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Very nice theme. Good luck :)

Do you have instructions on loading a child theme in order to use it for different reasons. I’m looking to use this listing for something else and I want to be sure for a novice I’m able to change the attributes and words around to reflect the type of listing site I’m looking for. Will that be possible or our your instructions detailed enough?


the listing search has been build around the ability to be expanded and customized. I already have some articles written on how to customize the search (start here) and will be updating the knowledgebase with more info once I fully wake up. :)

Please keep in mind that I will only write tutorials on how to customize the search, as the rest is just a standard WordPress templating. In other words – ListingPress comes with child theme API to add/remove any search filter, and this is covered in knowledgebase. If you, however, add another taxonomy to listing post type and want this information displayed somewhere – you will have to edit theme’s template files to reflect these changes.

I will also be covering adding meta boxes to listing in my knoelwdgebase (which is another easy thing with the meta box framework ListingPress uses) and will build child themes for the most prominent niches myself (and include them as an update). Card dealer child theme will probably be the first.

Could you tell me what kind of niche interests you?

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Hi there,

I have a similar question as @nehemiaht above. Is there an example or instructions available on creating a child theme for listings other than real-estate—for example business listings?




please check my lengthy reply to nehemiaht’s post above and let me know if you have any more questions!

Hi there!

Great Listings-Theme! Very well done! Before I purchase I have a few questions:

1. A button to manually add single products to a specific search list would be wonderful. Is it // Would it be possible to create an empty list and add single results to the created list (fronted Pop-up)? 2. Is it // Would it be possible to have small buttons link to external websites/open a lightbox instead of the little bed & bathroom icons? 3. Is it // Would it be possible to create a user Login? Instead of saving my search cookies based I could see my search lists after Login? Is it possible to create/save more than 5 search-lists? Would a created search-list be shareable via Facebook, Twitter, email, printer… 4. An application-area for agents would be fine – Here the agent could create his own objects due to a given list of features // filters // taxonomies (paypal integration for paid listings would be great!). Would that be possible (in the future)?

Well, a lot of questions… I’m looking forward to hear from you. How do you normally handle special requests / individual changes to you themes? ;-)

Once again: Very, very cool theme!

Many greetings from Cologne//Germany, Dom

Hi Dom,

to answer your questions:

  • 1 & 3 – I am currently working on front-end login for users. Once this is implemented I will move user-saved searches to the database and add a and ability to add selected listings to favorites. Users would then be able to view their searches and favorites on their profile page. I hope this is what you meant in question 1. Also once the user-saved searches are database driven, there will no longer be a need for 5 search limit
  • 2 – this sounds like a custom feature and will have to be handled by yourself/a developer
  • 4 – this will come next, after the front-end login. The main difficulty here is the fact that the front-end submission should be easily customizable, as the search forms are. I am currently researching which approach would be better – members pay for posting a listing or monthly membership. Any suggestions are welcome!

You can contact me via email using contact form on my profile page and let me know what customizations we are talking about. If that’s something that I planned to add to the theme itself – I will release it as an update for everyone. All other custom changes I charge for.

Hope this answers all your questions! :)

bardzo fajny theme, czysta robota pozdrawiam ;)


Great theme, can you please add the option to have houses for rent also? The listing browser in the top header can it be a mega menu? As we might have more cities to add…

Thank you!


good idea with the ‘for rent’ option. I think that price slider values should be changed when users select this option too. Definitely something for an update.

I will also test the theme with the most popular mega menu plugin/s and style everything accordingly. Are there any particular mega menu plugins that you’d like to use?

Hi costin,

just wanted to let you know that I’ve just released an update that adds property rental features. Cheers!

Hi There,

You have implemented the two options ( For Sale and Sold ) but what about Rentals and Commercial Property options? Could you add those 2 also in the search option? Would be much more interesting..

Also, you have only 1 picture per single item, would be much better to have more pictures per item / home..



rentals will definitely find find their place in an update. I am not sure about commercial property as this seems to be a huge category that would require separate website for its own.

You can have multiple pictures for each listing. They will automatically form a gallery slider on single listing page. I think that most example listings in theme demo have at least 3 pictures. :)

Hi David,

just wanted to let you know that I’ve just released an update that adds property rental features. Cheers!

very, very good. I liked the theme, very clean and beautiful.

I’ve missed login for users where they can publish their offers properties. Once you do this fix for sure I will buy.

There are plans for this?

Sure, the front-end login will come first, where users will be able to manage their searches and favorite listings from their profile page. The from-end submission will come after this. Cheers!

Hi Awesone theme. Great job!

I’m working on a listing project and this will work great. Besides having a site we are working on an App as well, so I wanted to know if there is an easy way to parse all the items to json and if the listings are saved on WP post database table or are they saved on its own table.



listings are stored as normal posts in wp_posts table and have a listing post type. Everything around listings and listing search uses WordPress API.

The second question is more of a WordPress/PHP question. I don’t know much about app programming, but you should see what WordPress guys are doing with their WordPress for iOS. And of course, you can just json_encode things in WordPress. :)


Is there an option to submit listings from the front end?

Well that’s a whole load quicker than I expected! Not much sleep for you this week :D I am looking to use this to list used clothing. I don’t expect a child theme to be built around this but can I just edit the meta names in the template’s php files to suit this? Also, will the front end submission be a custom login/registration and post submission form or will it use the Wordpress admin area?

It’s even easier than that – you can use the Listing Search API to edit search filters once you have your taxonomies/post meta set up. I’m am currently in the process of updating my knowledgebase for developers, but you can already check the advanced guides section, the process of removing and adding search filters is described there. If you have ever coded anything in WordPress – customizing ListingPres will be child’s play for you.

By the way – only customize ListingPress via your own child themes.

Regarding the front end submission – everything will be moved to front end: login/registration, user dashboard (saved searches, favorite listings), front end listing submission. The s2Members (or other membership plugin) will be used for paid membership. :)

Sounds awesome, you’ll have a new customer here!

Hello – have a few questions before purchasing:

1. Can you add more than one agent to a property listing?

2. Can you sort the way the listings lay out ? ie: ascending/descending based on price?

3. Are there different versions of the homepage?

Hi Rehkam,

  1. No, WordPress allows only one author per post
  2. It’s in the works. I will develop two sorting options – date and price, both ascending and descending. If you have any other suggestions – please let me know
  3. There is only one version of home page, but you can customize the content area with column shortcodes to your likings

Hope this helps!

Rentals is a must but your basic search doesn’t have bedrooms or bathrooms and that should be inluded in the basic search not in the advanced link. Take examples from Trulia or Zillow, those are the most popular real estate search sites. As a real estate agent I’m looking for something like this.

Hi dapro,

I agree with you on rentals, and this functionality will be included in an update.

I have based theme’s functionality on top real estate websites. From the two that you have linked Zillow doesn’t offer anything more than property location in basic search form.

Including bedrooms and bathrooms in the basic form is a design choice, not necessity. You cannot place these fields in basic form just because Trulia does this, without considering the entire user experience flow on a website. In ListingPress, the basic search serves as immediate feedback if properties in given location with appropriate price range are available at all. If there there are any, user moves to the advanced search form. This is much better user experience than on Trulia, as it may be frustrating to complete entire form and hit ‘Search’ just to discover that there are no listings matching your search criteria. Opposed to that, ListingPress gives you live feedback on the number of results after changing anything in the search form.

Hi dapro,

just wanted to let you know that I’ve just released an update that adds property rental features. Cheers!


Can the theme display the properties in map by default?

Will the front-end listing be ready soon with PayPal integration?

Great theme!



I’ll push the update with ability to select default view (between map and grid) and property rentals tonight.

The next thing will be adding front-end submissions with paid membership and I hope to have it finished within a week.

Thanks for the thumbs up!

Just to let you know, I’ve just pushed and update that, among other features, lets you select default listing view. Cheers!

Thanks for the update, we just bought the theme, and hope the front-end listing with PayPal be released soon!

Hi I’m interested to purchase this theme for use in a car rental site. I wanted to know if the rent category includes dates and it can be add into email notification. What do you think? Thanks


do you mean dates as in year, when the car was produced, or dates as in booking calendar to tell your customers if particular car is free to rent on particular day?

If it is the former, there is no ‘year’ taxonomy out of the box, but you can easily add one via your child theme, using <a href="http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_taxonomy">register_taxonomy</a> function, then use ListingPress’ Search Filters API to add it as a filter.

If you want a booking calendar functionality – this would require more substantial amount of custom coding.

What do you mean by email notification?

Best wishes!

I was thinking in a booking calendar functionality. I was mean to add dates input in the agent contact form.

I really know, this is an extra functionality, but it´s interesting to use in the property rent too.

Thanks a lot

I am not planning to add any booking functionality as it is completely different theme category.

I can, however, add action hooks and filters to functions that handle contact emails, you would then be able to customize the contact form and emails the way you see fit. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in. Cheers!


Excellent theme. I am one step away form purchasing Listing press. Can users add listings? Can the be charged for doing so?

I hope you have this in mind for an update. looking forward

Thank you for the fast response. When can I expect this update?

The one with from-end login or from-end listing submissions? The former should be ready in two days, if everything goes alright. The latter can take up to week to develop (at least that’s what I am hoping for). :)

Thank you. I will be back in 1 week.

Hi, is it possible to change ‘bathroom’ and ‘bedroom’ if you wish to use the theme for industrial real estate? And is it possible to add more slide bars for in advanced search? Looking forward to hear from you.

Currently not. I have considered this option, but since there is already a lot going on on the website (in terms of interactive elements), especially on mobile devices, I wanted to keep everything as light as possible to not overwhelm weaker mobile devices. Other than that, I think that the price slider (being more important than other range inputs) stands out more if it’s the only element on the page with this kind of look and functionality.

Okay, we would like to be able to add more adjustment parameters though, but I will still buy it now. Thank you for the quick replies.

You can still add more search filters, just no in a form of slider (like the price slider). You can still use regular range fields, just like for bathrooms or bedrooms in the demo. Cheers!

Does this integrate with any MLS providers out of the box?


not at this time. I concentrating all my efforts into developing the front-end submission feature. I have briefly checked IDXPress plugin, but, as far as I know, it only allows its own, table-based, HTML output. I don’t want to ruin ListingPress with HTML markup that cannot be properly styled to my/your liking.

If there is a way to hack the plugin to allow custom HTML or if there’s any other MLS plugin that offers allows this kind of functionality I may add support for it in the future, after I’m done with the improvements I am currently working on.

If enough people request adding support for IDXPress as it is now, I may consider this too, but it won’t be as pretty as ListingPress is now. :)

Pre-purchase question – Very interested, would modify child theme to offer art design. So, do you think this theme is compatible with WooCommerce? So after artists have offered their art pieces, someone could purchase? Thanks, very much, for your expertise.


this would require some tweaking on the templating side, but you can change the main post type that is a subject to search in advanced Theme Options.

I case of WooCommerce, you would choose product post type. You would then disable the ‘For sale / sold’ statuses, also from theme options. Then you would proceed with disabling default ListingPress’ search filters and adding new filters based on WooCommerce taxonomies/post meta. All this can be done in your child theme’s functions.php using ListingPress’ Listing Search API.

If you have some basic experience with WordPress coding all this will be child’s play for you.

You will, of course, need to edit all listing templates to properly display info about your products and maybe tweak some CSS so that WooCommerce pages (like cart and checkout) blend nicely with the rest of the theme.

If you decide to purchase ListingPress and something doesn’t work as intended – just let me know – I’ll fix it right away. I’m saying this just because I haven’t tested ListingPress with WooCommerce, and there are lots of things that can go wrong.

Thank you for the detailed and helpful reply, Orbital! That is what I needed to know. I’m handy with coding, so when the time comes, I’ll keep you posted on progress and if any issues with WooCommerce, will update. Will be good beta test ;) Many thanks :)

Sounds great, keep me posted! I want to make the theme integrate with WooCommerce out of the box in the future, advanced search would be really cool for an online store. As far as I know WooCommerce has really decent API and gives ability to access all taxonomies and meta fields for products defined by user. This would make automatic integration between ListingPress search and WooCommerce really easy.

If you have any technical questions just shoot me an e-mail via my profile page. It will be much easier to discuss technical details that way.


Great WP theme :) Is the theme translation ready (PO/MO files)?

Thanks! Sure it is. :)