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Hi! Very nice theme, definitely what I was looking for. However, I have several questions before buying. 1)If I purchase this theme would you send me a copy of your demo site with db? I`m new to wordpress and it`s much easier and faster for me to look at finished site. I`was working only with joomla for about 5 years, so it`s quite hard and long enough to change all known structure and admin panel. 2)I didn`t understand about custom fields. Can I make it by myself or is there any manual? Or there is an option to make it in theme? 3)Do you plan sorting results? 4)Is there a geolocation option?

Hope to hear from you soon, and again – awesome template!


  1. Demo data is included in download package. :)
  2. ListingPress uses Meta Box framework for meta boxes (predefined custom fields) and you can easily add them in your child theme by following tutorials on Meta Box webpage. Once you purchase the theme, you will be able to see how I defined meta boxes in theme-functions.php file, and which action hook I used to add them. Remember that once you add some post meta (either in form of custom fields or meta boxes) you have to modify template files to display this data where you want it.
  3. Sorting and geolocation are definitely features that I’d like to bring to ListingPress in the future.

Have a good day!

Thanks for fast answering, hope support will be as good. I was between two themes, think I found one :)

Great to hear that! :) Cheers!

Hey, sent you a question via profile page message several days ago. Just want to see if you got it – don’t want to fill up the comments area. Thanks!

Hi, sorry for that! I’ll answer your e-mail tomorrow – it’s 3:30AM here already. :)

Thanks so much!- looking forward to your answers :)

Hi guys,

First of all what a great theme, it looks just amazing. I would love to see a submit a listing future in the future. Also it would be great to have futures like special price package for each customer, a 1 free listing for new customers and if they place the free listing they can upgrade to another package. This should be done in the users panel of the customer. Also it would be to let the viewers only see the listings but if they want to contact the agent they must register.

I think this is what most of us are looking for a platform where viewers and agents are crossing each other with high customer service and a great offers.

Realia is providing these kinds of futures not all of them but its close.

This is way I am hesitating between the Realia theme and this theme.


I’m working on frontend submissions all the time, so it will be a part of ListingPress in the near future. Regarding your other suggestions – we’ll see what can be done here after fronend submissions are done, it’ll be a solid platform to build other features upon.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Glad to hear that. I will wait for your latest version of this theme. When I going to by this theme in the future, I would like to contact you if this is possible for some tweaking on the theme.

Anyways glad to hear that you are putting effort to keep this theme alive.



I like your theme very much, but would like to know if there is any way to get on the single property page thumbs under the slider as now there are no arows, thumbs nothing only the round balls, not realy nice looking I think.

Oh and what about related properties on the botom of the single property page, does it have this feature??

regards Levt


thumbnails below property image slider are coming as part of the next update – I already have it in my development version. For related properties I had a cool idea to show next and previous listings from user’s last search query. Either this or related properties, but it will surely make it way in one of future updates.


I am planning to buy this theme.

I noticed that for a month of people waiting at the front-end submission. I wonder if it will be and when? Because without that, I dont have a function that I need.

You should definitely wait until I release these updates to see if that’s something that you wished for. I know that it’s taking a long time – I’m pissed about that myself too – and I’m working to bring these features to ListingPress as fast as I can! :)

Best wishes!

Excellent theme. Suits my needs quite nicely.

One question: I have scoured the documentation and unless I missed it (which I probably have), I cannot find how to prohibit a user from displaying as an agent. How is this accomplished?

Hey – still waiting on that solution to hide users. Thanks!


sorry, I don’t usually work during weekends.

There are two ways for excluding certain users from being shown in agents template:

  1. To show everyone except subscribers, you’d open a content-agents.php file. Line 10 currently looks like this:
    $agents = get_users();
    and has to be changed to this:
    $args = array(
        'who' => 'authors'
    $agents = get_users( $args );
  2. To show only specific user role, you’d change line 10 (mentioned above) to this:
    $args = array(
        'role' => 'author'
    $agents = get_users( $args );
    This will show only users with ‘author’ role. You can read a documentation for get_users function in WP Codex to learn more.

Also it’d be best to make your changes by creating your own child theme so that your edits won’t disappear once the theme is updated.

Hope this helps!

Sweet. That did it! Thanks for the reply and the assist!

You can integrate Simple Local Avatars plugin to the theme? Once active it what should I do to view the avatars?


no need to integrate anything, I can’t see any reason for the plugin not to work with any theme. If you have tried it and there’s something that doesn’t work and it’s the theme’s fault – just let me know, I’ll be glad to fix it.

Best wishes!

Hello, I have some questions. 1) The theme has support for languages??? Need for the language pt_BR. 2) I saw the screenshots, but have not seen the details I need to know. I would like to see the back end before buying, is this possible?


  1. Of course, the theme is fully translatable. I suggest using Codestyling Localization plugin if you don’t want to juggle with .po and .mo files.
  2. For obvious reasons, I don’t give admin access to my demo to anyone. Just let me know what areas of the backend you’d like to see and I’ll prepare more screenshots for you.
  3. Hope this helps!

This is a beautiful and elegant theme. I am going to be on the lookout and buy more of your themes. Also, please update it asap, such a talent of yours must be accelerated whenever possible. If you have in mind a number of licences you wish to sell before starting work on an update, please let me know and I shall purchase them all. This is my first and ONLY purchase from Themeforest :)

Great to hear that you like my work! No need to purchase multiple licences (unless you need them) – the only thing that I’m waiting for before uploading updates are the updates being completed. :)

Have a great day!

Can agents work on the theme to add properties? The idea is that people can register to add properties to the site -if yes

Will there be an option pay for registration?

Supposed PayPal integration?

Will there be other payment systems?

After payment of agent per month – it will be displayed in the admin panel


I am currently working on frontend submissions. I’ll be using s2members plugin to manage membership, and yes, it has an option for recurring paid membership.


I’m interested in this theme and was wondering if you have a list of updates that you will be releasing? Thanks


the first update (which is mostly completed) will bring frontend login/registration (with e-mail confirmation) to the theme as well as additional perks for logged in users. Once someone signs in, he will be able to add listing to favorites and save searches (currently done via browser cookies). The user will also have access to dashboard, where it’ll be possible to view/manage favorited listings and saved searches. The update will also bring some improvements suggested by people in this comments section (thumbnails below slider etc.).

Second update will bring frontend listing submissions and paid membership.

After that I’m planning to develop some more suggested features, like geolocation, that won’t make it into first two updates. I’m also planning to build some child themes for different niches (like car dealer).

Best wishes!

Sounds Amazing! I’m looking forward to your updates. Keep up the great work!

Hi there, I was wondering if there is a easy way to get the map view and the listing view on the same page? So I can style the map on top and have the listings below it.


unfortunately this feature is not available and, for now, I’m not planning to add something like this due to performance and screen real estate reasons (especially on mobile devices).

Best wishes!

Hi, great looking theme. I was just wondering about the integration of the API with a third party property management software. The 3rd party uses a XML API to update the database. How would this work with your theme and the API integrated within it? I’m not to techy, but need a solution for the UK market as the IDX isn’t widely used like in the USA.

Thanks in advance Joz

Hello Joz,

what you are asking is if an unknown (at least to me) API will play nicely with WordPress… and the answer is: probably no. Unless you (or someone else) writes a plugin for that. :)


Hi, I just bought you theme.

I was wondering if I’m able to swap the order of the elements of the home page. I would like to have the text image first, then the 3 block of text, then the search tool, then the featured properties. How can I do that?

Thanks, Karen

Hello Karen,

first of all let me remind you to use a Child theme for any customizations. Now, to customize the home page you’d need to copy the index.php file to your child theme and just move around code pieces in that file. All components are loaded using get_template_part function, so we are talking about moving single lines of code from place to place.

Hope this helps! Best wishes.


Hey Thanks for all your help. I found an issue with the template and was wondering if you could help me fix it, or add it to the next update. On the home page search area where you put in your state, city or zip code, you can put in anything (like dog) and click enter and will bring up all the results. Is there anyway if someone puts in a random word or phrase that isn’t a match to the taxonomy it will show an error message? the website url is www.zooteddelivery.com. Thanks and I appreciate all your help thus far.


I know what you mean and I’ll try to tinker with jQuery UI code to see if this can be fixed. I don’t think that the fix will make its way into the next update – probably the next after that.

By the way – nice mod of ListingPress, just needs some tweaking of CSS here and there. You should definitely get rid of text shadow in header – it doesn’t play nicely with black background. You can use a white version of loader in home search – the one that’s used for loading status on buttons. The reviews area on home page could use CSS for background (no need to load 3 images just for that). I can see that you’ve removed background from .box class – you could also style inputs and selects inside them so that they’re not white – right they’re hard to see.


Hi, I am interested in getting modifications done in listingpress on the lines of 99acres.com . Do you offer customization to that extent. Kindly let me know and also know your charges.

Regards, Pratap

Hi Pratap, let’s continue this conversation via e-mail – no need to clutter comments area. :)

Hi Mateusz, There are some great features mentioned in your updates and thanks a lot for your swift support w/ all the comments posted here. Very useful.

I was wondering if you could help us w/ the following and possibly include them in your next updates :

1. How to display property type taxonomies in hierarchy (rather than one list with all taxonomies in the same level) eg. House (main type) > Attached, Semi-attached, etc… (sub-level) House
  • Attached
  • Semi Attached

2. How to add the no. of listings for each (property features) in the search bar

3. The option of Infinite scrolling at the search results page when the user approaches the bottom of the page. This would save the user the hassle of clicking “Load more Listings” everytime. This feature is available in Jetpack plugin collection from Wordpress.com. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work w/ Listings.

4. The image thumbnails in the Grid view are perfectly resized to fit the display. Would it be possible to have the same feature for the List View?

Thanks a lot for your help

Thank you for these insightts. Really useful advice. Regarding point 4. We have a similar problem w/ images not dispalyed corretly only in the LIST view. The grid view is perfectly fine. Here is a s/shot to see what is hppening (http://bit.ly/11jfrVE) Any thoughts how to resolve this? Thanks again. M


sorry for late response. My suggestion would be to install the Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugins, then go to your media library, select images that were not resized properly and use ‘Regenerate Thumbnail’ option on them (visible once you hover the thumbnail). You could also regenerate thumbnails for all images, but that could take substantial amount of time if you already have lots of images in your library.

Let me know if this works for you!

Thanks a lot. Will certainly do.

Hey, I can’t wait for your update, do you have a release date already? can you post what you have been working on? Thanks!!

Hi Mario,

I have already posted the update schedule in response to a question few comments back. I’ll be releasing the first part of updates very soon. :)



How can I add the content similar to your website where you have the Welcome to ListingPress… The woman image next to it and the button under it (homepage)?

I was just able to add text or a feature image, but then the position is not what I want.

Also, I would like to use this template in portuguese, how can I change that?

Sorry, it is the first template I bought and I’m in a leaning phase.



Hi Karen,

sorry for late response. To translate any WordPress theme or plugin you should take a look at this article. If you don’t want to hassle with .po and .mo files, my recommendation would be to use Codestyling Localization plugin – it’s really easy to use and will get you started in no time.

It may be tricky to get the background image right, but you can always check the dimensions of the image on my demo page and cut your background image to similar dimensions. This way you’ll make sure that the image will not overflow your text too much.

Currently the service boxes are only displayed on home page. I’ll make it possible to add service boxes via shortcode in one of future updates (not the nearest one, though).

Hope this helps!

Hi, Thank you for explanning a little bit better. Regarding to the first question (first content) I tried to add an image but it didn’t work. there is a white space in the top of the image and the text in the right side has way too much space between lines (choose heading1). Also, how can I add the button under the text? I just want to create something similar to yours… =( Thank you for your help. Cheers, Karen

Hello Karen,

sorry for late reponse – I couldn’t answer your question earlier. You can always install demo content that’s included with the theme package to learn how some thing were achieved. The H1 tag has a line height set to 40px and it’s perfectly readable that way. H1 is actually what I used in theme demo in that place on home page and I can’t see a reason why it would behave differently on your webpage. Have you, by any chance, put a new line (by pressing enter) between words of your heading? It could produce a <br/> tag, and that would explain the weird spacing.

You can place buttons anywhere by using [button] shortcode – please read this article in Orbital Themes Knowledgebase to learn more about shortcodes.

The image that you want as background image on the home page should be set as featured image. If it still doesn’t fit well (do to image dimensions or aspect ratio) you can always use column shortcodes to better fit the text and your image in available space.

Hope this helps!


I really like the theme and I’d like to buy it but I have some questions about MLS integration. Has this theme been tested with any IDX integration platform? Seems like that would be a major concern for other users as it’s the primary method that agents get listings.

Hello Alex,

sorry for late response. dsIDXpress plugin is not something that I plan to support mainly because the plugin outputs its data as HTML tables and there is not way to customize that output to create truly interactive experience.

Best wishes!