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wow awesome layout.. one of the best here!

Very good!

OMG ! Awesome! BookMarked! :-)

Wow. Looks great. Extra bonus is the content composer.

Amazing looking theme! I would purchase it in a heartbeat, but the demo site seems to be having a few issues on my browser (Safari 5.1):

1) The fading transition on the homepage slider seems to be “flickering” as it changes from one image to the next

2) The nav bar seems to sporadically flicker and move all over the place as I scroll up and down on any page of the demo site. Specifically, it looks like the left half of the nav bar moves down on the page while the right half stays at the top. Definitely some sort of coding error. I checked the demo site in Firefox and everything appeared to be working as intended, so I guess it’s a Safari issue.

Otherwise, I love this theme and would love to purchase it. Any plans for a bug-fix update anytime soon?

Again, great work!


Hey, try closing the top frame that is added by ThemeForest preview page. Looks very smooth to me and menu flickering is also gone.


Yup, you’re right… That fixed all the issues. Thanks!!

Thank you guys for the warm welcome! I’m glad you liked it :)

Niiice. Like the tilted slider.


Awesome theme, one little thing missing in my mind is a sortable portfolio :-)


Just a note it’s called “lightning” not lighting :)


shame one me, silly typo. Thanks for spotting!

Great theme Mixey! One of the best i’ve seen in a while :)

Beautiful theme – is the visual composer plugin able to be re-used on another theme? (I love the theme – but have more interest in the plugin for an existing project – if yes, makes more sense to buy this, than buy the plugin separately..:-)

Thanks – again – really well done!


Thanks for the nice feedback!

Plugin is integrated into the theme and can’t be used separately, to use it in another project consider purchasing license from CodeCanyon.

Looking forward!

Hey there .. I am about to buy it, but

It is only me or everyone else has the same problem with slider?

It works only on Chrome for me.

Check my link please.



Works in all major browsers here :)

Heh .. I have a bit bigger screen 1920px and your pictures are just 1024px so it resizing it. Is there a way to fix it, so it looks cool on every screen.

My Chrome was open on external smaller screen.


Your screenshot looks good to me. Theme resizing images so they fit to the screen width. Upload larger images if you dont like the upsaling effect.

Can you change the colors on this or do you have to keep the yellow?


You can have as many “lines” as you need and set any color. With this “tilted lines” you can divide content into logical blocks and control user attention better.

Great theme! Was wondering how to get it to look like the sample theme that you show with the large home fullscreen slider image. I loaded XML file with demo content but maybe Im doing it wrong? Thx



Please set which page you want to shoe as a homepage in Settings->Reading section and then in the Theme Options panel -> Homepage layout. Select “Put slider on top of the homepage defined in Settings -> Reading” and hit Save all changes button

Bookmarked!! Beautiful work… Might come in handy later on!

Thanks but I still couldnt get it to work. I loaded the XML file with demo content and all loads but the large full screen homepage image with the title text. Heres the link to the full screen home preview. http://themeforest.net/item/lighting-business-portfolio-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/574445


Please send me your site details throw my profile page, I’ll help you out. Somehow you missed a step from homepage configuration :)


Solved! Jpaoletto forgot to visit themes options page :)


Worked great! Thanks for your fast response!


P.S. wpCanyon here.

hi. find small error on home page of demo
Line 202: No p element in scope but a p end tag seen.
 <div class="clear"></div>

Thanks! I’ll send it over right now.