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Working on customizing your theme for a client and have a couple questions at this point:

1. It says in the documentation that you get to pick the sidebar you want for each page when you create the page. I dont see any options when adding a new page to select the sidebar that I would like for that page. I can choose the side (left or right) but not which sidebar.

2. I have tried the Twitter widget in two different places (the footer widget 4 and the Home Page Widget Area Right) and in both places it doesnt work correctly. Leaving the number blank gives me a ton of tweets, using 1 gives me no tweets, 3 gives me 1 tweet, 8 gives me 3 tweets.

3. The twitter widget also appears to ignore retweets and replys. Can this be changed?

4. I tried to use the Limpidus Text page widget inside of the Home Page Widget Area Left but all it does is show the title of the page there and does not show the page content itself.

Thanks for any help you can provide on these issues.


Just replied to your email.

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Hey, is it possible to change the error messages on the contact form? Should they be changed at “form-handler.php”? I can’t find it anywhere.. I only found “contact-form-handler.php”..


You can change error messages in header.php file


Can you please tell me when your 3.4.1 WordPress-compatible version will be out?


It’s already compatible with WordPress 3.4.1 and the live preview is running on 3.4.1

I tried getting some help two weeks ago (see my comment above) but never got any response. Also sent you an email through your profile but didn’t hear back. I would really appreciate some help on a few things.

Here are the current issues:

1. When the site goes responsive (such as on an iPhone) and creates the drop down for the main menu navigation, whatever the first link of that navigation is doesnt work. I tested it in your demo and it does the same there. So you cant get to the first main navigation link if on an iphone size screen. This means that you cant get to that page of the site unless you have a link to it somewhere else or manually type it in the url. Need to fix this little bug for sure. Any thoughts on how to do that?

2. The Limpidus Twitter widget doesnt respond with the correct number of tweets entered. It also ignores retweets and @replys.

3. There is an issue with the portfolio images in IE8 as they are stretched/distorted in the 4 column layout. I will email you a screenshot of that. Definitely happens in your demo and the site I am working on.

Would really appreciate your help on these issues.



Going to try again here.

Issue 1 (the navigation not working correctly on smaller devices like iPhone) is actually not resolved/fixed. I downloaded your updated files an replaced the header.php file with the new code in your update. It actually breaks the navigation even more than before.

Can you please have a look at the code in your updated header.php file and see what the issue is.

The main navigation not working on an iPhone is definitely a deal breaker for users trying to navigate the site.

As always, please help.


The bug had been fixed and tested when you first reported it. I have an iPhone 4 so I have tested it on a real iPhone not even on a simulator. You must have done something wrong otherwise the demo is working perfectly.

Also would you care to share your website url (you can share via email if you don’t to share publicly) so that I can take a look?


I replaced my header file with your exact header file from your update and still having the navigation issues.

I just sent you an email with the details again and a link to the website.

I want to change “Product” to “Series” and “Works” to “Resources”. Ive manage to change all the visible naming in the backend and the site. The only thing Im struggling with is the actual URL structure. So instead of it say ‘www.mywebsite.com/works/itemone’ I would like to change it to ‘www.mywebsite.com/resources/itemone’.

Any help would be appreciated, even directing me to where it is in the Functions.php would help.



You need to change the permalink structure from the Settings->Permalinks section to a different permalink structure and then switch back to your preferred permalink structure.

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Hi, I have some problems with galleries when using WPML. The slider does not show up on other pages than the original language. Du you have any tricks for solving this?


I have tested the multilingual feature of Limpidus only with qTranslate as qTranslate is free of cost. Though Limpidus hasn’t been tested with WPML but if you contact me via contact form on my profile page then I can take a look at your website.