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Hi Mixey,

Fanatastic theme! Really does seem to be the only one of it’s kind!

If I wanted to just post images, no text, (i.e. take the white frame around each post out and have only 10px margins between each column) is it possible and is it a fairly simple case of just changing some values somewhere?.

If I know I will be able to do this then I will be purchasing first thing!

Thanks and great theme again!


Yeah no problem! This is a one minute fix to the template file, I can provide it to you for free after the purchase.

Thanks for the nice words!

Hello.. I love the template its great.. Can you tell me how to give the background a blue/grey tint.. My site is called www.bluesodacake.com . Also I am trying to figure out how to change the liquid magazine part on the left hand side. Pls advise.


It depends on what style you are using? if black and white, then open bw.css file located in the css folder. Line #1 body { background:#000000 url(../images/bg2.jpg) repeat fixed center top; }

make it look like body { background:#617F92; } instead of the 617F92 put your color.


Hello Mixey. I believe the answer you gave was to change the background and left off the second answer. I want to change the part that says Liquid Mag on the left side of the the page. The background is fine. pls advise.

shaymein Purchased

PSD File? Just got this and was expecting one.


Thanks for buying, but I’ve designed this theme from scratch without photoshop. I simply don’t have a psd. Sorry about that.

@bluesodaceke: You can change your logo right from the Themes options page, which is located under the Appearance tab

I turned the left sidebar off, but then how do I center the single post? I managed to fix the width from 69% to a fixed value, but it stays aligned to the left… So how do I center it?

sbene Purchased

Hi Mixey, fantastic Theme! Love it!!

I was wondering if there is a way to color-code the background of posts boxes ( currently white) depending on the categories they are filed in. So you’ll have multi-coloured posts on the home-page. Is this possible? Any help would be much appreciated….Thanks!! Benedetta


Thanks! Actually it’s possible, but you’ll need to make small investigation :) Each post have a css class with the name of the category it belongs to.

So you’ll need to open main.css file and somewhere at the end, add css rules, something like .category-travel { background:#FF0000; }

Hope that helps!

sbene Purchased

Hey Mixey, I have tried what you said, but instead of coloring the boxes, it changes the background colour of the whole page for that category…Do I have to perhaps join the ”.post_float” with the ”.category”? Im pretty bad with css syntax, Im sorry, I would be very grateful if you could possibly help me on this…Thanks in advance!! Bene

sbene Purchased

Nevermind Mixey! I have found the solution! :) just had to add this : #grid-content div.post_float.category-travel { etc etc…}

Thanks anyways! Bene



jonray Purchased

Great theme!

I have been trying to find where you can change the character count on the grid layout. I dont want to display so much text before [...]

Any ideas?


http://wordpress.org/support/topic/231953 try this one

hi mixey this cool theme support a shadow box plugin?

king regards Yuri

Hi Mikey,

Can the font/typeface be easily changed? The italic kind of doesn’t fit my prospective project. Love the theme, otherwise.

Please let me know!



Yes, sure! I can help you after the purchase

Hi mixey, this theme are compatible with WP 2 .9 ?


yes it’s. I just updated Live preview website and it works fine ;)

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I’ve got problem with this theme. When I’ve got many images in posts only the first attached to the post can be a cover / thumbnail in main page. How to change image to different than first attached to the post?

For example: I wrote post “Yeah, great vacation”. In that post, I attached 5 images. I want 3rd picture to pick as “cover” to this post and should it appear on main page.

Can you help?

utesch Purchased

This may be a dumb question.. how do I manage how many posts are displayed per page? I’m ok with editing the php, just thought I’d see if someone knew where to start. Thanks!


Try to look at the Settings-> Reading tab under the WP admin page

jonray Purchased

hi mixey

do you have any suggestions as how to display a graphic or image when posting a you tube or vimeo link? As it currently doesnt display anything in the #grid-content?

thanks for your help….. again :)


I can try to implement a custom post thumbnail image field a little bit later, right now I’m very busy.

Actually you should add a custom field while creating a post and then simply output this value in the index.php template

im in the same boat as jonray..

is there anyway to display the vimeo post on the main index?

another words, could i have a small vimeo embedded (say 200×100) and then when you click on the full article it displays it 600×400 or something

Hey Mixey,

I have one question before I buy your template:

Is it possible that the middle area could be centered?




Could you please describe more in details what you want to do? Which part you want to center?


I’d like to center the middle area, below the black category header and above the footer. I’m not a huge fan of the navigation area and floating blogs being flush to the left. Is it possible to center that whole section (in a DIV wrapper with auto margins, maybe?)?

I don’t know if what I’m interested in is technically possible?



rafiozzo Purchased


How long should I wait for your reply on my question? It’s not good to treat like that your customers.


Hi Mixey:

Wonderful layout.

I don’t see any way for users to access the post archives? Am I missing something? Is this an easy adjustment or option?

Thanks for your response in advance.




pagination will be visible when maximum post count for the home page will be reached (settings under WP settings->reading)

or you can use also WP widget called archive

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I believe Mixey said in an earlier post that a link to older posts appears when it’s needed. Until then, it’s hidden.