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How much extra coding coding would it require to add a “Under Contract,” property status? I would assume it would be just adding the string “Under Contract” to the property status’s array, if that is how everything is arranged.


there’s actually a bit more coding involved as ‘For rent’ status was just quickly added per people’s request. In addition, each listing status can have it’s own price slider ranges, that’s why there’s more coding involved into adding more statuses. I will probably want to build upon that functionality in the functionality in the future, but I certainly do not want to entirely convert ListingPress into a booking/rental platform.

Best wishes!

Will this theme allow IDX feeds


I don’t have any plans to support IDX in the near future.

Best wishes!


I would like to buy this themes, but I want to know if the agent has his own dashboard for this? this mean if agent want to add listings to the application how to do that and how the agent can buy the listings uploader package?


Considering this theme, are you going to integrate paypal? How would I use this the for classifieds similar to craigslist? Is there a way to create custom categories? Does this the have Geo location?


  1. I am currently working on frontend posting and paid membership via PayPal. It will be part of the next major update.
  2. You can create/remove taxonomies as you would normally do in WordPress via your child theme. The theme uses Meta Box script so it’s super easy to ass/remove meta boxes too. Search filters can also be customized via your child theme using ListingPress’ API, and the process is similar to registering WP taxonomies.
  3. Geolocation will definitely come in some form in the future but unfortunately I don’t have any details regarding this matter now.



Would you consider to implement a feature where users can register free and place a listing free.But for placing the listing as featured they must pay a certain amount. Can this also be done for example if thr user wants to future their listing in a city where the visitors are searching for.


For example when someone tries to search appartments in newyork on the searchpage the featerud box(slider) must be on top of the search page. So if someone wants to get in the spot with their listing for newyork they can do this by paying a amount,


thanks for your suggestions. This is something to think about but for now I can see some major issues with such approach – you can quickly end up with your website cluttered with paid ads only. It not a big issue with search pages – paid listings could just go before anything else, but you wouldn’t want to load, let’s say, 100 listings on your home page.

Other than that paying for ‘sticky’ listings is definitely a great idea.


Thanx for the fast reply. You could also use a slot to disable placing futured listing on the searchpages when a certain amount of listings are reached. And the featured listings should fade away during 24 hours. This wil give other listers the oppurtunity to promote their listing on that specific searchpage

Let me know if you are willing to implement this future. If not I would like to pay you for implementing this kind of future when your second big update is finished.


I’m still customising my website and I have few questions: Please see www.imoveispassoapasso.com

1. I used H1 for the “banner”. But as you can see the space between lines are way too big. I check the code and there is nothing between the lines. 2. How can I change the color of the buttons? 3. After clicking on sign in/ register, the register link in the left bottom side of the pop up window is not showing on mine. So the user cannot register at the moment. 4. Because Im admin, I was able to register using my wordpress login. But the drop down menu after you are login is showing: My searches, Your searches and Your favourites. I don’t need 2 searches. How can I delete one? 5. At the moment I have just 1 page linked to user dashboard template. And the title is My favourites. However, in the drop down menu it shows Your favourites. Can I change that? 6. In my listing I added a feature image. But it doesn’t show once you click in the listing. Where can I add the image that will be in the “slide show” for each listing page? 7. I added the background in the header, but now that the logo is in the top of the menu, my background is not fitting anymore. And the image is repeating. What is the size the image background must be so it doesn’t happen in all browsers or screen sizes. 8. I moved the search feature in the home page down a little bit. But now, the price filter and the search button are really close to the edges of the box. How can i fix that? 9. I saw there is a template for login page and for hidden. Could you explain a little bit about both? what is a hidden template for example? and I didn’t see a login page in your website, i think. (just the pop up window)

Sorry for the amount of question. But hopefully that will be it. =)



Hi again Karen,

For registration it’s Settings / General. It’s basic WordPress stuff :)

With your dashboard pages – you now have two pages with dashboard template and the theme is confused where to send you. Please make sure that you have only one page with dashboard template. This page’s title will appear as first item of your logged-in menu and you can edit page titles in WordPress.

Your header backgroung is now 100% auto and that’s why I said to change it to auto 100%. :)


Hello, yeah.. Wordpress is quite new for me and even the basic stuff is not as basic in my mind. hehe But soon it will become! =)

Good with almost everything. The only issue for now still the same one: I don’t have 2 pages assigned to be User Dashboard. i had it before, but I changed after your previous suggestion. I just double check and there is no My searches page. i changed the title to Dashboard and thats the only page I have.


Cheers, Karen

Hi again Karen,

it’s hard to tell without seeing how exactly you have this set up. I would suggest deleting all pages with dashboard template and creating only one, best named ‘Dashboard’. If that doesn’t work you can send me a message with your admin login credentials via contact form on my profile page and I’ll take a look what’s going on there.

Best wishes!

I think I found a little issue with the http://listingpress.pogoking.net/browse-listings/ page in mobile. When you search with the filter, a number of “results” are shown at top. When you click there, you go to the results page (in grid or map view). But if you try go again to the http://listingpress.pogoking.net/browse-listings/ page for a new search, you cant.

I use Windows Phone 7.8 in this test.


Yes. The dialogue between “search > results” works in PC (again, I mistook with the zoom: with the correct zoom works fine). Sorry a lot for my mistake.

About the map, the view active is for phone, and everything works fine except the popup when you put over the finger on a icon. for this reason, I can not entry in the single property post trought the map.

Thanks very much for the extra-premium support.


I’ll definitely have to check that. I’ll try to get hold of an Android device and will let you know what I’ve found. I’ll be able to let you know anything at the beginning of next week, though, as I won’t be able to do any development work during the weekend.

Best wishes!

Thanks. Really. :)

Great theme! Just a suggestion because you’re thinking about front-end submissions: enable packages as opposed to single submission – most agents will have multiple listings that they want to submit and having to submit a single listing and pay each time is not ideal. Not sure if that’s easier or more difficult to code :)

Quick question: With filtering (listing browser), is it possible to set different neighborhoods instead of states? Like in NYC – having a map for brooklyn, manhattan…etc that can be filtered by type, price…etc….in the demo its set by state…i guess the only issue would be setting the coordinates to be in that neighborhood….if that is doable, then this is the theme I need…..and I’m impressed by your level of support…well done!

Hi Tim,

that’s exactly how’s it going to work! Actually pay-per-post model is a bit harder to do (especially with s2Member plugin that I’m going to use for membership management). You’ll be able to choose your own membership packages and set payment recurrence. If the user does not pay – his/her listings will disappear from the website, and will re-appear once he/she pays for the next period. Regarding packages – I’m thinking about limiting number of listings that user can have published at one time, each package giving more listings. Maybe the highest priced package will give the ability to post unlimited listings.

Regarding locations – all locations are just terms of ‘location’ taxonomy, so you could have your own location hierarchy (city/neighborhood/ZIP instead of state/city/ZIP). You can also change the labels (that are now ‘City’, ‘State’ and ‘ZIP’) to your own via your child theme or localization process.

Best wishes!

Is there a list of shortcodes im missing somewhere? I think this theme would be five star with more shortcode options.


you can find a list of available shortcodes here. The list is pretty basic but as you can see I’m not a fan of throwing everything and a kitchen sink into my themes. :)

Hope this helps! Cheers!

Hello I’m planning to buy this theme for a movie database site. As far as I understood the agents can be directors, the real estates can be movies and the States can be festivals at which the movies are categorized under. Tell me if there is any limitations to not to use it as a movie database described above.

Also, is there a demo site so that I can try to enter a couple of movies to test if the system suits for my needs.

By the way it looks really a great theme. Congrats.


you can use ListingPress for any niche you’d like, provided you know how to add/remove custom taxonomies in WordPress via your child theme. In addition to that, you are able to define your own meta boxes via Meta Box API and define your own search filters via ListingPress’ API, all looking similar to registering taxonomies in WordPress. The rest is just a standard WordPress templating (displaying your custom taxonomy/post meta data on listing pages/search results).

The only limitation is that right now there is no easy way to remove the price filter, but that will be a part of theme options after the next theme update. I’m also working on a system to set search filters via theme options (have majority of that already done), so (although it’s pretty easy to do right now) you won’t have to dive into PHP to change that in the future.

For your application (movie database) I suggest you wait for the next theme update where you’ll be able to easily get rid of price filtering.

Best wishes!

Thanks for the answer. I’ve purchased it anyway. Where can i find the metabox api, more specifically from where can i add remove taxonomies and custom fields in your theme


you can add and remove taxonomies as you would normally do in any WordPress theme or plugin, in this example by defining custom taxonomies in your child theme’s functions.php file. All listing taxonomies that ListingPress uses by default are registered in inc/theme-functions.php file inside listingpress_register_listing_taxonomies function. The function is pluggable, so you can overwrite it if you’d like or just remove the action that runs this function on init hook. Meta boxes can be added/removed similarly to taxonomies, but using Meta Box API, for which instructions can be found here (there’s a documentation article menu further down the page).

Hope this helps, best wishes!

I would love to buy this theme 10x times IF you added the function for people to Submit their own property through the front end. Kind of like with the “Realtr” Theme.

The problem with the Realtr theme is for me that you have to write the price ranges by your self in some clumsy way and same with area.

If you would be able to add the feature for visiting people to be able to submit a property I would like to pay you for that, cause the theme looks really great and runs smooth!

(Is it possible to get some kind of backend access before buying?)

Regards, Michael

Hello again Michael,

my suggestion would be to wait for the frontend submission update first if that’s something that your project relies upon. Only then you’ll be able to judge if that’s something that suits your needs exactly. :)

Regarding customization work – please contact me once I’m finished with major updates to ListingPress.

Best wishes!

Hey :)

I hope to see that in near future then and I will be contacting you when it’s all setup and I only need some modifications :D

Thanks a lot :)

I wish you the best sales! – It’s really a nice product you made!

Thanks for the thumbs up! Keep and eye open on updates! :)


To add properties as favorite its already a future that Orbital had implemented. Go to http://listingpress.pogoking.net/ and make a account by registering yourself. And try to add some properties as favorite. You can also save favorite searches to your account.

I think – but I am not sure- Orbital is coding this theme by himself and thats why it takes time to implement new updates. If we would do this by ourself it would take months/years to accomplish this.

You are spot on, I’m a one-man operation. All design, coding/programming and support is done by myself! In addition to that, I had lots of family/friend events this month so I was pretty much traveling through the country entire time and couldn’t invest as much time as I’d like into development job.

Thanks for your support! Cheers!


Yes I know that. But you can’t “add to favorite” while browsing the listings. You can only do it from single property listing.

Ya well a few things is surely required for this theme to be good and it will for sure be a lot better than all others out there. I’ve used several hundreds of dollars buying different estate listing themes and none of them “got it all”.

This one seems promising tho.

Hi again,

your argument may be right. I’ll do some more thinking and research on this subject, and maybe I’ll decide to add it as an option that can be enabled in theme options.


Thank you and thanks for the answer :) – Now I couldn’t wait buying the theme. Then I can prepare it with translations and stuff :)

Great to hear that, have fun!

I am unable to use the home page right now becuase it seems pretty limited.

Ability to add content beneath the SERVICES section of the home page. That would be heaven. Oh! And having a sidebar on homepage as optional would be a blessing. Otherwise great theme very clean and basic with fantastic real estate/ listing functionality.

Hello! Well, I need to be honest right? I can’t use the home page because it is limited, not because it doesn’t work. Hopefully the updates to this theme will be substantial in the home page department. At that time I can give you 5 stars. Thanks and look forward to see when and what you do with this theme.

Hey there! Got any hints for hiding the title on specific pages? I have a home page thats not technically the “home page”. If I could hide the title and somehow add the search widget then this theme is golden.


you can customize how pages are displayed by creating your own child theme. This way you will be able to create your own page template that doesn’t have show page title and create your pages using that page template.


Hey Orbital_Themes,

First of all; I have been following you for a couple of days only. I have skimmed through the comment section, I have looked through the theme countless times and I can’t put my finger on anything – besides what you are already working on (user submission of properties and monthly membership). Everything looks so professional, not only the design of the theme, but the way you handle each and every question and request that comes your way! – Very impressive!

My question is based on an older query in this comment section from another user, which was about the memberships. Basically you asked him whether he wanted the subscribers to pay for access to the listings, or only the ones who would put up the listings would pay. However, he never answered you, but maybe you can shed some light on what your own thoughts are on this subject?

Personally I think that the option of tweaking the way users subscribe in a lot of different ways would create more value for us (theme owners) in the long run.

Looking forward to your answer!

- Casper. :)

Hi Casper,

thanks for the thumbs up! :)

Having users register (or pay) to view listings is definitely doable and shouldn’t be hard, but it’ll probably be possible in ListingPress at later date. I’m focused on frontend submissions right now and once this is done I’ll definitely be looking for ways to enhance the theme with such details as suggested.

Best wishes!

I am trying to install the Orbital Login Plugin from within Wordpress Admin and it takes me to a 404 error page. Can you advise me on how to properly install this? Thanks.


that’s the first time when someone has this issue. I’ll need you to send me admin login credentials to your website (where you are experiencing these issues) via contact form on my profile page, only then I can be able to help.

In the meantime, you can try to unzip the ListingPress theme on your computer, find the orbital-login.zip file (in plugins folder) and install the plugin manually (from Plugins / Add New in your WP admin panel.

Best wishes!

Hi, I do not require “size” feature in your theme. Can I replace it with another icon? i.e. I want to show to my prospective tenants the available date instead of the size. How easy can this be done? Cheers.


easy is relative here as it depends on how well you know your way in HTML/CSS and WordPress coding. You can change any aspect of the theme (that cannot be already customized via theme options) by building your own child theme and editing ListingPress’ template files that way. Changing just the icon from ‘area’ to any other that’s already part of ListingPress (calendar icon is available) is as easy as changing class on one HTML item. Changing what data is displayed (and gathering that data from some booking plugin) will require some WordPress programming knowledge. If you don’t have the skills to do that yourself you can always hire a developer to do that for you, shouldn’t take much time for skilled developer.

Best wishes!


quick question, couldn’t find in description:

Are registered users able to ADD their own properties for sale/rent?



currently not but I am working on this. Frontend listing submissions and paid membership will be a part of next major theme update.


Prebuy question.

Is this theme multilangual? Is it hard to translate it. to Swedish? When will The release with the frontend submission be released?

Thank you.


the theme is translation ready, meaning that all strings in the theme’s frontend and backend are marked for translation. You can translate the theme using standard translation methods for WordPress themes or plugins. ListingPress, however, is not ready to work with WPML (multilingual WordPress plugin) yet. I will probably be looking into it in the future as WPML is a valuable plugin.

Best wishes!

Hi, I have a pre sales question. Is it possible to add tabs in the property details page? I want this to add more details to the property. Does this theme support other features like accordian, image popup, tabs? Is it possible to create custom fields for single property listings?


custom fields are WordPress feature and you can add them to any WordPress post or page you’d like.If you, however, are talking about meta boxes, the theme uses Meta Box framework to generate them. You can find documentation on how to use this framework here (it’s very similar to registering taxonomies in WordPress). The code for adding meta boxes should, of course, go into you child theme’s functions.php file.

There are no built in accordion or tabs shortcodes, but there are free and premium plugins available that provide that functionality.

Best wishes!