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After months without notices about the author of this theme we have decide to offer our services for people that had bought Listingpress. Where are developers and we had used this theme to a very important company for that reason we know very well this theme and the code, if some needs some implementation or bug resolve please contact us (mimografix@gmail.com) and we will let you know the price of that.


Is there an ability to send an email notification to a user when a listing matches the users saved search?

If not – Could this be implemented?

Best regards Martin

hi! Can I use membership plan for users, ? And also paid listing as well. As well as including country wise global site, can I make like that ? Can i include country as well for advanced search area ?


I have installed the wordpress 4.0 and this theme does not work, I have just installed it unsuccesfully Please, help me, I am desperate

Hello, I bought this theme, install went and gave this error.

The package could not be installed. The issue is not the style sheet style.css.

The installation failed theme.

What will I do?


Resolvido aqui

When will I translate appears Warning: The translation currently loaded content contains mixed textdomains and is not fully translatable into a textdomain. It seems that there is extracted code from other plugins, themes and widgets in a few source files. Textdomains unknown who will be affected are: rwmb, pe-theme-bundled-plugins-orbital login, login-orbits, optionsframeworktheme, optionsframework, options_framework_theme, lstingpress, listngpress

What to do?

Pre-purchase question:

How easily can this theme be modified to do something other than real estate? Is the demo just set up for real estate, or is it geared toward real-estate out of the box?