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Very Very Nice theme. When Iam clicking any of the images,the post coming below the widget bar. So basically on top only left widget bar is visible and if we scroll down ,I can see the particular post.There is no problem whem Iam selecting any sub-menu item.Iam using firefox 3.0+. Is that designed like that or Iam getting that bug?


Thanks for nice words!

It’s probably because your resolution is 1024px? I’ve designed this theme for the larger screens, but to fix this all you need to do is alter one line in css Line 249: .single_post, .single_page { background-color:#FFFFFF; margin:0 0 15px 0; padding:15px; width:69%; /** MAKE THIS 65% **/ }

Nice theme mixey! I like it alot :)


Thanks! I like it too :)

The envato iframe for live preview seems to generate some bugs with post displays.

Great theme btw, good luck :)

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I’ve been working on something similar to this for the past couple months off and on – Mine’s similar in function, but completely different visually – I picked up a copy just to see if you’re doing anything differently than my version (which is kinda like http://spacecollective.org/projects/ ).

It’s rad to see it up here! Good luck with sales mixey! This looks great :)


Wow! Brandon is my first buyer :) you are right I was inspired by spacecollective. Thanks for wishing me luck!

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Absolutely dude – it’s a frickin awesome idea for a layout, been a fan of spacecollective’s layout for a while now. I’m glad to see someone else posted this idea here, it reminds me that I need to actually finish my version and upload it here in the next couple months (don’t worry – it won’t be anytime soon :P ). Cheers!

oh wow..

this is greeeeat ;D

something new here..

“everytime I think I’m out..they pull me back in” – Al Pacino in The Godfather 3..

That is bascially how I feel about you guys at themeforest and flash den, many of you all are such great designers..I didn’t want to spend any money today, but once I saw this one I was toast. Thank you soooo much for this one!


Thank you for the nice words! I’m really glad that you liked it! Please rate my file ;)

Very nice. I think i saw this concerpt somewhere else.

This is very unique in ThemeForest Mixey, is pretty awesome… I’ll bookmark it is very impressive the layout :)

Thank you all guys for the positive feedback! I was working on this one for a while and I’m looking forward on it! :)

going to purchase it in 5 minutes :D


tic-tac-tic-tac :) Thanks! Looking forward!

very nice layout and its unique.. Nice item by the way.. good luck

Hi mixey. first of all, this template is great, the CSS is very organized, easy to change bg colors etc. I love it that I don’t have to dive into some 10000 lines of css :D.

however, I have a slight problem. the twitter button just doesn’t work. it slides a bit of black box (firefox 3.5) but shows and does nothing.

I used wordpress 2.8.4

and my address is http://motiongraph.net

please help.



nevermind, I just posted something on twitter and it worked! haha, I havent post on twitter for a month….


I just checked your webiste and it seems that you have modified js.js file (changing twitter name), you really shouldn’t do that :) line 42 should be username: twitterlogin, and twitterlogin variable is defined in the header.php file

P.S. Thanks for complementing!


got it. I was desperate for fix and decided to roam around :D haha.

btw. any chances we will see sIFR implemented?

When I look at the demo on my iphone, I can only see the top of the page. Can this be fixed?

Lovely theme btw, very nice!


I just tried it on the iPhone, it looks ok to me :) Please check it without themeforest`s header, use this direct link http://www.topnotchwp.com/liquid-magazine/ instead

P.S. Thanks for complement!


ok, that does the trick. thanks

Cool, maybe I can use it! :-D


cool! ;)

Alright Mixey, I was wondering if you could help me out please! I have posts with pictures in them, and on the home page, the pictures are too big and reach outside the parameters of the white rectangle that the post’s are in. (If you dont understand what I mean take a look at www.SplatReviews.com). Any way I can make this work easily, without having to remove all the images from my site?


Please make sure that you have defined thumbnail and medium picture sizes, under settings->media. There is a detailed explanation in the help file. After those settings, wp will generate thumbnails with the right sizes


I followed the directions in the help file and I still see this (www.SplatReviews.com)...the images still do not fit.

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Great theme, great support! Thanks for your quick reply & keep up the great work!

@SplatReviews: As I see from the source WP is using http://splatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/mp41-300×300.jpg 300 by 300px images, which is default medium size for the image. Please try reuploding images after setting the right dimensions, then WP will regenerate them.

When I try to look at blogs using this theme on my netbook (10”) the front page looks amazing, but the posts look kind of stupid. Now, I don’t care how it looks for me (I only use a netbook, period :) since I will be only administering it, but for the sake of perspective, can you tell me at what size it get’s screwed up?

Of course I understand there’s no perfect solution for it (the post goes below the main menu to the left and becomes left centered, forcing the user to browse down a screen-length, and less experienced users will probably not see the post at all) since it otherwise will exceed the width of my screen. But if one could solve it so that the posts resize slightly instead of jumping away, it would probably be kinder to the smaller screens.


1024px wide it’s the smallest resolution supported