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Hey mixey – thanks for the really nice theme!

Is there a way you could send me the xml export of your sample site (under Tools > Export)? I need to change the layout but my site has no content yet and it would be great to just edit what you have instead of trying to figure out how things work and add content to it.



yes, sure! please send me a message throw my profile page, I’ll reply to you with attached xml file.

hello. i just purchased liquid magazine but it looks like a mess. it appears to not be autosizing my images. can you please help?! thanks!

here’s what it looks like:



You should regenerate your thumbnails. Please install “Regenerate thumbnails” plugin and hit regenerate buttton.

is there a particular amount of time it will take to get response on this issue? thank you!


I’m trying to response in 24h during the business days.

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Hey Mixey!

I have a run on my web Hello Mixie I have a run Liquid magazine on my website, www.nekotabi.es but I had installed the Lightbox plugin Plus (http://www.23systems.net/plugins/lightbox-plus/) and I tried with jQuery Lightbox. Past weekend the two works o.k ,but not now… it’s weird because if they worked and suddenly have stopped …. :) Please I need help with this, what I need is for one of these two plugins to work or find something that permits users to view larger versions of image without having to leave the current page, and Able to display también simple slide shows.

Can you help me? Thank you so much! _

Hi Mixey,

When I post multiple images in a blog post, it chooses the image at the bottom of the post as the thumbnail image on the homepage. I would like it to be the same as the first image displayed in the post. Could you tell me how to do this please?


Ah I just realised it uses the last image you upload as the thumbnail, not the last image you insert into the post.

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Hi Mixey

Really great theme – I’m so pleased with it and it’s easy to modify…all except I’m trying to optimise for Opera mobile browser, and I want to lose Page Menu from the left-hand nav and only have Pages display in the footer. I can’t quite work it out how to do this.


...so I want to completely lose the “Home” & “About slm” in the nav, and just have the Logo and Categories pulling through.

Thanks again for the great theme :) craig


Hi there,

a hint: you can look for the php code in the google which will detect what browser user is using and then output that sting in body class.

then in your css file hide nav content body.opera-mobile .nav-css-selector { display:none; }

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Hi Mixey. Thanks for the reply, but I’m afraid the bit about Google didn’t make sense to me. Let’s forget the opera mobile bit – I want to knock out the Page Menu in the nav for all browsers, so it’s be great if you could let me know what line/s I need to remove from the php.

Best wishes, c


insert this into the style.css file

left_sidebar .page_menu_ul { display:none; }

this will remove navigation for all browsers

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How can I change the background image?


You should overwrite default image located in the themes/liquid-magazine/images folder with your own image. Or upload another image to the server and then edit css file

body {
background:url("../images/YOUR_NEW_IMAGE.jpg") repeat-x scroll 0 0 #000000;
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great – thanks!



I’m looking to put together a very simple site which pulls in various RSS feeds, flickr photos and twitter feeds from various sources. The site will look something like: www .edinbuzz .com

I’m guessing, I’ll need to make each homepage section a text widget so I can insert the necessary RSS feed info?

How easy is it to make each homepage section a text widget and how is it done?

Would this theme be suitable?

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This theme is cool.thank you.

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my article list page and article Detail page both look like mess. I’m trying to regenerate my thumbnails but still not working. Could you take a look and tell me how to do fix this? Thank you.


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Hi there Mixey!

I hope you can help me out with this issue! I want to remove the link from the background of each post (index.php) so that when you click the rounded background or any image above it, you’re not redirected to the post’s single.php. How can I do this, I’m a bit new to PHP and perhaps its just infront of me and I’m not seeing it!

Thanks in advance!

Hello mixey,

Thanks for your theme. I’ve just installed it, but I’m getting the error:

“Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0”

See: http://www.adverto.nl/art

Can you tell me how to fix this?


It looks like on your server php function getimagesize is disabled. In the download archive, you can find another index_without_getimagesize_.php file. Try using it instead

thanks for your quick reply. I’ve changed it, and now it works. I now see that this problem is also marked in the help-file. Sorry for the inconvenience


No problem!

Hey Mixey,

2 quick questions:

- is it possible to choose the image that will be used as the thumbnail. By default it picks the last upload, but I rather like it to be the first image (or better: that you can choose manually)

- which part of the (wordpress) code generates the list of pages in the sidebar? I’m using the pages-widget now, but the default installation also shows the list of pages so I’m getting it double (see: http://www.adverto.nl/art)

functions.php line 154 function called getAttachedImage();
post_type' => 'attachment',
'numberposts' => 1,
'post_status' => null,
'post_parent' => $post_ID,
'orderby' => 'menu_order',
'order' => 'ASC'

try this code and then try to order images with wordpress image uploader help (gallery section – you can drag and drop images there)

Cool looking theme. I am considering purchasing but have a couple of questions.

1. Can the items in the front page liquid layout link to a search category or a page other than posts? Basicly I would like to use the fluid page as the primary menu. eg: “Travel” would link to a static page on travel. Or link to a category of posts which would also display in the liquid format. Or a user search would collect posts and display them in the liquid format. I suppose this is using the Liquid format as a multi-layer menu system.

2. It looks from your side menu that the liquid layout is used to present posts of a category. Correct?

3. Will the auto resizing of images be done if the pics are selected from a NextGen gallery? Or is this done as part of the uploading process of the WP media files?

Thanks GSW



1. I’m afraid no, only recent posts.

2. Yes

3. Sorry can’t tell. Don’t have experience with nextgen gallery

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hi mixey

managed to get the theme up and running on the server (but oddly xampp won’t see it?) and it’s looking good – cheers

one problem – youtube videos are not appearing on the homepage – infact no images at all. I’ve installed and activated regenerate thumbnails but nothing doing… any clues?




You should insert image to the post were you are using video. Theme can’t generate thumbnails by itself from flash videos. So simply upload an image to that post.

Hi Mixey.

when I used the prettyphoto, why doesn’t the caption or title shows up?



Make sure that link

<a href="#" title="">link</a>
has a title attribute.

Hello, Could you take a look at this for me please…


...and ask me why the menu looks wierd? Also why it is all pushed right to the left of the sidebar, and not with a border to make it look tidier.

Also is their a good widget out their where I could add an extra sidebar on the right hand side of the page for specific posts/pages?