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Just wondering if you have any examples of customers sites created with this theme. It would help a lot with our final theme choice for our company.

Thank you


In the near future I’ll release my new website, where I’ll try to collect examples, but at the moment this isn’t available.

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Having a whole lot of problems with this on IE. Cant seem to get the call to action buttons to show up. http://firstrefund.com/services/

Will take a look into it in the next run of updates.

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Hi, how to change the admin template language? I have already translate the language file, but dont work.


If you are talking about the main WP admin screen, then you should head over to wordpress.org and look for the info there.

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Hi there – loving the theme but have a question.

On the homepage I have a row of 4 recent news items beneath the slider image. They have the headline and around 40 words of text each before the “more…”

How do I reduce the excerpt to about half that? (ie: around 20 words pre excerpt)



I believe you can control that if you’ll manually enter excerpt while creating posts

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Hi – I wonder if I can bump my previous question: would really like an answer to that.

Another question – I tried to put a hyperlink in the text for the copyright footer, and it seems to break it – can you explain how to write copyright text which includes a hyperlink?



Please try something like this:

<a href="http://www.google.com">Link title</a>

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I bought this theme yesterday, and I love it. But, I’m not having any luck with the visual composer. I can edit the elements already placed on the sample pages, but cannot create anything on new pages, or add elements to the items on existing pages. Also, I don’t see the visual composer listed in the plugins section of my WP site. Could that be the problem?


Visual Composer is integrated into the theme, this is why you don’t see it under the plugins sections (so, this is ok).

P.S. From the drop down elements menu, try clicking elements (don’t drag them out, but click…)

Hi, great theme. But I have one problem. The portfolio option in the “Page attributes” sidebar select “Portfolio page” is not available. Have I done something wrong, or do I need to activate something?



This is a leftover text in the docs from other theme, sorry about that.

Amazing theme,

Couple of quick questions though….

1.) Is the homepage completely customizable using shortcodes?

2.) The slider on homepage sample #2 features a cool slider that displays a few boxes of images, need to know two things about this slider… a.) Is the slider using gallery images, or custom slide posts? b.) Is there a way to set the slider to start rotating automatically? And if so, is there a way to adjust the slider speed?

3.) I cannot find a list of shortcodes within the theme….can you send me a link that displays all of the available shortcodes that come with this theme please?

Thanks in advance.


Thank you!

1) yes it is.

2) this is “Teaser grid” element, that is taking portfolio posts and uses their featured images for the thumbnail. At the moment you can’t make it auto rotate. but with jQuery help, you can set interval and “fire” next button click event.

3) Actually all you see are shortcodes. which are generated with Visual composer. http://wpbakery.com/vc

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Hi, can I ask you if it’s possible to use this slider, even on a freelance basis (pay for mod)?




As I can see, they have a WP Version of that slider, so you should be able to use it.

How do I change the background colour of a text box in Visual Composer? If I try to use the background colour change within a text box it gives a glitchy triangle shape.


Could you illustrate what you are trying to do?


Just simply add a background colour to a text box in visual composer. An example would be your contact page (in the demo of WPBakery Lightning). To the right there is a box that says Contact Details/Directions and it is the light shade of grey. Just wondering how that is done. As you can see, I am completely new to website building.

Thank you

WOW ! WOOW! WOOOOOWW !! When I saw this theme was Love at First Sight. So happened with Liquid Magazine. So purchased this Theme – Lightening – and earlier in 2011 the Liquid Magazine Blog. I am working with them at present, had no time do to before because of… too many things to do uh! I AM FASCINATED by how they were engineered. Both themes are to revamp my Web Design Business and I am feeling I am performing a SHOCKING JOB with them. Because of such reasons I am sending to WPBakery Team my WARMEST CONGRATS for allowing me to produce a SHOCKING JOB and renew my business! I OWE YOU A LOT ! Now that I am building my new web site with such themes I am understanding how much knowledge and efforts I acquired and transferred to me – through Lightening & Liquid Magazine – with a few dollar purchase here in Envato! THANK YOU from Tuscany, Italy.


Thank you!!! This must be one of the warmest feedback I ever had on ThemeForest pages, thanks!

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Hi there, just have 2 questions related to the theme:

I,ve been translating “manually” all the english words like “comments”, “read more”, etc, but I can’t find out the way to translate or change the “Next and previous slide” buttons on tabs short code. Could you please tell where is that word located to be able to translate it please?

In the other hand, is there any way to put social icons on homepage? I mean Facebook and twitter. That would be really helpful.

Thanks a lot.


try looking in wpbakery/js_composer/shortcodes.php file

if you’ll open footer.php file, you can place your social links there. or open widgets section and place widget in the footer with social links in it.

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Hi mixey, the known bug on all iPad Browser allready exist! The same on iPhone! The homeslider and all canvas have a little Space on the right! It would be great to tell me or all how to fix this! If you need a Screenshot or somthing like that just ask me ;)

Thanks :)

After installing this template I no longer have the option to turn off comments on the page or post level. Can you please help shed some lite on this. Thanks.


Try checking “Screen Options” link at the top right corner in post edit screen.

Hi Mixey, i was looking into many of the questions and i didn’t understand very well. One of my main needs with this template is to use the blog page as a homepage AND having the possibility of placing an slider (like the homepage in the demo site). Is that possible? Another example, the blog section with the “Home page 3” top slider and info to the left.

Is either of one (or both) options possible with this template?

Thanks for your time.



Yes you can set homepage as a blog layout and place a slider on top (like on the demo main page). So yes, first scenario is possible


It doesn’t seem possible to put a photo gallery and a video gallery on the same page, only 1 will pop up into a prettyPhoto window. How do I get both to be pop ups. Need clarification as to the problem. thank you!



Thanks for reporting, will take a look.

How do I assign a page to be a homepage?


Go to the Settings->Reading and set which page should be used as a homepage.

Hi Mixey! Right now i’m working on my new website but i have a small “problem”, as i asked you a few days ago, i needed to place the slider on the top of new entries (or blog section). I placed the slider but here are two things:

1- The images on the top slider look a bit blurry, like if they were streched or something, what could be happening there?

2- When i see the page on a small (or at least for me small) resolution (like 1280×1024 or so) it shows a blank space between the slider and the first entry…

An image for reference to this last point:


Just a note: The theme is installed with the default settings and just the upload from the demo content XML .

Thanks a lot in advance for your response. :)


1. Theme options -> Home page -> Resize images in the slider to screen width. Place switch in OFF position.

2. I believe placing the switch in off position will solve this too.


As usual, excellent and quick response! Thanks, that fixed the issue.

Hi there, I have a couple of questions before buying this theme: Is it possible to create a full screen slilder home page which shows also a starting menu?

I also wish to know which are the IE7 non-compatible features of the theme in order to decide which one I’ll finally buy

Thank you in advance



I’m afraid full screen slideshow isn’t bundled with this theme. But if you’ll upload large images for the home slider eg. 1600×900, then they will give you “fullscreen like” effect.

IE7 : most of the CSS3 pretty stuff, + slanted panels are straight

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I have installed wp e-commerce on my wp website. Installing this plugin generates pre-made pages, ie. a products page. All pages made from wp eCommerce plugin work fine except for the products page. I am unable to edit it, neither the visual composer nor the standard editing controls show up when attempting to edit the products page.

I have tried to make my own “shop” page and as soon as I publish the page using wp e-commerce shortcodes, the page becomes un-editable.

Please advise, Thank You Steven


Hi Steven, sorry I can’t backup you on this. Never used that plugin myself.

P.S. Feel free to send me your login details via my profile page, I’ll take a look from the other side.