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help.revaxarts.com is live!

As you may know I’m currently working with Ticksy to give support for my items. Recently support requests have increased tremendously and since Ticksy has stopped it’s development I had to find a better solutions for my customers.

From now on all support request for buyers go through this contact form and all most common questions should have been answered already at help.revaxarts.com

I’m going to add new articles in the future so you may want to add the feed to your favorite feed reader or sign up to my newsletter as well

I’ll answer open tickets at Ticksy soon but you should consider to send me a mail to speed thing up

Thanks for understanding

Jezper Purchased

How come all files are note present in the template builder directory? Specifically the types directory.



All files are outside of the template! They are located in folders like “version01”, “version02”, etc.

Hope that helps!

Hi, Is it possible to embed a video from Vimeo or a personal website? Thank you



Please read more about video in emails here: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/will-it-work/video/


Hi, I’m not a tech savvy. This plugin seams really hard to use. How do I configure a newsletter template, chose logo, headers, contents pictures, and so? I finally managed to use templatebuilder and download newsletter.html then copy it to includes folder. Now, How do I customize the contents and links? I use MyMail not mailchimp. please help.

Hi, I have a Pre-Purchase Question, Can this be used in Outlook if so, How do i Do it? and Can i get a sample file to test if it imports properly? Hope to get a Quick Reply!

Thanks, Manan Davda


jshapan Purchased

Hi … I purchased both the mymail and this template and am having a few template setup and margin issues when it arrives to our subscribers. Before I send it out to my big lists or purchase it for other clients, I must get this issues resolved. I have a ticket in, but have no response back. I do hope you are checking your support tickets.

Thanks so much

now4dw Purchased


I have been a big supporter of yours in the past but your TOTAL lack of support in the past few weeks is outrageous. I have logged three requests because we cannot get Linus to function as stated. We have spent a stupid number of hours trying to get it working.

Why? Because as others here have stated, there is a margin issue with the default template included with MyMail. So I bought Linus and the ‘Template Builder’. What a joke!

Yes, it may very well be a user error. BUT we have studied the available documentation, watched the videos and are STILL banging our heads against the wall.

Well Xaver, the World Cup is now over and you can get back to business… or should I say picking up the pieces of what’s left of your business.


Very professional!;

Hi there – I have a client that is interested in this template but is requesting a sample of the HTML to play with before buying. They know they cannot use this to deploy messages but wanted to try it to see if they can modify to work for them and try loading in Delivra. Is this possible? Thank you- Nicole


Hi Nicole!

I’m sorry but I’m not allowed to give away free sample of this template

Thanks for understanding!