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hi, I was wondering how I can possibly move the previous article / next article to display higher up rather than on the bottom of the page



I am sorry but this thing is not possible. Next/Previous articles are aligned at that position only. Although it can be done by editing the file but it is not recommended as you will lose changed once new updates are available.


where would i find the next/previous articles part to edit it in edit themes?

You can find it in single.php file on line #396


nefelia Purchased

Hello, I’ ve bought and I’ m currently setting up your theme. I have a question about the widget “Lineza Home: Featured Posts”. Is that widget supposed to bring into the slider only the posts checked as sticky? Because, in my case, it brings the recents posts to the front.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for purchasing the theme :)

Not sticky posts but it shows the posts by selected category. You can select the category from widget’s dropdown list of categories.


nefelia Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply, but why is it called “Featured Posts” if it displays only the recent posts? Is there a way to only the articles i want via the theme’s capabilities?

Thanks again!

It is called featured posts because it highlights the selected posts. You can create a new category and the posts that you want to show here can be assigned to that category.

For example: Create a new category with the name “Featured” and assign all the articles you want to show here to featured category.

just bought the template and it works fine. please how do i reduce the number of post on the latest posts page


It seems like you either you didn’t purchase the theme or you purchased it from different account because you name don’t have Purchased text here. Once you verify your purchase I can provide you the support.


Hi Simrandeep i have responded to your email about the adblock position.


I will look at your requirements and reply you by mail.



Does the theme have/support (inbuilt or via plugins): 1) Long post pagination and/or infinite scroll, 2) Post/page slider(slideshow), 3) Authors list page, 4) wallpaper ads and 5) mega menus?



1) What do you mean by long post pagination? 2) Yes, theme has slider option and it is also shown in demo 3) No, currently theme doesn’t have template to list authors 4) No 5) Mega menus are also not built in the theme as of now



My table within a post is not mobile responsive for iphone 6.

This is how it is displaying:

Please help.

Also, awaiting email on feaured ad block cost

I manually added the table


The table is responsive but on mobile resolution the number of columns are more compared to width of mobile phones and columns can’t adjust the text inside the table so it stops resizing on small resolutions. You can try resizing the browser on computer and you will see that it is actually responsive.

I would like to display the Related Posts from the Single Post Page template in my sidebar rather than at the bottom. How can I make this happen? Thanks!


This thing is not possible. Currently related posts can only be shown below posts. May be in future I can create a widget for related posts.


Please can i get a response on my ad block banner.

can i get an answer please i’ve been waiting weeks to get help with this theme

my navigation menu at has shrunk in size with no drop down indicators and the drop down background colour is not displaying… i am awaiting a response on the debug issue as well


Make your you add a category to news ticker or disable it otherwise menu will not work. You can check the screenshot –



I bought the template but my dropdown menu is not working. I plan to lunch the site in next two days but I cant get the dropdown to work. It`s for some reason transparent.

Here is the link how it looks

Site is

I will give you login details if you can check for the issue and how to resolve it?

This script code is not showing here. I wonder why it is showing on your site.

Sent you the mail with update.

Hey there!

Recently we came across an issue with our site running this theme, where the author pages are showing as blank.

I’ve updated and tried removing all custom CSS, but the issue persists. If you could offer any advice that would be much appreciated.


Thanks for reporting the bug. It is fixed and I will upload the update tomorrow.



There is a problem with the author page and tags page – are showing as blank.



I just pushed an update. You will soon get notification for it.


Now everything works fine. Thank you.

Cheers :)

Hi i’m not receiving update notifications. I was told there would be an update for this issue with spacing between adblock and module widget


please could someone also tell me how to increase the size of the font in m posts


In the last update, spacing was added for ad widget. I hope you updated your theme.

There is an option in Theme Options panel to change font size for posts. You can find it here – Theme Options -> Typography -> Post Content Font



Pbonyx Purchased

Hello, can i move my logo to center? And its possible make full width single post’s?


No, currently it is not possible to move the logo to center.

Single posts has 6 layout options but full width is not available yet.



When I add read more to my article id does not work. Is thera a way to fix it?


Which ID does not work?

I have downloaded the wordpress zip file and the theme installation continues to fail. What should I do? Or can I be provided a file that actually installs?

Currently update is not available. I can’t say when it will be available but whenever it will be available you will get notification about it.

OK. So when you say you have added the option to show recent posts by category and the fix to the search button area – that’s in the next update – and there’s no fix for me right now until that update – correct?

Correct. I push updated immediately whenever there is a bug in theme but these changes are added on your request and header has issue because of your plugin so this update can take some time.

Please can someone tell me how to make my menu fluid width


Buddy you asked for 1000px wide ad block and it is displaying 1000px wide banner.

The menu is also still squashed

You can chat on Skype related to custom changes. Use comments only to get support for theme.


I’ve got a problem caused by the new excerpt length function that you’ve added on your Lineza template.

I’ve just made the latest update of this template which I use on my website when I discover the problem.

Before the update, I used the excerpt in articles with a subscription level plugin. This plugin displays a button just after the excerpt that I’ve written. This button suggests to “become a paid member of the website”.

So, I really need to use this plugin. Before the update, the excerpt length displayed on the blog archives page was ok.

But now, after the update, the excerpt displayed on the blog archives page is the full excerpt that I wrote manually in the article. So it’s very confusing to have it displayed on the blog archives page.

How can I have the ability to display a short excerpt for the blog archive page (ex: 200 characters) and to use the entire excerpt to run with my subscription plugin ?

It’s very important cause I need to launch the website very soon…

Can you help me find a solution ?


The excerpt function is improved based on users request. Now it is currently not possible to roll it back to earlier excerpt. You can use previous version of theme if you want.

So can you add in “Layout Settings”, the possibility to define the number of characters displayed on the blog archive page ? Like the ones you called Home Posts Excerpt Length and Archive Posts Excerpt Length but for blog. I really need this function to make it work well.

I was now working on update. When I looked at your query again, I think you didn’t tried it. The Home Posts Excerpt Length also applies to blog posts. So you can use it.

Hello, I want to know the exact locations to translate some thema fields that this in English such as “search now”, “RECENT NEWS”, among other indicative areas that are in English


Even I need to find the exact locations. These are created automatically. When you open the file, keep on pressing the first letter of the text and you will find the text in file easily. For example to find ‘Recent News’, just keep on pressing R key until you find it.

I hope it helps.


found, thank you friend!

Welcome :)

Hello, I love this theme was the best buy I’ve done so much for the quality, I would draw the following doubts.

1) every category of my website appears the name “ARCHIVE” want to remove this name example> Film category, while choosing is thus> ‘movie ARCHIVE “

2) The title of the posts is below the highlighted imagme, how do I leave the title over the highlighted image?

3) How can the blog home page two categories, when she’s recent posts has come so to install thema, let me make two different categories in this place, have tested everything in widgets and unsuccessful.

4) centralize social networking widgets, I saw portals with him centered.

thanks for the help, it was the best buy I’ve ever done, if you can help me with these questions because I do not know where to get.

I want to put a category with other news under recent news, I tried to widgate more and not get in settings not seen anything like that can do this ….. course, if it is possible in this version of lineza: D

I will see it’s possibility for coming updates.



I’m currently using your theme for a swiss HipHop website and I’m very happy with it! While using it i found a few flaws/issues:

1) Comments: I don’t like the 3 fields. Why not just one for the username and the showing the option to make an account? And also it’s not visible, in which field which information must be placed.

2) Titels: The Menutitels (like «Recent Posts» or «Popular Posts») have those ugly edges on the top left. I would really like to be able to change this to a solid bar or a underline.

3) Sidebar Small: Looks fancy on big monitors but when viewed on a smaller ones or on a tablet it moves under the main post instead of the larger sidebar. This unfortunately looks rather unpleasant.

I hope you could fix a few of this issues (especially the Comment one).

Thank you!

Greetings from Switzerland


1) I can’t add comment form like this as this is a premium theme and it is for all the users and majority of users want comment form like this. You are the first to ask for this so you can go for custom changes to the theme.

2) I wonder if you find it ugly how you managed to purchase this theme :P

BTW you can add the following CSS code to Theme Options -> Custom CSS to hide that:

.widget-title .head-corner { display:none}
.widget-title .title-span { margin-left:0 }

3) It can only move below posts because there is no other space for it. If you have better solution you can suggest me.



First of all: Don’t get me wrong, I’m more then happy with your amazing theme!! You did a great job with it and I’m really sorry, if i offended you in any way.

1) Maybe I have my settings wrong but there is no way of knowing that you need to write your E-Mail in the second field. Isn’t it possible to have «E-Mail» written in a light gray inside of the field before you start typing? (Like on this sites commentsection for example)

2) «Ugly» was maybe a bit harsh. ;) It just doesn’t fit the style of my brand and I personally think, this feature would be a great addition to a already great theme. But again: It’s a tiny little flaw in a HUUUUGE pile of amazingness.

3) I thought i could go under the main sidebar. I have my site set up like your preview. The small sidebar then moves to the left but i would like it to move to the right under the main sidebar. Do you know what I mean?

Thank you for the amazingly fast support! 10/10 ;)


1) There is already “Email *” text is written on email field. So users know that they need to add their email there.

2) I hope you got your desired change with the code I provided you.

3) I am sorry but it is not possible to move that sidebar below main sidebar.

Thanks a lot for rating :)