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Ok, so possible buyer here. I would like to know if you can make a front end submission for the theme. If you can, please actually make it in the front end so customers don’t need to go into the dashboard. If you can do this, I will buy it.


I’m working on it in this very moment. I have almost finished login and registration from front end (with activation emails). Once this is done, I’ll release an update and move on to front-end submissions. :)

Ok, sounds good. Do you have an idea when they’re might be a release date? My customer is going to be hiring probably today, so if its within about 4 days I will buy this instead of the other one.

I’m sorry, but it’s not possible to do it in 4 days. We are talking about big update here, and I have been building a front-end login and registration plugin for 3 days already. Front-end submissions require huge amount of coding if you want them done right. :)


Also, for the contact page class=”overlay-close icon-button icon-close” should have a top margin of 20 and class=”box modal positioned should have a top margin of 20 and it will make the page actually fit within the screen and look much nicer. Just my suggestion for you, doesn’t need to be taken.

Some of these suggestions are planned for an update, some were meant to be in the theme already but I’ve forgot about them, and some I’d have to consider:

  1. The header should be consistent between pages looking from UX perspective. This feature could be placed lower down the page (like in the theme that you’ve mentioned via email), but then such features look great on the demo, but can really harm readability. I could place darker, blurred pictures in my demo so that the property title is readable, but not all users have possibility to blur their pictures, and some of their listings may only have lighter photos available.

    Such features are great and look awesome when crafted for very specific pictures, but in real life situations (considering it is a theme used by many and front-end submissions are coming) they can lead to complete mess, meaning lack of readability of important information.

    The case is a little bit different with current header image – there is only one such image and no one else except site admin has the ability to change it. You can also change opacity of the texture overlaying the photo, so that text and your logo are readable. You don’t even have to use a photo there, if you don’t have one – you can choose a solid color from theme options.

  2. As I said before, I’m working on it really hard. :)
  3. This will surely come in one of the future updates as it has been suggested already by someone else via e-mail
  4. This was supposed to be in the release version and will be re-enabled in next update
  5. Already covered in previous reply
  6. This is a design choice I’ve made considering many variables, top real estate websites, and user experience. Giving you full answer to this request would require a lot of writing, so if you want me to, I can contact you via e-mail so that we don’t clutter the comments area. the same applies to request number 7.

Now, that was a lot of writing! I hope I gave you satisfactory answers. :)

Thanks for your suggestions!

Is MLS useable in this?

Check my reply to @portcitynerds few comments back.

Could you give more information on how to create agents? I’m not finding how to list different agents and upload images like your demo shows? Also, I have a “land” option – is there a way to hide the bathroom/bedroom items? Perhaps if the fields are left empty, the property features would be hidden… Thanks.

Also, have you changed something in the way images are resized? Do you use any plugins that handle/modify image resizing functionality? I’ve seen that on your website some images were not resized properly.

no – I haven’t used any plugins for that or changed anything…

If you send me admin login credentials to your website via contact form on profile page I’ll look into it. Thanks!

Wonderful theme. Just waiting to see how users will be able to submit properties and how we will be able to charge per listing. I will buy once this is done. I was very pleased with your answer to Brashell61 as well. Looking forward to those changes stated.

Thanks for the thumbs up! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. :) I’m barely having any sleep to bring you guys/gals all these awesome features as fast as possible!

Much appreciated – looking forward to it

where can i find your shortcodes?

Sorry for that, I was so busy with developing ListingPress updates that I’ve forgotten to update the knowledgebase. An article about shortcodes will be available in Orbital Themes Knowledgebase in ‘ListingPress basics’ category shortly.

I’ll also take a look at your e-mail first thing in the morning (it’s 3:40 AM here). :)

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve updated my knowledgebase with list of shortcodes available in ListingPress.

Hi, great work on this. I have a question/feature. Is it possible to have Geolocation aware feature? This is, so the mobile users can be able to locate nearest publications. Thanks. -http://grooveshark.com/s/Streets+Of+Philadelphia/3EIJHh?src=5 A song for your nightly work on the updates you’re making. :P

Thanks for the song! :D Unfortunately, geolocation is not available. Maybe some time in the future, but it’s really hard to decide now as there’s still so much to do. Cheers!

The possibilities of this theme (and Search API for other niches/themes), is simply fascinating. Your work is great, Orbital Themes. We will buy it soon, I think. Do not worry if the level of sales is slow: sure you will reach many sales shortly. Take it as a prophecy: I am a small guru in these Envato markets. :) I wish you all the luck in the world. I have this strange feeling that this is a great start for you. :)

Wow, thanks ZityMap, your words are really encouraging! I’m hoping that sales will pick up a little bit once I release all the updates that people here request. Wish your prophecy would come true! :D Good luck to you too!

Hey, how’s the frontend submission coming along? Sorry to be a pest! :D

That’s a legit question. :) The front-end login took a little bit more time than I expected as I decided to build it as plugin with AJAX forms and e-mail user confirmation. Since I’ll need this kind of functionality in my future themes I thought it would be best to write the code once and be able to just install the plugin everywhere. The plugin will be sold on CodeCanyon as well as bundled with ListingPress (no additional cost, of course). The only thing left here is coding user profile forms so that users are able to change their info on the front end, an that’s what I’m doing right now.

ListingPress with updated login functionality and everything that is relevant to subscriber account (user dashboard with saved searches, favorite listings etc.) should come any day now.

Hopefully the front end submissions will require a bit less work as I’m going to use already available plugins form paid membership.

Sorry that it takes so long, I am sometimes too optimistic when it comes too development time! :D


An amazing and well-developped theme. However, we have some pre-sale questions:

1. You mentioned that “You can change each and every aspect of both home search and advanced search forms, except for price slider and listing status” – We are interested to use the theme for listing locations of educational institutions and do not require the price or listing status (for sale/rent) criteria. Is there a way you can make these feature optional or disabled?

2. Is it possible to add tags to the listings as in blog posts?

3. We look forward to the update w/ the suggested plugin of front-end submission

We look forward to hearing your thoughts



The main reason why map is not a good idea in mobile slider is because once user slides to a map slide, he will be unable to slide any further because map will capture all touch events. This would require changing slider navigation to arrows below slider and turning off switching slides using touch. This in turn would harm user experience, as touch sliding is the most natural way on touch-enabled devices. The way it is now users can access and freely interact with map, which is just a little bit lower down the page, while still being able to have the best possible interaction with slider.

Thumbnails for slider will come in nearest update. :)

I don’t allow anyone to have admin privileges on my demos for obvious reasons, but I can setup an author account for you for 10 or 15 minutes if you promise not to ruin the demo. :) Just shoot me an e-mail via contact form on my profile page!

Thank you. I’ve had that experience before and I agree it’s not good user-experience at all! Sorry to bother you but do you have a rough idea when the nearest update will be? 15min trial would be OK and I promise I won’t vandalise your site! In fact many developers have a dedicated admin demo site, not necessarily the same as the demo site. Best M

If you send me an e-mail via contact form on my profile page I’ll set up an author account for you.

Regarding update – I’m just finishing my front-end login plugin and will be uploading it to CodeCanyon (hope to make it till tomorrow). I’ll then move on to integrate the plugin with ListingPress (it will be bundled with the theme, no additional cost of course), add some functionality for logged-in users and features that have been requested. Shouldn’t take long!


Great Theme! I have a couple requests. Not to require a “featured image” to be uploaded for the other attached images to be seen . It should be the first image (by menu order) to be the first image used as the thumbnail.

Also, I noticed some elements of “bootstrap” in the theme, would be cool for full bootstrap support – so modals, buttons, and the rest can be themed instead of going the jquery route.

That sounds great, no need to build a plugin myself then!

Another feature that would be very useful is a captcha for the contact form – to help prevent spam, unless the script you use does that already.

There is already a built-in spam protection for contact form – it’s something that I call honeycomb (I believe I have seen this name somewhere, though). How it works is the form contains an input field that is hidden with CSS and named in such a way as to attract spam bots. Once the field is filled – the form will not be sent and the script will die. The label for the field tells users using screen readers not to fill the field, and I think that some screen readers should not interact with fields hidden via CSS, at least they should.

This kind of protection works really well for me – I would normally get tens of spam e-mails daily without any spam protection on my demos, and so far I have yet to have a single spam in my inbox. It should also work the same way for you unless your site is really popular and is specifically targeted by spammers, but then captcha can be hacked too.

Hope this helps!

Hey, beautifully designed and well made. A few pre-sale questions:

1) Is it possible to add the $ green slider for square footage? My goal is to allow the user to search listings based on square footage. Doesn’t have to be the green slider, maybe min-max. Is this possible via backend already or does it have to be developed?

2) Will the front-end submission update include pay per post, memberships/monetize feature?

Thank you for the great theme and excellent support!


thanks! Please visit this article in my knowledgebase, you’ll find a code sample there that should be put in functions.php of your child theme and that will exactly add property area as a search filter.

My plan for front-end submissions is a paid membership model, and I’ll be using s2Member plugin for that. The plugin has tons of options to customize how the membership works. What needs to be done on my side is developing a system where only paying members are able to submit their listings (if site administrator chooses to) and developing the whole submission process that is user friendly and can be customized as easily as the search system. I’ll be able to give you some more details in upcoming days if you wish.


I’ll be using s2Member plugin…and developing the whole submission process that is user friendly and can be customized as easily as the search system.
Will you include a feature that will allow members to pay for each listing they post? I know s2member does not do this without some serious hacking. Curious to know how much programming I’m going to need to do myself…

I have done some reading on s2Member forums and apparently there is an option to pay for capability. Bare in mind that I do not know how this will pan out, but I think it may be possible to have users pay for posting capability and then, after they have posted, remove that capability.

Anyway, I’ll have more info once the functionality is further in development.

Stay tuned!

Hello orbital, could you please respond to my internal email? Thank you!

About s2Member feature, can this include Free Listings? Also, a “Claim This Listing” would be a good new feature for this theme.

Sure, I’m replying to my e-mails right now!

Just wanted to say you doing a great Job just keep it Up…...!!!!!

Thanks! Appreciate your support! :)

Hey Great Theme,

I’m working hard on customizing the themes listing settings but ran in to some issues when it came to the api and adding the taxonomies. You give a good documentation on adding the new filters but non on adding the taxonomies. I have been looking at the WordPress Codex for help but am still having trouble. If you could provide me with an example of the taxonomies you used on this documentation http://kb.pogoking.net/documentation/customizing-advanced-search/ and where you added them in your child theme i’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks


I didn’t cover adding taxonomies in my documentation as there are already hundreds of tutorials covering this topic, as well as the almighty Codex. Just follow the register_taxonomy Codex entry, it’s all covered there. As to where are taxonomies defined – you have to look at listingpress_register_listing_taxonomies function in inc -> theme-functions.php. The function is hooked into init action, so that’s where you should hook you function that registers taxonomies too.

The same goes for meta boxes – they are registered by listingpress_register_listing_meta_boxes function, but this time hooked to the admin_init hook, as there’s no need for meta boxes on front-end. For meta boxes I’ve used a Meta Box framework, you can find tutorials on this here.

I know that article in my knowledgebase that should cover what values exactly are accepted for registering search filters is not complete – I promise I will fill it in early next week!

Hope this helps!

Best wishes, Mateusz

Hey thanks for the help! it’s actually super easy to change everything once you know what your doing. I did have one more question though. I added a new meta tag to the theme-fuctions.php but when I add the fuction <php? listingpress_listing_sunday (); ?> (meta is for hours of operation) to content-single.php it generates an error. I’ve found that I need to define the meta code on the page somewhere but don’t know what to add. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi again,

frist of all – do not edit theme files directly! Use a child theme for any changes. I don’t want you to be disappointed once I release a theme update and you’ll learn that all your changes have been lost. This will not be the case if you use a child theme for any changes.

To answer your question:

I assume that you’ve added a meta box to your listings and saved the post with some meta data. Post meta can be displayed by using following piece of code:

echo get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'sunday', true );

That is assuming that your meta key is ‘sunday’. I can see here that you wanted to do this the way I did (by definig a template tag and the using calling it in your template), but you have to first define what your function (listingpress_listing_sunday()) will do. This is how such function should be defined:

function listingpress_listing_sunday() {
    global $post;
    $sunday = get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'sunday', true );

    echo $sunday;

That’s just a quick example, you can see more examples of template tags in inc/template-tags.php file – that’s where all template tags, such as listingpress_listing_price, are defined.

Let me know if you need more help! :)

Nice theme – wish it was a property portal theme though – too many themes claiming to be the real deal but most of them have issues. Is it possible to make it a property portal – public register and get them to do front End Submission? Good luck!

Can you please stop using my logo as your avatar? Thanks.

My apologies Orbital, been away from the internet – back now…...though mi sad now….you make “The Incredible Yulk” very very sad :(

Well, it’s not about being sad, it’s about infringing on my copyrights and creating confusion among other customers.

Now, to answer your previous questions:

  1. We’ve both got a bit confused here, I think. Let’s just leave it at that. :)
  2. The latest listings widget in the sidebar supports maximum number of 6 properties (due to limited space). The featured properties area on the homepage can take whatever amount of listings you’d like it to. Navigation arrows for sliders are something that I forgot about and will be a part of the next update.
  3. You can set price ranges (and price slider steps) in theme options, separately for properties for sale and properties for rent. Thanks for the thumbs up!
  4. Property type is a custom taxonomy and work just like normal categories would work, so yes, you can create as many property types as you’d like.
  5. The diagonal ribbons won’t work very well as they’d have to be images, which would make them not translatable. I was experimenting with ‘listing activity’ during development but it was a bit too basic to I removed it the day before release. I may introduce something more complex in the future, though. Right now The price color is an indication between properties for sale and sold.

Hope this clears your concerns! Cheers!

Hi there

Can you please help with following pre-sale questions?

1- Instead of State, city or zip to Suburb, City or Post Code

2- Do I need to change code if I only need to use this property for rental only? or do I just have to create one category for property as “Rent”

3- In rental properties rent is shown as $xxx/month, how easily can I change to weekly?

4- Is demo data xml included?


  1. You can use suburb names instead of states. The text ‘State, city or zip’ can be translated (as every other string in the theme) or changed in your child theme.
  2. Having only rent status is currently not possible – the rent option was added per users’ request as and addition to present for sale and sold statuses. I will put this option on my to-do list for future updates, though.
  3. This can be changed in theme options – you can choose between price per month or price per week
  4. Yes, demo data is included

Hope this helps!

Hi I have Some Question ,, I want this template to make a hotel Directory

1- Can I add custom Field ?? 2- Does it support RTL ?? 3- Can i set 3 Currency ? like $ & TRY & EUR ???

Best Regards


  1. Custom fields can be added to any post type in WordPress and it is not really a theme feature – rather WordPress feature. If you are talking about meta boxes – ListingPress uses Meta Box plugin (its files are merged into the theme), so you can easily add you own meta boxes in your child theme by following the documentation on the linked page. Be sure to hook into the right action, though – just follow the examples from ListingPress’ theme-functions.php file located in inc directory.
  2. No, the theme does not currently support RTL. Maybe in the future, but I can’t promise anything at this stage
  3. You can only have use one currency without customizations

Best wishes!

Thanks :) I already purchased

Great to hear that! Have fun with ListingPress!

When will the new version be available?

Hello, are you talking about updates? I was unable to work for the past few days so there will be some delays, but the first part with front-end login, registration and additional features for logged-in users will be available in the coming days. I will be able to provide more details on front-end submissions soon. Cheers!

Hello everyone!

I’m very sorry for the lack of communication from my part in the past few days. I had to leave for a few days for personal reasons and there was no internet connection where I went (actually no conditions to actually work).

I’ll be resuming work on updates and will reply to all your questions and e-mails tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your patience, Mateusz