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Is there anyway to load the website just like the live preview demo?

To the Author: Maybe you could get some inspiration from this Theme, when you’re making the front-end submissions. It’s simple and working well.

Facebook login would be sweet aswell :)


Regards, Michael


We have a real estate agency for short period rental. Is it possible to edit the filter search and therefore the page creating the new properties ? One of the most important option to filter for our users, is to the select the “availability period” for an an apartment to rent:

- “Available from …. to …”

- “available within one week/month”...

Thanks ;)

I noticed that front-end submissions are in the works for the a release in the near future. Do you by chance have any specifics dates yet? I would love to use this theme, but allowing users to submit listings is super important. If front-end submissions won’t be available for a long time, is there any other way to let users submit listings?



Forgot to ask…Might it be possible to use something like Gravity Forms (plugin), that has the ability to add form submissions as WP posts to let users submit properties? I already have Gravity Forms and thought this might be a good workaround, until you come out with the next update with front-end submission features.

I’m guessing this would only work if the “properties/listings” are added as “posts” in the WP backend. Let me know if this makes sense.


So….it’s been over 2 weeks now….is the developer on vacation or something? :(

Hi, I like your theme.

I would like to ask you if it is possible to hide the green price search bar.

Thank you

Do you know a plugin can I purchase or download from wordpress.org to use with this theme as front end / user listing submit ?

Hello, thanks for the chic theme! But there are 2 bug, help me to fix them: 1 – in the admin panel, you can specify either before or after the price of the currency to write, but not everywhere, it changes (on the main page and in the list, it is still written “before”) – screenshots included; 2 bug – street name and the city in Russian is not displayed. Screenshots have http://s35-temporary-files.radikal.ru/eb15300e1ac54136bb949613a3985204/-929206895.png http://s35-temporary-files.radikal.ru/d8b578b48a8e47bfa6c55f405a9064cd/-929206895.png http://s35-temporary-files.radikal.ru/36eb10588984475f87048348b75dbd09/-929206895.png http://s35-temporary-files.radikal.ru/be6ae410c1154515b5336300aac5d2d2/-929206895.png

Does it include front end submission?

Orbital Themes -

Almost 2 weeks and no responses – there are people waiting on you, please give us all some kind of update on progress, what to expect, etc from you.

Thank you

hey mate, when is your new updates coming up? we are waiting..:)

Can i place a slider on the homepage? Thanks

I hope you didn’t abandon this theme. It is one of the best on TF; would be a shame.

I agree with you kiko46, but seems something is wrong…

No response at all for 3 weeks now? This really sucks..

Hi I really like this theme too but before buying would need sort / order by on the listing pages (this is a real basic for a listing site). when will this be ready?

I would also need to know that the author is still alive and maintaining this theme, I can see from other coments that the he has been missing for a couple of weeks now.

Has this been abandoned? I purchased months ago but have since switched to a new theme as the updates I wanted never came..

Hi msp203,

Out of curiosity what theme did you go for?


Orbital themes pls pls come back! i was waiting on your updates. i am not a dev so i needed thoes features you were working on before i can buy..

i caome here everyday to check on this theme.. please don’t let this theme down.!:)

+1 for the aforementioned update.

When will front end listing submissions and paid memberships be live?

- want to purchase but this functionality is crucial.


is there an eta for wpml, ive been waiting for that to purchase the theme. thank you

Hi I have issue with missing/disappering the pages from front end, can you help me to find out issue ?