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Hello, I can’t register in your support forum. It says that my Item Purchase Code is invalid!

Evanto should give us support ????

This seller does not respond to any of his Themes??


Any response is appreciated ??

pepo75 Purchased

Hello People,

Cause there is not support from the author, I would love to help you solving issues or customizing your theme… Just send me an email to alfonso at popdigitaldesign . com

You can check some changes I’ve done in this website www.espanaomaha.com

pepo75 Purchased

I offer support :-D

Hi love the theme, is it possible to set up a gift voucher with this theme? Or would you recommend any plugin?

It’s a nice theme, however THERE IS NO SUPPORT. The support forums have unanswered questions going back months.

Please note that the guy I am working for has purchased this theme, not me, but I am the one trying to figure out the issues :(

hello, can someone help me, because i can’t add the [red alert boxes] in my callouts…

Is the theme working with Wordpress 4 ?? Thanks !

Sylvain http://renovaweb.ca

Your Woocommerce pages are out of date with the latest build.

Please update at your convenience!! Thanks!!


I’ve purchased the Linguini Theme, but the purchase code i’ve received is not working. I need to use the Item Purchase Code to use the support forum for the Linguini Theme. http://grandpixels.com/support/forum/linguini/

Can you please help?


we’re using the linguini theme on one of our sites. Is it safe to upgrade to Wordpress 4.0.1 without getting bugs?

Hi guys, I am running an older version (1.7.1) – will this work with WordPress 4.0.1

Hi, I have the Linguini: Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme and the Twitter feed isn’t working in the footer section. Can someone help me in getting this working?

Will there be an update to Wordpress 4.0 for this theme?


I wish to know if your theme supports WPML, WooCommerce and Visual Composer.

Thank you

There is No Support at All since a long time, No Reaction since Months on Themeforest comments from the Author. Last update is from March 2014 but the Theme is not updated for Wordpress 4.0

People you know what’s meaning, if you want to go more in Time with LINGUINI you probably have to hard code this theme by yourself, Stick with Wordpress 3.8 or looking for a new theme here. Cheers

wheeei Purchased

Can’t register to the support forum even though I bought and paid for the theme….

raining Purchased

the reservations form has stopped working…i’ve tried to register on your site to get support but the purchase code is rejected…i need to get this working.