';
remove them, and same for the “First” button but it on the line #416, the code was like :
$first = '<li>' . preg_replace('/>[^>]*[^<]</', '>First<', $paginate[1]) . '';


This theme looks great, im gonna buy it but one question to ask. Is it possible to make pics,which represent posts, bigger and under the post headline? I mean, like on the thechive.

Thanks, Matt

Right, I have the theme live. Can you please check the theme on firefox and IE9 . Does this theme work on IE8 and IE7 too?


Hey, whats your blog URL ? so i can check them. And yes it is worked in IE8 and IE7 .

And to remove the breadcrumb, Better ways is to hide them via css file, since it’s all over the files. Open the style.css, go to line 307 and inside the #breadcrumbs put display:none; so the code will be like this
    line-height:1.273em !important;
    border-bottom:#ddd 1px solid;

Gadgetxpert.co.uk and how can I hide the widgets on the mobile theme