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Hi, im checking your demo on my iPhone 6 and two things bother me:

1- its floating from left to right as if it has juice left, it not tight.

2- the menu stock up and it wont traveled down or give option to go on top if the page anywhere. Which mean folks must scroll all the way up to switch page. can you fix these two issue?

Hi there we’ve got an iPhone 6 and can’t see either of those issues, can you explain further and send some screenshots over to and we’ll take a closer look please?

Hi there, does this have SEO in mind?

If you mean has it been built to best practices, then yes. We recommend using WordPress SEO by yoast for dealing with meta keywords, descriptions and titles.


cmitche Purchased

Apologies for the simple question, but how do I centre my logo and tagline? It’s a little off compared to the blog posts below.

Can you send a link to so we can see what is happening please?


cmitche Purchased

Hi, is there any way I can expand on the copyright text at the bottom of the page?

hi there, I’m not quite sure what you mean, do you mean expand what the copyright says or expand its container div? If you could put a support ticket in with all the details to then we’ll take a look.

Hi there, does this theme support a custom header image? Also, do you have any links to live websites using your theme?

Hi there! No it doesn’t have a custom header image, it does allow for a full sized background or logo (which could be any size). We don’t hold a list of people using Literary either sorry!

Hi there I’m looking to get this Theme however I first wanted to check if we can have this in a Pink colour? I see there’s a CHild Theme included .. perhaps if you’ve not created Pink as the option you could provide me with the Code?

Many thanks in advance!


Yes I just saw! Thanks for your response anyway! Just purchased. Can I get my hands on the DEmo content please.

Thanks again!

Just spotted this too in the Theme file! You’re one step ahead! ;-)

Thanks for purchasing, you’ll find the demo content in the “All files & Documentation” via your Downloads tab…

It’s in the “Demo XML” folder, the theme documentation is in the “Theme Documentation” folder.

If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact our support channel at

I love this theme. I think it’s a great layout for authors. I do have one question. Have you thought about adding ‘Reviews’ to the book section? I’d like to be able to put some in without cluttering up the blurb area. Or is there a way to add it in ourselves?

Thanks :) when you say reviews do you mean dynamic reviews? If you are adding them yourself you can use the short code for quote with rating, it does sit in the main content area though. We’re not planning on adding any other way of doing it than that at the moment.

I mean allowing your readers to leave reviews for your books.

I see, so a review system of some kind. It’s not something we’re going to add I’m afraid but there must be some plugins that provide that functionality out there. You would probably need to make some customisation for it to work. I suspect most people would be wary about having a review system and would prefer to cherry pick reviews and add them to the main content area.