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Wow, interesting.


Thank you, please see the demo and get this theme only in themeforest. :D

wow. this is awesome so innovative



It’s so awesome! I think my only problem is it can be a little confusing to the eye. There is no separation between the navigation, the content, and the sidebar. Everything is white with green buttons and text, etc.


I will add option to change the color in theme options for the next update. Thanks.

WOW ! now this is creative! bout time we got something different..

quick question…can the sidebar menu be switched to just text instead of icons?


This theme is designed with icon as the main menu or sidebar menu. The text will appear when you hover the icon menu. Thanks.

also ..it breaks up a bit in IE9 , particularly the blog page…and the homepage pics are a way below the bottom of the browser.

Everything looks superb in Chrome tho…I haven’t tried firefox yet.


This theme use jquery masonry, so the layout is dynamic. when you resize the browser the particular blog page will be down automatically. I have changed size setting for the picture in blog page. Now please take a look the blog page again, and see how jquery masonry work. And for the home page, I have check in the IE 9 , Chrome, Firefox, Safary, Opera. No problem happen. Thanks.

ahhh yes….its much better now. Thanks


thats what this themes design is !

The homepage grabs user attention and the way the images open up is certainly a unique twist from everything else Ive seen.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the navigation, and the single posts page . It seems you have definitely given much attention to the details of every aspect of this theme.

I will go play with it a little bit more now – but I believe that THIS is exactly what I have been looking for and I know that I will be definitely buying up this theme. :D

You ROCK !

Wishing you a great MANY sales!!!


Thank you so much! Glad you like it :)

Much appreciated!

CanCars Purchased

Install went smooth. :) very nice theme!

Can I get the theme option settings for the demo? if I email thru your profile page?. I installed the demo content but a few things aren’t coming up..the sidebar has ? marks instead of the icons.


sorry I was so tired last night so I went to bed. Please get the theme options setting at www.dalih.net/download/theme-options-01May12.zip. To install it, please extract zip file first. and then import the file via theme options. Thanks.


for the sidebar, can’t imported via dummy file. so you need add the sidebar manually via sidebar generator. Please go to your wp-admin Appearance -> sidebar. and for the setting please take a look this picture

after that please add some widgets in your sidebar. Go to Appearance -> Widget.

OK , 3 Questions :

  1. Can the masonry be removed from the Blog Page, and have the post divs run normally- or create an Option so that a user can choose between Masonry and Normal Blog Posts ? ( that would be awesome ! ) Also: Can a Sidebar be enabled on the Blog Page?
  2. Can you include Related Posts below each post?
  3. and …............

  4. Is it possible for you to add more shortcodes such as : Buttons, Tabs, Text Highlight, and Warning Boxes as they exist on other themes ?

I love everything about this theme – except….... the masonry effect :(

Will look forward to your reply & Thank You :)


1. This theme uses a fluid layout, so I think masonry is the best to use. and this theme only support masonry blog page template. 2, 3. For this version not yet available. I will add that feature for the next version. but to remove masonry effect, I’m not sure .

CanCars Purchased

Dammit..he musta went to bed :(


Sorry I was so tired last night so I went to bed, but now I’m back.

This may be suitable for 1 project I have that will have a teenage audience that don’t use such out of date browsers etc. I think it’s interactivity would be good for that demographic. Can you tell me is there a way to add widgets to the footer of the front page so that I could have a text widget and add html as required? My difficulty is I will need to be able to include a little more info than the layout for the homepage you have on the demo site allows.



I have Updated the theme to 1.1 version. In this version I have added footer widget in Homepage. You can enable it, via theme options. This update still require approval from themeforest. Hope you willing to wait until this release approved. Thanks for that idea. It will make the theme more better. Thankyou so much.

Very nice work, finally an original theme! :)


Thanks and glad you like it :)

Theme is beautiful, minimalist, I really like this theme. This theme has many features. And I like most is that this theme has a name similar to my name. ho ho :D. very very very love with this theme overall! Good job!

interesting but suncerly for me, from the demo, is totally confused layout template…. really bad apparances for the content blog….


One question before I buy. At the home page, currently what you are showing is all the “Gallery” post.

Can we have all the normal “Blog” post in the home page instead of “Gallery Post” ?

And I saw that you are using mansory for the “Blog posts”, can we have the “Gallery” layout as the “Blog Posts” also ?

Thank you.

With Regards,


Yes you can, you only need to set Front page displays as blog. Go to Setting ? Reading ? Front page displays and set your Front page display as Blogs Page. Thanks.

Very nice theme ! Hope i would love to purchase this theme soon.


Thanks :D

CanCars Purchased

Hello Mt, Wow, I’m really surprised this hasn’t sold more, I really like this theme, its fun to work with.

Quick question, is there a way to disable the “live search” box?

marirs Purchased

One bug that i noticed so far.. so on the home page when i click on the portfolio item, say ICE CREAM , the ice cream opens up in that beautiful zoom stuff.. the heading says ICE CREAM , SHOT X / X, now when I click on the next button, the heading still remains to ICE CREAM while the photo belongs to another portfolio item. It dosent makes sense.

Also, I wish to take it to the category of ICE Cream instead of just displaying portfolio items.

Hi, the theme is awsome, but I have a problem with the megamenu > widget It doesn’t have the proper width. Would you help me please???

Hello, Great theme! Very unique.

Got a question before buying tho, am I able to change the background image? If so, is it possible to assign a bg image to every post? or Gallery page?