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Hi, i bought this theme and i like it. Just few question: How can i remove social sharing, date and comments (number or post comments) from inside galleries? and i want remove it also by general gallery page. Thanks a lot

Since 2 MONTHS THERE ARE NOT SUPPORT, you have to consider that before buy it

roveen Purchased

Beware, no support

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Is there any way to fix “Call outs” on homepage on mobile phones? they are huge and I thougt this template is responsive!

rkpit Purchased

Sorry, it was own issue.

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Hello and thank you for this wonderfull theme, i would like to ask if its possible to make the menu items unlinkable and the user be able only to wath the titles and not to enter becasue i have no photos and no text and its useless to have each one menu post lnikable. Thank you very much I am looking forward for your reply

Pleas answer my question in the support forum!


How do I change the size of the navigation menu font?

Also I am still waiting for an email to register on the support forum. I supplied my purchase code, and….nothing?????

Please get back to me asap



sorted it – thanks!

Seeing as though the author of this theme doesn’t answer questions and I can’t even access the support forum, does anyone know how to resize the text in the menu?




Dear Grandpixels,

Is it possible to send the reservation to multiple e-mail addresses? If so, could you please explain me how to setup?

Awaiting your reply by return, in which I thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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Are you guys expecting to release a version for 3.9.2? I want to upgrade my framework and want to make sure it will be compatible with the newest update from wordpress.

How do I reduce the spaces that are pointed out in print the link below? Thank you!


How can I make the menu items on the full menu not clickable?

Hi, I was wondering if this theme has an “order online” template section? I love this theme but my client wants that section.


I would like some information about the template before buying it please.

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GrandPixels..where are you? Come on…release a new theme, make a few more dollars, and continue supporting the people who continue buying this Linguini theme also!

I would like some support please :(

Wordpress 4.0?

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Is it work in Wordpress 4.0?

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Hi, Is it possible to sort the menus?

*Also, I tried to register on your forum but my registration code does not work. Thanks,