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Hi Guys

We having major issues with the “Liqued” theme.

1. The menu does not remain fixed when you scroll down.

2. The header image does not remain fixed as well, it gets a bit clumsy when you scroll down. Somethings when you scroll down, the image does not remain fixed, it goes down to the bottom of the page as well.

These issues mainly occur on the Safari browser.


Hi, your able to visit our ticket center and submit your ticket over there.


Please follow this link and test to see what I mean about the menu bar and header image (mainly on the Safari browser).

It looks fine over here. Maybe your able to take a screenshot or submit a ticket with this information inside our new ticket system


nijupilu Purchased

Dear All,

I already opened two tickets on the but still no answer and the data base knowledge looks empty…

Thanks for your feedback about these tickets. Regards

Hi, my boss purchased this theme, and I can’t change the style when I go to the Visual Panel/Stylings.

I’m trying to put cleanblue, put my site stays gray and green.

I’ve even try to create a child style copy of cleanblue, but when I select it and click save, nothing changes.


Submit a ticket and we will see what we can do for you.

Already done, Ticket ID: #717735

I am looking for your bizniz theme. Why you remove bizniz theme from themeforest ? :crying:


Because it had some issues and we’re working on a fix. But other items have our priority first. Rest assured, it will be back ;)

Hi There, im trying to change the styles, but it wont respond. Please advise


Send a ticket to so our support staff can check it for you.

Ticket ID: #997136 Subject: problems with menu and header in safari Message: Hi, i have just sent a couple a days ago a ticket for problems of theme Liqued in Safari, and i have seen that other users got the same problems too. Problems with header and menu that doesn’t remain fixed whe you scroll. Is there any chance that you reply me?? The red bar you see in file attached normally had to be part of the menu but, after first scroll when you come back on the top of the site it moves in a random position… please resolve that, it’s urgent and i can’t say to the client that this problem can’t be resolved…



i sent you yesterday screenshots of your template too…


hi guys, any news?


Sorry m8 for the late response, we’re undergoing some serious re-organizations within our team and therefore support is really out of place but where working hard to restore it all.

Expect an answer very soon. If nothing arrives within a few days then simple resubmit your ticket again. or send it directly to

We’re currently undergoing some very serious development issues which we are resolving asap. We’ve teamed up with another popular author team and will bring a better and more stable framework to products. Only this takes time.

Therefore support may take longer as expected

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused

Hi, The main geometric figure can be changed to a circle for exempo? thank you


Yes, there’s an option inside the option panel to disable the hexagon shape

Hello, is that your theme Liqued is compatible with WP 3.9? Is this theme is ready for translation (. Po,. Mo)

Thank you in advance for your response;


(Google translation)


Hi, it’s not yet completely ready for 3.9, we have currently other things which have our priority.

I’ve installed the theme but cannot change the colour within the visual panel. I see someone else had this problem, what was the solution? I’ve tried changing everything but the colour is the default one no matter what I do.

I have already raised a ticket (#395940) but I’m worried no-one is picking up the tickets as the knowledge base is empty!


Just answered your email Jason ;)


Hi there, yes, email response has been received. I await your update in the morning