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hmmm i’m guessing support never comes here

hello, I want to know where I can change the video. I can not find the option to do so. help me please.

hello, I want to know where I can change the video. I can not find the option to do so. help me please.

lsys3 Purchased

Hello, You have a fantastic landing page. However, I have one issue. When you resize the landing page to mobile version, the banner picture does not scale, it cuts part of the picture.

Your demo version is doing the same. I need the picture to be as responsive as the entire landing page.

Could you please help?

pzook Purchased

I am trying to upload my theme I just purchased to wordpress and it is giving me a failure notice…

“Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-3841785-lister-premium-landing-page.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

How do I resolve this??

Olá! Comprei o tema mas não consigo instalar no meu site Joomla. O que acontece? Diz que falta o arquivo XML.

I’d like to purchase this product however as I can see it loses responsive feature once anything is edited on the page. If I get it

– will it be possible to get advices how to edit it providing

responsive ability



I’ve sent also an email some time ago requesting help on a feature that’s being granted in the description, but doesn’t work.

After going through the documentation and other sources, I couldn’t make the optin form send an email whenever someone subscribes, instead of using a mail list (like mailchimp). How can I do that? Also, how can the subscriber, after hitting the send button, be redirected to a thank you page?

Thank you! Looking forward to receiving a solution.

Can anyone provide instructions how to install this theme as the developers are not responding to previous emails I sent them. I’m stuck :(

sasidar Purchased

hello i tried sending quite a few mails, have not received any response, are you there to help? thanks sasidafr

I’d like to store the emails/names I capture in a simple Google Spreadsheet, and also send the users to a “Thank You” page for Google Conversion tracking.

How can I do both of those things?


we are working on a new update for LISTER .. it will include a Thank you page and a custom script to store data in google spreadsheet


Thanks for the quick response. Looking forward to that update!

How can we turn off responsive?