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Thanks activetofocus :) I’m kinda pleased with it too.

elegant job!!

Awesome theme! My customizing of it is coming along great! I’ll be sure to include a link once I’m done.

Only question is…how might I change the speed/timing of the slider so that it changes a bit slower and not so fast?

Thanks again!


Thanks for your purchase, ryanaltvater!

To change the sliding speed, just open the theme source and search for the string “nivoSlider()”. Then change it to “nivoSlider({pauseTime:4000})” and adjust that 4000 value to your liking (bigger number would increase the delay between slides even more).

To change the selection color, paste the following snippet into Dashboard -> Customize -> Advanced – Custom CSS :

::-moz-selection { background: #97459A; } ::selection { background: #97459A; }

... And modify the color value as you wish.

That’s it. Contact me via my profile page if you need further assistance :)

Also, how do I change the text selection color?


That’s answered in the comment above :)

So i followed the instructions and I am not getting but a grey page with random lori epsum text.. anyway to fix this?


Hi and thanks for your purchase, etcfashion!

Just open litefolio.html with a simple text editor (Notepad) or a HTML editor (Comodo Edit, TextWrangler, Dreamweaver, etc). Copy the content and paste it again. That should solve your issue.

Some rich text editors like Word add invisible formatting symbols that break the source code.

If you need further assistance, send me a link to your site via my profile page.

kydawson Purchased

Hey! WONDERFUL theme! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time.

I would like my portfolio page to be exactly like the bottom of the home page (pictures {posts} then when you click on the item, it leads to another page with the description like this http://litefolio.tumblr.com/post/1658492493/rockstar-freelancer).

How do I create a page that has 3 columns with photo posts as reflected in your theme?

Thank you again.


Hi and thanks :)

I saw the email from you and sent a reply with a possible solution.

kydawson Purchased

Thank you for your very quick response! :) I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

kydawson Purchased

Okay. Sent you another question. {smiling}


I’m interested in your template. I now have a full flash template that gives a high bouncerate. I think this template will give me a lower bouncerate becouse it’s HTML /CSS. I have a couple of movies that I want to put on the website but what are the restrictions? The movies are now .flv.

Is this template suitable for iphone/android users? (I never made a mobile site so maybe you can give your professional opinion about that :-).

Thnx in advance,

Remon Pijnaker www.remonpijnaker.nl


Hi Remon,

Tumblr has automatic optimization for mobile devices so you shouldn’t have any worries about android and iphone users.

Litefolio uses the Photo type of posts in Tumblr so it’s not the best theme for you if your main content consists of videos. Of course it can be modified but I can’t predict at the moment how much efforts that would take.

Maybe you’d want to browse around and check what the fellow Tumblr designers have posted. Hope you’d find what you need :)

AMAZING – how did you get the Nivo Slider with Tumblr? Is it that customizable?!

Also are the Nivo slides images I can put as highlights or do they load from the Tumblr posts?

thanks and great job!


Thanks :) .

Tumblr has limitations compared to let’s say WordPress, but still lots of interesting stuff is possible within it.

The slide iimages are uploaded via the Tumblr Settings panel. And then you have the possibillity to wrap each image as a link (so it points to a specific post for example)

Quite simple really :)

I LOVE THIS THEME ! Question- Is it possible to not have the posts in boxes, but rather have them just as “normal” posts? As in, you could see the whole post without needing to click on a box?


Hi, of course it’s possible but the modification requires more than a few CSS /markup changes.

I’m currently making a WordPress theme with the same design “flavour” as Litefolio and lots of layout options (including the one you mentoned). So you may prefer to wait a couple of days ( a week at most I hope) and see if it’s a good solution for you? :)

How would I go about having different buttons where if you clicked on a post that had a logo, flyers, etc it took you to a page of all the logos and different stuff i have made. I dunno if that made any sense.

Also could you tell me the dimensions of the slider where i can design some stuff to put in there.

Thanks, Dustin Set Apart Designs


Hi Dustin,

1. Unfortunately a more complicated structure/navigation is hard to implement in Tumblr. I think I know what you mean but I don’t think you can achieve it. At least not without using the Tumblr API (via JavaScript) and that API is somewhat buggy – it simply stops working at moments. And beside that your site won’t be 100% accessible since you’ll rely on JS.

2. The dimensions of the slider images are mentioned in the documentation. Plus 4 pixels for the padding and border (if you need to include that too) :)

Also do you have any facebook/twitter icons that match those top black icons that I could use on my site.

Thanks, Dustin


Check the documentation – the bottom part where the credits are. There are links to the full icon sets I’ve used. I think you should be able to find images that would fit your needs.

If I can help you with something else, it’s better if you send me a mail through my profile page. I don’t check the comments here that often :)

I’ve gotta say, this is a pretty nice simple tumblr theme. I’ve always wanted a real simple and minimalistic theme for my website. I’m a graphic artist by the way… and i’ve been stressing out over all these wordpress themes and which one to use for my site. Mainly because alot of them are really cool looking in their demos, but when it comes time to making everything work, its a little complicated. The instructions and template documents are always somehow out of date with a few options, making it hard to figure out how to do something thats supposed to be so simple…UGH! I get frustrated and don’t even wanna deal with the template any more. << Venting, sorry…

Anyways, I’m almost thinking outside the box now, and thinking of using tumblr as my MAIN portfolio site. With that said, and before signing up for tumblr and buying this theme, I’ve got a few Qs:

1. Is there a way I can make my tumblr web address my .com name? (Ex: when someone types in www.litefolio.tumblr.com, can i somehow transfer it to be www.litefolio.com and it still brings up my tumblr page??) I’m sure if thats possible, i’d have to figure that out within my own web hosting space huh?? Like redirects and all that stuff…

2. Is there a logo uploader? The demo has “litefolio” in the header space. I’d like to upload my own logo.

3. “HOME” is obviously where all my post will show up and go. Will the post place themselves in order in that “portfolio/post display grid” towards the bottom like in the demo?

4. Can I control what images/post shows up in the slider? And how many images/post can the slider hold?

5. When making a post, is it possible to upload more than one image at a time? Or should I just make a long jpeg image with all the images I want in a single post. (newbie question, sorry)

6. Does this template have the ability for people to “like” and reblog if they please to?

7. Can I add an image(s) in the “about” section?

Oky… I think thats it. Sorry for all the Q’s and hopefully they make sense to you. I’m just a stickler for details and there are little things that id love to input into the site/template if i can. Thanks for your time, i appreciate it.

- JB


Hi JonnyB,

Straight to your questions :) :

1) Yes. Here’s exmplained how: http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/custom_domains

2) Yes, there is logo uploader. The text is simply a fallback in case you don’t upload anything.

3) Yes, the newest post will be displayed first.

4) Yes, you need to prepare the images you need and upload them one by one using the theme panel. It’s explained in the docs – exact size etc. They are 4 images in total since that seems to be the optimal number for most sliders but that can be easily changed with some manual work.

5) No, only a single image per post. Tumblr limitations.

6) Yes, people can like and reblog your posts – those are standard Tumblr buttons.

7) Yes, you can add images in “About” and any other pages you may want to add.

Hope that helps :) .


Sure does, Thanks!

So I got a few more Q’s…

1. So for each portfolio item, you need atleast one image to upload. Thats all Tumblr will allow you to have. If you upload more than one, will this theme create an automatic slide show for that specific portfolio item? Here’s an example of what I mean: http://timegoesback.tumblr.com/post/779785111/rockable-cars-2

2. How many pages can you create?

3. For reach page you create, can you upload more than one image in it?

4. After creating a page, can you make a picture a link to another picture within the theme. Example: You click “About” (takes you to About page), then in the About page, theres an image you can click for iphone wallpaper downloads (clicks iphone image), then another page comes up with iphone download content in it. is that possible? If not, any loop hole suggestions in making something like that work?

I know tumblr is a real simple layout in general with limitations… I just wanted to see how far I can push it. Plus I’m trying to figure out how I could potentially make things work out without using a full functioning site like with a wordpress theme.

Hi again,

1. It’s one image per Photo post in Tumblr. There is another post type – Photosets, which are basically Flash slideshows and aren’t supported in Litefolio. The example doesn’t use Photosets. It looks like pulling the images via the Tumblr API and Javascript – I’m not sure at the moment, you can ask the author.

Litefolio is intended to be a simple and accessible solution. There are a few more Tumblr gallery themes that use Javascript. I just didn’t want to rely on 2 additional layers in my themes.

2. Haven’t heard of such limitations.

3. Yes, you can add whatever number of images you want in pages.

4. Yes, you can link the images to other places. In posts you can do that via the standard interface and in pages you have access to the HTML source – you can add/edit whatever you wish.

Thanks for answering all my Q’ s again. And at a timely fashion too!

I’ve got another two Q’s for you regarding the automatic slideshow…

1. Last time I asked if this theme would create an automatic slideshow if you uploaded more than one image in a post. I gave this as an example:http://timegoesback.tumblr.com/post/779785111/rockable-cars-2

Now, you said it looked like the theme was pulling the additional photos from Tumblr’s API and javascipt. If I can find the javascript code within that particular theme, and add it in the right place in yours, would I be able to get the same effect in your theme too or no?

2. You also said that you can create links out of images that link to another page within the theme correct? I wanted to create a “portfolio” page like this: http://timegoesback.tumblr.com/portfolio

Now, that theme automatically takes all the post and stores them in order to create a “portfolio type page”. I wanted do that with your theme. But to do so, id have to manually do that by creating a new page (portfolio), edit the HTML code for that page to line things up how i’d want it, (place the thumbnail images in order), then have all the projects link back to their original post when you click one. is that possible with your theme??


Hi again :)

  1. I really don’t know that – you should probably ask the author of that particular theme. The last thing I’d want is to be kept responsible for someone else’s product.
  2. Yes, that should be possible.

As previously mentioned, nicely done! Really love the slider.

Can your theme’s posts allow a sharing feature (for twiiter/fbook) like this other theme http://bit.ly/9wbjUg ?

Also on the bottom of each post you have a twitter “follow me” button. Can this also include a Facebook link as well?



Thanks zbutcher :)

Such sharing links are certainly possible, yes.

But I won’t add them to Litefolio as a standard option since it would ruin the simplicity and the overall style of the theme. A short url link appears to be enough for this particular theme :)


I’m a student french designer, and I’d like to know how to add entries, such as adding a section like “ABOUT” or “CONTACT” next to the existing entry “HOME” like that :


I’m a beginner with html, Thanks a lot!


Hi alexandre and thanks for your purchase!

Adding pages is a standard Tumblr functionality – just log to your Dashboard, click Customize and then Pages -> Add a page.

wesy2kn1 Purchased

How do you add quotes to this? A previous tumblr theme I had did that.


Hi wesy2kn,

Litefolio supports only Photo and Text types of posts – it’s mentioned in the theme description.

It’s a special-purpose/portfolio theme, not suitable for a regular blog, so everything that could ruin it’s layout and functionality is removed.

wesy2kn1 Purchased

I fail to understand how adding a quote box would break the layout. Nice theme. I’m gonna do the legwork myself. Figured I’d ask.