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Do you think I could create a childtheme with bootstrap?

If you are willing to recode all theme templates and most of the CSS styling to fit Bootstrap structure – then yes, it is doable. :)

Hey, First of all I’d like to say that it is a great theme. Nice design, practical and well documented. Secondly, it seems I will be also waiting for the ‘submit a listing’ feature. erminc came with a very good idea, to give the customers an one free listing. I’d say may be its a good idea to give the customer a free trial period..

Thirdly, is it possible to use the listing page (as a map) on the homepage, automatically showing up the results based on the user’s geolocation? or just a predefined area (region / city) ?

Many thanks in advance.


geolocation feature is something that I’d definitely like to bring to ListingPress in one of future updates. :)

Thanks for your suggestions! Cheers!

Is it possible to bring the map to frontpage? if yes, how could I do it?

Hello again,

home page will looks and work like shown on the demo. Redesigning it will require heavy customizations to the theme, and if you are not familiar with WordPress coding I suggest to hire a developer.

Best wishes!

Great theme… can I use it for Listing Businesses instead of real estate?

someone answer me…. I need this now :(

Hello Justin,

yes, you can modify the theme to suit any niche by building your own child theme. Once you register all your custom taxonomies needed by your niche, you can use Listing Search API to register new search filters / deregister the default ones. Please check this article in Orbital Themes Knowledgebase to learn how to do that. The rest is just a standard WordPress templating to display your taxonomies / post meta somewhere on listing pages and / or change some icons, as business listings won’t probably need real estate icons.

Hope this helps! Best wishes!


Congrats!! You’re on weekly feature!

Gotta push those updates and make some sales!

Looking forward to your work.


thanks! I’m just putting final touches to first round of huge updates that will bring some ground work for frontend submissions. :) Stay tuned!

Hi, My assumption is that the theme is not tied into a specific real estate database (like MRIS in northern virginia – the one I would need) to populate the listings presented on the site in real time…. do you address in the documentation how I could tie-in to such a database so that my site will have relevant data?

Thanks Erika

Hello Erika,

you are right – the theme registers its own ‘listing’ post type and uses WordPress UI and database to populate listing pages. Unfortunately populating WordPress pages with data from another database (and making that data searchable) is not an easy task that could be accomplished by writing few lines of code.

Best wishes!

Hi Thanks, so there are a database that I’d need to populate. Could you share with me the fields and their type/sizes that this database has, so I can consider if I’d be able to populate it with useful data via some export/import process?

Thank you!


please send me a message via contact form on my profile page. I’ll give you a complete list of data associated with each listing.

Best wishes!


Is the register/login/submit listing feature going to be a custom made standalone page or are you going to use standard wordpress interface?

Btw, I cant wait for the big Update. I almost check every day this page for the new update :D


can’t wait to release the second part of updates too! Of course users will be able to submit listing from the frontend.


Hi i would like to purchase this. however, i would like to check if i can hide the pricing for each listing in homepage and the listing itself..



yes, you can do that in your child theme – just remove the price part from listing templates.

Best wishes!

Can i remove the price sorting on the advanced search as well? Thanks..

You can remove the price filter as well in your child theme. It will be possible to do that from theme options after the next update.


I just installed the update version 1.1 and noticed a couple things. If a user is logged in and goes to the admin section for the user – you get an error if no favorites were saved.

If you log out from the top menu item you get a redirect error. I tried to duplicate it when I went to the site again – but wasn’t able to.

The login / register link only takes you to the login form but not a registration form, does that need to be created by me?

Thanks for the update! I can’t wait for the frontend listing submission form.

Hello Kristopher,

I’ve just uploaded an update that fixes the saved searches issue. Thanks for spotting this!

Have you used shortcodes on your login/account settings pages? Btw, with the 1.1.1 update there is no need to use shortcodes anymore. You just have to create empty pages with ‘Login page’ and ‘Account settings’ templates. Please try this method once the update is accepted and report back if you are still having issues.

Regarding registration – you have to enable registration in WordPress in Settings / General for users to be able to register on your website.

Hope this helps!

Hello, great update. However I was expecting the user capability to add listings. When can I expect that? Approx. Date.

2. How about paid memberships?

Hi Mario,

frontend submissions and paid membership will be a part of second big update (version 1.2). I have stated this a couple of times in my other comments.

Best wishes!

Really excited to give this a try now. What is required to integrate this plugin for front-end integration? This is huge for me for several site licenses.



WP User Frontend Pro will not be my choice for frontend submissions so any integrations with this plugin would have to be done on your side.


Ok, Is there a better more flexible way to easily manage frontend paid submissions?

The thing with complex plugins, like paid membership and frontend submissions, is that they usually need the theme to be supporting them. That’s what I’m working on right now – I’ll use s2Member plugin to manage paid membership and allow paying customers to submit listing from the frontend. You could try a combination of few different plugins with each of them adding bits of functionality (one to manage membership, another for frontend posting) but you’ll never get the kind of simlesness and deep integration (without writing a piece of code) that I’m aiming for with ListingPress.

Best wishes!

Hello everyone!

I am currently away from my computer, was barely able to push the update befire I left. I’ll answer all your questions tomorrow morning, once I get a hold of decent 3G coverage. For all those who want to try the update – please check my CodeCanyon plugin Orbital Login – there are instructions on how to properly setup login/registtation process in the item description. I’ll be also releasing more updates to ease the integration berween theme and the plugin in the following days.



Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /nfs/c09/h02/mnt/128230/domains/listingpress.pogoking.net/html/wp-content/themes/listingpress/inc/theme-functions.php on line 1227

This was after I logged in, made a search and went to: http://listingpress.pogoking.net/dashboard/?display=searches


I’ve just uploaded an update that fixes this error. Thanks for reporting this!


Thanks for the elegant updates. Would really appreciate some documentation on how to install the updates on an existing installation. WP wouldn’t accept the new theme! Are there any specific files we need to update. Thanks Best PS. - How do you access a user’s profile in the demo version? - How do you edit the user’s avatar frontend? - It might a good idea to remove the top WP admin bar for logged in users. The links are not working at all. Thanks


to update the theme you can just delete it and install new version – can be done via WP admin panel or FTP. There is a huge number of files that were added / changed in this update.

  1. You can register in the demo page and try all the features for yourself. :)
  2. WordPress uses Gravatar service for user avatars and that’s how you change avatars in ListingPress too.
  3. If you change user registration process to ‘E-mail activation’ in Settings / Orbital Login the admin bar will be disabled when new user registers. This will not affect existing users, however.
  4. Hope this helps!

    Best wishes!

Thanks. With the current new updates on the fronted login and registration, are you intending to disable WP backend dashboard for users once the fronted submission is in place? As it strands, the WP dashboard is now disabled something which I agree with. Let me know your thoughts Best

As it stand now, you can disable access to WP admin for subscribers in Orbital Login settings. Once the next batch of updates is ready, users with certain roles (that have posting capibilities but are not editors and admins) will also have their access to wp-admin disabled.


Really nice job on this first update! it’s gorgeous!

Hello, I can’t find any list of PHP specifications you need for this theme to run with a standard WordPress installation. Are there any? Is there a limit to the number of entries the theme’s database can cope with? What part of the world do you live in? How long can I reasonably expect a support matter to take for you to begin resolving it?

Thanks AJ

Hi again,

I’m sorry but I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Do you want to use ListingPress for listings or do you want to use your own database/listing management system and somehow make that a part of ListingPress (and use ListingPress just for blog/pages management)?

In both cases – everything’s possible.

You can customize listing taxonomies, meta boxes and search filters via functions.php in your child theme to convert it to any niche, but basic WordPress skills will be required.

You can also hack away the theme and integrate it with your own listing management platform. You could also just link to a certain directory (where you listing management script is installed) in main navigation and modify HTML/CSS of your pages to match ListingPress’ styling.

Best wishes!

I understand confusion, I invented it!

The site I am working on is an event listing site. People all over the country who hold events in a particular, relatively small category currently send us an Email describing their event which gets manually added to a site and after the event manually removed.

The new site is going to allow promoters to fill in an Adobe Acrobat form, the data from which will be used for many purposes but initially to create listings in orderly manner. State first location second and then the description of the event and lastly how to contact the promoter via our method.

This in not a hugely high traffic site. Currently it is labor intensive. Using a WP theme I hope to eventually allow registered promoters to enter their own information with our monitoring of it.

Are we on the right path with your theme? Alienjones

Hello again,

as you have described it now I think what you need is some custom script/plugin that would take data from Acrobat form and put it in WordPress’ database. I don’t think that there’s any theme/plugin that will generate/accept data from PDF forms.

I am currently building frontend listing submission feature into ListingPress and maybe that’s what you should look for in the future. Keep an eye on ListingPress updates and see if you like what will come. Currently you can customize listing taxonomies/meta boxes and search filters via your child theme, and you’ll be able to do the same with frontend posting (what data users should fill).

Best wishes, Mateusz


I have written a number of mails to u in the last 5-6 days regarding a query to customize ListingPress on the lines of 99acres.com but you did not reply to any of my mails. Please let me know – expecting a reply from you.

Thanks, Pratap

Hi Pratap,

I’m sorry but I was on the road and couldn’t answer any e-mails or support questions. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Hi, do you have console/admin demo? What about localization files? I need translate it to Russian? What about search on Russian?


I’m sorry but I do not provide admin access to my demos to anyone. You can see screenshots from theme options panel when you click the ‘Screenshots’ button next to ‘Live preview’. If you are interested in something particular from theme’s backend – just let me know, I can prepare some more screenshots for you.

The theme is fully translatable (all strings on the frontend and backend are marked for translation). Please read an article about localization on wordpress.org to learn how to localize themes/plugins. If you don’t want to hassle with .po and .mo files I recommend using Codestyling Localization plugin – it’s super easy to use and will do most of the job for you.

Best wishes!


I’m very impressed by this script, seems solid.

I have a question, since I may want to buy the extended license. I need a solution for membership fees. Either pay per ad, or pay by month.

Is this available now, or are you developing it at the moment?

Best regards!


sorry for late response.

I am currently working on frontend submissions with paid membership, as I already have a groundwork for these features thanks to the recent update. What exactly do you have in mind? Paid membership to view listings or to submit listings?

Best wishes!

Hi! Is it possible to have multiple languages with your theme?


the theme is fully translatable so you can localize it to any language you want.



Is it gonna be possible to add a booking section to the “Rent” properties? So People can see if our apartments are loaned out or not in the time they want to rent a apartment ?

Is that something that your are working on, or what plugin do you suggest??

Hello Helgi,

I don’t want to promise anything as I am now focused to bring frontend submissions and paid membership to the theme. Once this is done and the theme is still sales well I’ll be thinking about ways to add even more advanced features, but unfortunately I can’t make definite decision about the future you’ve requested at this moment.