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Hi I sent a few messages to support@designshopify.com as you said I should do to get support. This was on the 22 May and I have had no response. Here are my queries in hope to get a response.

Email 1

Thanks for the theme. It is very good so far. I have one bug that I can’t resolve.

The homepage sliders do not show up as a link on the actual homepage even though I have added links to the settings for the slider.

I did give account details but do not wish to do this publicly.

Look forward to how this can be resolved so that it works like it does in the demo.

Also on the collection page for clothing, is it possible to have a different image here that is relevant to clothing and then for the PPE collection a different image that is relevant to PPE. I can only see a solution to have 1 image for all collections which is not ideal as each collection is different.

Email 2

I have just tried adding a product and have found that the Collections section is not working as I would expect it to.

I have added multiple collections. Then when I add product and go to the “Collections” area and click “add to collections” the new collections I have made are not listed.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance. Wes

Hi man,

Sorry, maybe we missed your email. Please tell me your ticket ID or email address, we will check it for you on the next Monday.


Hi the address it came from was wesley@futurium.co.uk Email 1 sent 11.27 22.05.14 Email 2 sent 11.43 22.05.14

If there is a quicker way for me to get support, please let me know.

Cheers Wes

Hi man,

We can not find your email. But our support team will contact to you.



Do you have this same design for magento?

The link you have given for magento theme does not display the product names as this theme does. Do you have a magento version in which the product names are also displayed?

Hi man,

We can custom it for you after you purchase theme.

For more question, please comment into the magento item or contact to support@galathemes.com.


Does this theme support multi-currency?

Hi man,

Yes, this theme support multi-currency, you can check in the demo page.


Hello. I’m about to buy your theme. Congrats on the success. It’s a great theme. Can you please answer the questions below. If the answer to any of the questions is no, can you please let me know if you will do custom work.

With your theme can we:
  1. Add Rich Snippets on review tool/star ratings
  2. have robots.txt management
  3. Have a Blog Feed on author page
  4. URL rewrites if possible
  5. If the rewrites are not possible then 301 redirects
  6. Canonical tag implementation at an individual Page level
  7. Promo code integrated

We need to know this before the weekend please. Also, your email address on your website contact page is rejecting our mail. Thank you.

Hi man,

Shopify Framework is a simple ecommerce website. Most of the functions you listed are not available to support. You need many customization or install more app.

1. You need install other plugin (https://apps.shopify.com/product-reviews)

2. No, because you have to use a host on Shopify. You can create a trial store at here http://www.shopify.com/.

3. Default we don’t have this function, we can add it for you.

4. Yes, you can test it in your trial store

5, 6. I’m not sure. You can contact to Shopify about this.

7. You need a customization.


Hi ,

I would like to buy your theme but is it possible to get the wordpress version?

Thanks Thibault

Thanks man will you release your HTML version within the next 2 weeks because I am very tight on the deadline.


Hi man,

Yes, we will release HTML version within the next 2 weeks .


Hi man,

We finished the HTML version for this theme. But we can not upload to themeforest. So, if you need the package, please contact to support@designshopify.com, we will send it for you ($10).


Hi Envato,

I have send you an email with some questions to support@designshopify.com.

I’m really looking forward to your answer :)

Thanks Gustav

Hi man,

Our support team will reply to you.


Can you insert video on a product detail page, in the main image area w/ thumbs below it? can one of the thumbs be of a video?

Hi man,

You can embed the video on the product description. You can not insert in the main image.


is the theme compatible with wordpress ?

Hi man,

No, this theme is not compatibel with Wordpress.


do you have any theme that compatible for wordpress ? cuz I am currently workin on wordpress. thanks man


we really love this theme, theres any way to use it on big commerce. or can you guys adjust it to big commerce.

Please let me know! thank you

Hi man,

Sorry, no way to use this theme on big commerce.


I am complete newbee and am quite keen on buying the template.. But i had some changes in mind that i would have wanted to have incorporate on the website..Please tell me would you customize it for me ?

Hi man,

You can send a customization request to support@designshopify.com, our support team will help you.


hi man,

the template is great, i have some questions before buying it: 1. on the menu bar, like sub-menu “New!”, can we make a sub-menu for “Sale”? and for all “Sale” items, do we have the old price and sale price both together? 2. how much should I pay for customizing the “promo code”? and other functions may occur later? 3. Can we add Paypal or other payment methods later? Please do clarify, thanks in advance. Best.

Hi man,

1) You need to add all Sale products into a category, the sub-menu will show all products in SALE category

2) 20$ per hour. Please note: this is Shopify template, we can not change much on this framework, we can make the simple changes.

3) You can add Paypal and some payment methods with Shopify.