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is this template woo commerce ready or not? I’m editing a website of one of my client and it already has this template installed, but woocomemrce says to me the template is not compatible. Actually i found installed Linguini Version: 2014.10 no update

let me know please

Hello! I was not abled to sign up in support with my purchase code. Can you please let me know how could i remove the credit link fron facebook sharing box? because everytime i share the post , your credit link is there “BY WWW.GRANDPIXELS.COM, which i really dont want there. THANK YOU!


I recently needed make some changes on a site and after the changes done, the theme shows some troubles with the wp adm. The site with the theme:


I was going to buy this, but it seems there’s either no support any longer, nor any feedback, nor updates since 2014… Will have to look for something else I guess..

Hello GrandPixels, I bought Your theme Linguini 1.7.4 on 2012-12-04, and would now like to update to the latest version. Is this possible? What does it cost?

Hey there , my contact form is not emailiing the correct person … how do i modify the email for the contact form?

I noticed a live feed of twitter, awesome! Can this app support a instagram slider too?

Hey ever since the new 4.5 wordpress came out the slides don’t seem to work on the homepage. Any fix for this?

Hey any fix to the slides for the wordpress 4.5? Please let me know!

With wordpress 4.5 slides on home don’t work. Fix please!

With wordpress 4.5 slides on home don’t work. Fix please!

With wordpress 4.5 slides on home don’t work. Fix please!


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home slider is not working?


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With the Wordpress 4.5 update the site (most importantly the slides) do not respond correctly. The art is not scaling like it has prior to the update. Please advise. Thanks.


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It’s been almost a month since I’ve heard anything from this author. Slider is still not working and there is no update to this theme. Basically is going against the terms of service where the theme is not working. Waiting for the author to respond if not I will contact someone at Envato so the purchased users on here can update and get it fixed.


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I would love to get the homepage slider resolved! Please update if anyone figures it out.

Hi to all.

I found a solution in the wordpress blog for a friend of mine. Link:

copy-paste the code in the functions.php of the theme. Hope it could help you.

if (!is_admin()) add_action(“wp_enqueue_scripts”, “my_jquery_enqueue”, 11);

function my_jquery_enqueue() { wp_deregister_script(‘jquery’); wp_register_script(‘jquery’, “http” . ($_SERVER[‘SERVER_PORT’] == 443 ? “s” : “) . ”, false, null); wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’); }


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I was notified of an update for linguini and installed it. Still didn’t work. I used countg’s code above and also didn’t work.

Installed this as a plugin and my sliders are working now. Install directions are under ‘other notes’.

I tracked this down through countg’s link. Thanks for the help!!!

It indicates there is a 2.1.4 version with the fix for the slider. How do I update the theme to this version?

Home Page slider not working? Please can anyone assist.

How do we update the theme to latest version?