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Great looking and functioning theme! A couple of questions…

Do you have any plans for adding previous/next navigation to the single property pages? It would be very helpful for users to navigate between searched results once they get to an individual property page. Using the browser back button is adequate, but would be a better user experience to have prev/next buttons at the top and/or bottom of those pages. Perhaps simply arrows at the top and a more detailed option at the bottom — arrows with property image and name? Not simply navigating between “all” properties, but nav through “search result” properties.

Are there any plans for some sort of page builder integration — such as visual composer?



thanks for the thumbs up!

I’ve actually wanted to add that feature during development, but since I’ve already spent so much time designing and developing the theme I decided to release it without said feature. That will definitely come later, after more important features are added. I already have it on my to-do list. :)

About page builder – I haven’t really considered that as I’m not a big fan of such features. Once I am ready with more important additions and the theme can pay for itself I may consider adding a page builder, but it’s not really in the plans for now.

Best wishes!


I want to purchase this theme.

I have read several comments regarding: front end submission is coming. Do you have a date for launch in site, and If I purchased now, would I get that updated at zero cost?

Would an IDX plugin for MLS listings work on with this theme?


yes, all theme updates come at no cost. I would, however, suggest that you wait until these additional features are rolled out if they are a necessity for the website you want to build.

The theme does not officially support dsIDXpress plugin and I do not know what would happen if you installed it with ListingPress.

Hope this helps!

There’s one issue I found on an android. The touch events aren’t triggering on the search location drop-downs. Can you check it out?

Android Froyo, standard browser. The state and city dropdown won’t activate. I tried reloading the page, but it still won’t activate. The price slider works. But if you try to tap on “rent” the state dropdown is selected. When tapping on property type, it activates the bedroom field.

The search field drop-downs on the home page work correctly.

To be honest I didn’t even bother checking on Froyo as it’s a 3 years old OS and, according to only data I could find, only 3% of Android smartphones still use Froyo. As far as I can remember (from previous development jobs) Froyo’s default browser produced a lot of bugs. I will check it using Android Emulator and if it’s a simple fix – I’ll fix it. If it’s something more complex (like rebuilding entire page) – I will not, as Froyo is not really an OS that I feel needs to be supported anymore. You can always try to install Chrome (not sure if it’s available on Froyo), I’m sure that it’ll work much, much better.


Yes, Froyo is old. I installed Firefox for Android and it works much better. So, it’s not an issue any longer. The standard browser for Froyo is pretty bad.

I want to use this to replace my existing theme at http://www.jomjalan.com.my—a hotel and attraction site.

But may I know :-

1. How easy is it to change the custom fields

2. Is it possible to have different fields for different types of listings. I have attractions and hotels listing, which have different fields.

3. How easy to import the current listings from csv file to your theme?

The theme looks fantastic. I really hope I can use it for my site.


  1. Custom fields are something that WordPress governs, not a theme. If you mean meta boxes – ListingPress uses Meta Box framework. You can find tutorials on how to use the framework here.
  2. This would require some customizations as ListingPress only registers single listings post type. Also there is only one instance of search form and search page, and different search fields for each listing type would require rebuilding these too.
  3. This is something that plugins should govern. Keep in mind that the data from your import file should match the taxonomies / meta that ListingPress uses (or that you’ve defined in your child theme).

Hope this helps!

Hi man, 1. does it have .po & .mo support for easy localization or the words are hardcoded in the php files? 2. Feature request: A. Possibility to set map results as home page. B. In consequence to this, when map results are chosen, possibility to not to hide menu and logo view. WHY these features? because the map view is so awesome and could be used as the homepage.


  1. Yes, the theme is fully translatable. I suggest using Codestyling Localization plugin to easily translate themes and plugins.
  2. Thanks, I know that the map view is awesome. :) Unfortunately that’s not something that I have planned to develop, as there are more important things to do now.

Best wishes!

A feature that is really needed is to have the longitude and latitude update if some enters a different address for the title. For example if I enter in 123 Main Street into the title field and publish the listing, the map will display the map for that address, but if I made an error and changed the address in the title field, the map doesn’t update. I realize you can clear the field and a new longitude and latitude will be created, but it’s easy to forget that. A better approach would be on save or update event the longitude and latitude field is refreshed, that way the map will always reflect the correct address.

Hi Kristopher,

thanks for spotting this. I’ll issue a fix along the update this week!


Great I’m looking forward to the updates!

How to update google map to new interface


i didn’t find js Library ??

Thanks :)

It looks like the thumbnail wasn’t properly generated. You can download a free plugin from WordPress.org repo called Force Regenerate Thumbnails, then go to the media library in your WP admin panel, find that image and choose Force Regenerate Thumbnail option. Or just delete that image and upload it again.

Hope this helps!

Would love to use this theme with fantastic front-end submission plugin here:


There is a free version of course as well. Works really well.

Can you create a writeup for this? I believe it should be possible without too much work.

I would love for this plugin as well. I emailed Orbital regarding it as well. I know he is shooting for the s2members that is more membership based. I will see if I can modify it to my needs. If not then I will just have to combine the two plugins.

Any idea when the next update (with front end submission) will be released? Thank you

Hello everyone!

For those asking about updates – I have finally got my from-end login plugin accepted on CodeCanyon and I’m now working on integrating it within a theme, so that it looks and works as if it was an integral part of ListingPress. The plugin will be distributed as part of ListingPress package, free of charge, of course. I’m also adding some features for logged in users (adding listings to favorites, saved searches and remembering last search as user mate instead of cookies).

@studioleland & @msp203 – I probably won’t officially support WP User Frontend plugin, as it doesn’t let users customize post meta fields. I am building my own solution for front-end posting.

I’ll be able to provide more info soon.

I have purchased this theme, But the Advanced Search does not work.

Can you tell me what i must do?


what do you mean ‘does not work’? Have you created the page with ‘Listing browser’ page template, as outlined in the documentation?

Best wishes!

Thats the least of my worries now. The Theme does not display the slider filter when i visit the site on my BlackBerry http://ppiclaimapply.co.uk

Im not happy with this theme, it crashes the browser many times. Is poor responsive.

Im asking for a refund. Im a professional developer, i dont have time to fix your broken software.


I thought that professional developer would be smart enough to read documentation and learn that one needs to create the advanced search page first in order to be able to access it.

Regarding BlackBerry I’d be happy to fix any issues that are occurring, but seeing as the slider is done with jQuery UI, we would have to probably ask jQuery team if they can fix your crappy browser. That being said, if I had some info as to what device, OS version and browser you are using I could be of more help.

Best wishes, Mateusz

Im using a Blackberry 9630 The JQuery does not work on the Default BB Browser

I purchased the theme to save time as my client wanted the slider. It doesn’t work and i don’t have the time to fix it. That’s not my job. I dont get paid for fixing other peoples broken software.

I just want a refund please. Please can you refund my payment.

Thank you,

No one says that you have to fix anything. I’m here to fix things if the expectations are reasonable.

Unfortunately, I am assuming that you run BB OS5, and it is not really supported by jQuery itself, so it’d be hard for me to do anything with that. Making the theme compatible with an ancient, buggy browser that doesn’t follow web standards would compromise functionality for newer (and future) devices, that hold majority of mobile marketshare. You can always try updating your system to OS6 if it’s available for your device, I’ve heard that its browser is based on Webkit and is much better than OS5’s browser.

Regarding refund – I am not the one that governs such things, all payments are processed by Envato and it’s not in my power to give refunds. For this you’d have to file a support ticket to Envato Support and ask for refund there. I know that support issues refunds if the item in question doesn’t work as advertised, but I don’t think that theme not working in browser that doesn’t support jQuery is a valid reason for refund.

Best wishes!

This comment is for the user @MarkDev:

I don’t know Orbital_Themes and I have not even purchased the theme. However, I plan on purchasing the theme after the new updates.

Firstly, the theme is very well built.

Secondly, Before you bash a developer and their “broken” software for not being responsive on a BB OS5 I would recommend you repeat that out-loud before you make a fool of yourself, and ignorantly jeopardize the integrity of the developer and value of the product.

Thirdly, you are NOT a professional developer.

All the best, K

P.S. – Get a new phone

Thanks for your support kiko46. While I agree with you and am grateful for your support, let’s be careful not to change this comments area into flame fest. We’re all here to help each other, after all! :)


Hey Orbital,

Looks like updates are moving along.


Is it going to be set up where users and can create an agent profile, submit listings, and potentially select a level of membership to purchase?

Or is it going to be people searching for real estate can create a profile to save there searches and such, only?

The updates will consist both the cases. The second case will be a part of the first update, the first will come at later date.


Thanks for the quick response and I must say I’m excited about the theme. Would you say the first will happen inside of 30 days or beyond?? If beyond, maybe a rough estimate of when. Thanks in advance

I don’t want to promise any exact date as I’m usually more optimistic with my estimates that reality, but it surely won’t take 30 days. :)

Do you happen to have layered Photoshop mockup files available for the Home and Single Listing pages?

Please contact me via contact form on my profile page, I’ll send you PSD mockups. Cheers!

Can you set this theme up to where you can only view listings if someone is logged in? We want customers to have to sign up to the website to be able to view listings.


there are already plugins that do this so there’s no need to code it into the theme. Cheers!

Just to mention that the theme is compatible w/ BuddyPress and the pluing works perfectly fine for those who wish to have a social network feature in there site. It’d be useful to add this to your theme description Best of luck w/ the updates Looking forward to seeing them M

Thanks for letting me know! Wish you luck too!

I just bought the template is really good. I would like to help. I have a database of properties, can I import this data to my template?

Thank you.


I think that this is a highly localized request and you’ll probably need to hire someone to properly ‘translate’ your database tables to play nicely with WordPress database structure and taxonomies/post meta that ListingPress registers.

Best wishes!

Thanks for quick response.

Another question.

With this template I can use the WP Import All to update my information?

Do you mean the WP All Import plugin or just the standard WordPress importer? I cannot see why any of these wouldn’t work. Just try it on your local installation and you’ll see if it works. :) If you need any post meta field names that ListingPress uses you will be able to find them in inc/theme-functions.php, where meta boxes are defined, or just shoot me an e-mail – I can send you a list of all meta field names.


Just bought this theme, very impressed…

A few questions: What would the easiest way be to not use the google map at all? Alternatively is there a way to disable it for some posts/listings?

If you leave out the field for square foot or square meter, it default displays n/a. This looks odd as it does not quantify what it is that is n/a so it reads: house 2 bathrooms 4 bedrooms n/a Would it not be better to just have that remain blank?

I feel stupid already but I am having trouble creating the slider gallery for listings. When I upload images, it works but the images are included as a slider and three images full sized in the post. I do not know what I might be doing wrong…

Final question after creating a child theme… the icons for bathroom and bedroom have gone missing. Any idea why that might be, icons still exist on server and in code Thanks for your time. Awesome theme to work with so far.


  1. Icons are gone because you have probably copied the entire CSS from parent theme, but not copied the images folder, or not modified paths to images. If you want to make slight CSS modifications you can import the parent theme stylesheet by placing this snippet at the top of you style.css: @import url("../listingpress/style.css"); and then, below it, define your own CSS rules (try to be more specific than the original rules). If you, however, want to make more complicated edits it’d be better to copy the images folder to your child theme instead. Upcoming update will have some CSS changes so I recommend importing the stylesheet from parent theme, this way you will be able to keep your edits and enjoy the new stuff without any hassle. :)
  2. Regarding slider – you only have to upload the images but not place them in post content, that is close the media uploader popup after uploading.

Thanks for suggestions about leaving particular fields blank if you don’t input any post meta value. I’ll include it in the nearest update.

Hope this helps!

Awesome thanks for the quick reply, really enjoying the freedom to edit functions on this theme, php is really accessible etc.

Two questions I forgot to ask: I edited the themes functions.php to change state, city, zip to more appropriate labels, thats working fine so far. That will need to be redone after each update?

Then the google maps feature, is there a way to disable it? Most of the listings the client would not be using it and as such I would rather give it up entirely if it cannot be disabled on a post by post basis. So how to disable it on listings? Failing that how to remove it entirely from the site? Thanks again.

Yes, if you edit functions.php all your edits will be lost after update. I suggest creating your own child theme (it’s really easy) and dropping all your custom functions into child theme’s functions.php file. Most ListingPress’ functions are pluggable, and that means that if you define a function with the same name in your child theme – it will be used instead of the parent theme’s definition. When browsing functions.php, theme-functions.php and template-tags.php files you will see that functions prepended by if ( ! function_exists( 'function_name' ) ) : are pluggable and can be overridden in your theme.

Labels are translatable, and you could use localization feature to translate them.

If you are talking about the map on single listings, you would have to copy the single-listing.php file to your child theme and just delete the code that calls maps. Removing map view from listing browser would be more complicated, but I’ll try to include this option in one of future updates. I don’t think it’ll make its way into the nearest update as I want to push it as soon as possible and there are still some features that were asked before that I have scheduled for this update.

Hope this helps!