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the link does not work. it can’t be opened.. :/


The link works, you can try to reload.

Has a nice feel, great colors.
Good luck with this one :)


Thanks Bedros. :-)

Very good work, but if the pages were in ajax was ideal.


Thanks, Carlox. The next website … let’s see. :-)

Awesome! GLWS ! ;)

Peter Zickler.


Thanks, Peter. :-)

Nice one sevenmedia :)

Have you gone through -


If you are interested, you may try it out. This theme suits for the health and beauty category.

Excuse if you already know it.

Thanks, Tansh

I agree with Tansh, this should be a submission for the most wanted! A beautiful template. I’ve referred a few local fitness businesses to check this template out. I hope to one day have reason to purchase this but in the meantime wish you ALL THE BEST in your sales! Congrats!

- Bryce Wisekal

Awesome Template. I really like it. This comes near to what I was looking for for several months.

Just one question: I viewed the live preview on the iPhone and it looks ok but as soon as I remove the themeforest frame, the whole layout is blown up and is very nasty. Any idea, why this is happening?

Thanks, Pascal

Thank you for pointing investigate what is going this. Thomas

Is it possible to not use portions? I see other opportunity with this template other than fitness club if you can.

Very nice and unique design.


Hello, I purchased this but there is no file to make the contact form to work. Can you please send me the contact form file (PHP?) so that I can set this up on my site? Thanks!


Hi Graphic getter I like to do. Send me your email address to use.

this is html site?

i hve purchased in two days! thank u!


Thanks faizal. :-)

where did you buy the main page background images from so that I can have an idea of where to get them from and cost them out


the page doesnt work on ipad/iphone?


I thought this was a wordpress template, how hard would it be to do that?


It’s a lot of work.

I just downloaded this file and the index.php is missing. Can it be emailed to me?

This is a HTML website. There are no Index.php

When will a final version be released with all the files?

Does this have a real Login Area, or is it just to ocupy some space. Does it really work?

Please respond asap.


golbano Purchased

I need to make it compatible for iPhone and Android, fatal displayed on mobile devices. THANKS


Excuse me, but is not intended for iphone or Android.