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Quick question, what’s all the scrambled code in the functions.php file? See many of themes but never seen that in it….


What’s scrambled code? can you paste that code in support forum


how do i style the menu like the demo? i cant figure out how to get subtext there.

In Appearance > Menus > Title Attribute place is where you can get that subtitle text.

How do I get the look and feel as the menu / item selectin you have here?

I click my lunch menu and it goes to that link.

Its an menu items posts in the appertizers category. If you have any doubts on how to create please contact us via our support forum where our dedicated support team will take a closer look at it.

hi, I have the version 1.6, how can I update it? Thanks Roberta

Yes you can update it if you have not touched any files or tailored anything.

PRE SALES QUESTIONS: Since I do not want to make a mistake with functionality….same questions as I always ask: 1. Is this template able to handle a restaurant with 3 locations? 2. If yes….can you setup “specials” that are particular to each of the 3 locations? 3. Can you setup menu’s that are particular to each of the 3 locations?


I’m confused with your question. Will you please elaborate your questions? You can add me in skype : support-aws


Great theme, I love working with it!

Could you please tell me how to enable showing the category descriptions on a page where I’m using the “Food Menu” shortcodes, as it only shows the category title (and items, of course).

Thank you.

While creating a category you can add a description which will show you in the food menu template.

Thank you for your fast reply.

What I meant is when using the [foodmenu cats=”cat1,cat2” ... ] from the shortcodes generator in a page that is not using the menu template, the category description (which of course I inserted before asking about this) does not appear.

That doesn’t uses the menu template obviously. If you use the shortcode on a template that will not work. Specially for the food menu.

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How can I change the height size of the featured slider?

Its there there currently but we can customize it for you. for that please contact us via our dedicated support forum.

Just upgraded from v1.5, why did the Main Menu section loose the background color and layout? And why are there 2 menu’s showing?



WajidKhan Author Team

Please contact us our support forum. Our support team will solve the issue.

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C0C0 Purchased

Can your theme allow you to have a different menu for different pages…for instance if I want to have a menu for 5 different restaurants, will I be able to make a menu page for each one? Also is there anyway to see a live preview on my website before purchasing it?

:) Live preview on your website?

You can have a different Food Menu for Different pages. But not menu (navigation on top)

Is there any possible way to order the events by date? We are using the shortcode for event carousel on the homepage, but they are ordered by date created, not date of event.

I’ve looked through all documentation and support forums without luck.

Thanks in advance!

Date of event I don’t think its there but we will see if it can be added in the next version for the order of the event by the event date.

Thank you for the quick response. I’ve noticed in the support forums, that you have requested admin access and can go in and fix this for the time being (until the new version). Do you think this is something you could do for us if we create a log in?

Yes we can do that for you. Kindly please use our dedicated support forum.


I have got a problem.

The site in responsive mode (tested on several mobile devices) is not adjusting accordingly in the footer.

Can you help me please?

Thank you in advance

If you can contact us via our dedicated support forum we can take a closer look at your issues as we have a dedicated support team who will help you out.

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Hello! How can I change the language for “Blog”, “reply”, “Read more”. The language of the site is not English, but these words are still in Eng. Is there a file where I can change that?

You need to use WPML for the language translation or Qtranslate plugin to translate those strings.

The preview seems to be broken…

Preview is fixed

Hi, has the ability to order events in date order (in which they occur – not in which they are created) been implemented yet?

Also, when an event has passed, how do I go about it being removed automatically from the website?

Many thanks Gemma

I believe the previous slider was Flexi-Slider. Or at least that’s what the CSS suggests.

I’ve actually reverted back to the previous version as the updated one seemed clunky and too many things looked to have gone wrong with my client’s website.

I have seen the website you have given and its customized highly so you need to be careful while updating the theme.

Hi, do you provide sample content? exactly like your demo website? pages and themes options?

Yes we have an one click demo content import option available in theme options panel

Hi before I buy could you tell me if you can enable food images on mobile menu? Right now in the demo they don’t display on mobile format.

If you wish we can make it enable for you.

I posted to the support site, but did not receive a response. Hoping to get some help:

On Saturday, I downloaded the theme and was able to access all features. Starting Sunday thru now, when I click on the Linofeast section in the left hand side, it does not load the features. Here’s what is is stuck on:

I have tried different browsers, clearing cache and cookies. Can you please advise? Thank you very much!

I don’t seem any topic in our support forum. Where did you posted the support question?

Hi, thank you for responding. I filled out the contact form. I could not find a button/link to submit a ticket. Please advise.

If you check them forum and categories then post a new topic there

Thank you. I posted in the “Loading Theme Options” forum

We have a dedicated support forum to give support for our customers. Kindly please register at our support forum and all your questions will be answered there on the support forum.

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Is there a way to display the events on the event page in a monthly calendar format?

P.S. Your support page is not working.

Its working now.