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Shiva30 Purchased

Hello, i update woocommerce. All is alright but i see in report system outdated WooCommerce Templates. This is list : lineza/woocommerce/archive-product.php, lineza/woocommerce/content-product.php version 1.6.4 est obsol├Ęte. La version du core est 2.4.0, lineza/woocommerce/single-product/related.php

Thanks for your work.

Yes, CSS errors for shop pages also fixed.


Shiva30 Purchased

Thanks for your update. It’s allright, very good work :)

Cheers :)

Hi, loving the theme.

Just wondering where I can edit the Category page “Archive” title?

eg. On my “Town” category page it says “Town Archive”, how do I change that to read something else, such as “Town News” etc. I’d like that to be the default for all current and future categories if possible.

Thank you. Love your work.


It is not possible to edit that text from Theme Options. If you have little but of coding knowledge it can be done by creating a child theme.


Is the theme compatible with wordpress 4.3?

Yes, a version compatible is coming today.

Hi Lineza theme have rotator Grid?

What do you mean by rotator grid? Can you show me an example?

I bought a theme “linenza” from you and receiving the following error. Please let me know how to fix this issue. Thanks!

Structured Data : error Article datePublished: missing and required headline: missing and required image: missing and required

Still didn’t get the mail

Can you give me a final time frame as to when this issue will be resolved as its been over a month. If you cannot provide a final time line let me know I will switch to another them. If i dont get a final answer regarding this i will go ahead and complain on themeforest regarding this issue as well


I already started working on fixing this issue for you. It will be fixed soon now. I can’t force you to use this theme. If you want you can go ahead and complain about it but I am already working on and you will soon get an update.


Is the Lineza ready for Wordpress 4.3 version?

Yes, it is compatible with WordPress 4.3

I have the Lineza 1.1 version is that version compatible with wordpres 4.3 before i update, my current version is wordpress 4.2.4?

You need to update the whole theme. Many changes were made. I wonder why do you edit files of theme when you can create child theme.

i didn’t know that .. can i make it know and update the main theme? ... i just found some informations about child theme.. can you help on this

If you have child theme you can update the main theme.

Hi there. Thank you for this fantastic theme.

One issue I am having – I have been editing a page through the customize>widgets tool, However I am not able to save my changes. I see the changes made live which is great, however when I click the “Save & Publish” button, it does not save. Do you know why this is?

Thank you

You need to use the account using which you purchased the theme.

Well I don’t have access to that account. Can I purchase support from you?

I don’t think that you can purchase support without purchasing the theme. You must contact Envato Support regarding this.

Hi I’m considering to buy the Lineza thema. But I have some questions first: 1. In my business model I want a more prominent position for the subscribe to my e-mail box. Can I put it more on top off the page?

2. I want to explane my 1, 2, 3 approach visual to my readers, with underneath a textual explanation. This ends with the subscription part on the e-mail newsletter. How can I do that in your theme?

3. Can I add advertising space for Google ads te aern more income?

Kind regards and thanks, Erik de Gruijter Netherlands


1. Yes, you can place it on top of your sidebar.

2. I didn’t get your point. Can you explain it with example or in more detail?

3. Yes, you can


Hi. Congratulations on the excellent work in Lineza theme. I need help: I want to see my logo fill the header space, but there is a margin that leaves appear white background in the left corner. Could you help me solve? You can see what I mean by visiting my website at

 photo Enviar Suporte_zpskaiduiu9.jpg

Thank you ;)


Logos are never such long. What you are using is referred to as background image. But if you want to use logo like that you can paste the following code in Theme Options -> Styling Options -> Custom CSS:

.boxed-layout .site-header {
    background: transparent;
    padding-left: 0;
    padding-right: 0;
    width: 100%;


Thank you for the answer, but others need help, please where I find the recent news widgets that is shown in the theme demo ? All have tested and not found .  photo min_zpsmdxg3iyz.jpg

If you are using Custom Homepage then there are two templates for homepage – ‘Homepage’ and ‘Homepage with Recent Posts’

‘Homepage with Recent Posts’ template shows Recent Posts. It is also mentioned in documentation.


I am having an issue where the Widget visibility plugin stops working when using the news ticker at the top of the page. It seams as if it is displaying widgets in inappropriate places as if it’s reading the category from the News Ticker instead of the page its self.


May I know the link to that plugin so I can check it here?



I’m trying to put a clikable background on my website, but after the installation of you template, the background isn’t working as before.

How should I proceed?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regads


Theme doesn’t support clickable background. How are you adding it?



Thanks for the answer. I was using a plugin (background-manager) that worked perfectly in the previous topic, but in Lineza it is not clickable.

It is possible to add a CSS to solve?

The following website link:

I need to check this plugin. I never used it.

Dear Sir, We have a problem with the navigation menu. We are changing them in the admin section, but they are not updating correctly on the website. We tried to recreate the menu, and we got the same problem.

Thank you for your kind cooperation,

Thanks i fixed it, the problem was with qtranslate plugin


pablodru Purchased

Dear, deputy link with screenshots to check for a problem. Do not properly responsive the “post feature”. In this case, before I could put four entries now update the theme I can only put 3 entries.

What can be the solution to these problems. Thank you so much. Regards.



I will check the issue at my end and will release an update.



Shiva30 Purchased


i found a little bug. It’s the breadcrump in product page of woocommerce, it’s wrong: the link and text is to a blog item I disable breadcrump, and activate breadcrump of yoast seo plugin for test : it’s the same. But all is ok for all other pages. Only WooCommerce product page that bug.

Best regards, frank


Ok, I will check and update the breadcrumbs for next version so they link to products instead if blog posts.