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I’m wondering how much coding you need to know for this theme or if it’s en easy to use theme for the less informed.


There is no need for coding knowledge unless you need some hardcore customization. Basic knowledge in CSS and HTML is enough to setup the theme. This theme works on scroll position values, we have included a plugin to find the values easily. Its pretty easy. In addition we have got an active support system to help you at any point of your installation.

I there any possibility of having the menu at the top with PageĀ“s names? is the only thing that worries my client before purchasing, THANKS!


Right now top menu is not available, we will consider it for the next update.

Hy20 Purchased

Hi, I notice the initial load time is fairly slow, especially for the demo background images. Is there any way to speed it up?


The preloader works untill everything loads. You can remove the preloader if you want. Kindly post the query on our forum our developers will assist you.

Hi – Would it be hard to create a nabvar at the top (not replace the one on the side) similar to my other site I’d like to have something that provides words at the top for people to use to navigate. I would have a developer who knows wordpress do it but wanted to see how difficult it would be?




We have removed them in our latest demo, we add some sample pages soon. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. For more questions kindly use our support forum


No problem – I just wanted to make sure it was still a possibility. Thanks.

3.9.1 Fresh Install, could you take a look?


Kindly post your queries on our forum, our developers will assist you. :)

hlpj Purchased

I posted my problem in trying to install the theme on the support forum. It listed as solved, but there was no correspondence or correction. I filled out the credentials form with access information also. The site is


No need to worry our developers will soon attend your issue and will help you to fix everything. Thanks for your patience.

Hi guys,

Looks like a nice theme and i am considering purchasing it, one question, I see when I view your demo on themeforest on a iphone, there appears to be big white spaces (someone also mentioned it a few months back). Is this a bug, or is my phone just acting up?


We tested here, working perfect on IOS (including new iphone5s) devices.if you need to know more about our theme kindly contact through our mail

Hello there!

I really like this theme! Great work!

What I like especially is that everything moves back to where it came from when scrolling back up.

I have a question before I will buy the theme: For my website I would also like to use a mp4 video background of a climbing kid on a mountain. Can I put in that video in a way so that it plays by frame while scrolling? So when I scroll up, the kid is climbing and when I scroll down, the kid is descending?

Hope that will work…


The feature you are requested is not available out of the box. It seems that you want to seek the video based on scroll. For that kind of video effect you need to customize this theme. We have created this theme with skrollr library, we don’t know weather skrollr supports video seeking feature. We are not providing customization so hire a developer or customize yourself. Thank you :)

Pre purchase question

can you provide a sample – how to do parallax layers and element animations – I’m trying to achieve effect like on

Eagerly awaiting your response.

Thanks Carl

ChrDenz Purchased

Well, I’m struggling for weeks now with Live. As soon as you change the order of pages or adapt the pages to individual usage you need a LOT of coding knowledge. Support is slow and not always helfpul … documentation just covers the basics. Actually, that theme seems to be handable only for professionals … which is a pity, because it would really be a wonderful theme if only the support would be faster (waiting two to four days for an answer …). I always thought buying a theme would mean to find a comfortable way of adapting a theme to your own needs. But instead, any free theme is much easier to handle …


We are trying to answer all the support questions as soon as possible. If you have questions please post it on our support.

ChrDenz Purchased

Well, I’m waiting at the support page for any answer to my question for 14 days now. That is not “as soon as possible” from my understanding. So up until know money was just thrown in the bin … I expect a much better service with a paid theme!


We might have missed your post accidentally. We are revising the LIVE thread now. Kindly check.

kristyc Purchased

I’m having some issues:

1) Some safari users complain that it loads to 99% and then jams – the site doesn’t load

2) We are receiving a lot of spam through the contact form. Kindly advise where the code is stored so that I can put in some sort of captcha in the theme file



Hope you have posted your queries on our support forum. If not kindly post it on our support team will assist you ASAP.

Hi! I updated the theme and wordpress to the latest version, and now my site is breaking. will there be another update soon?


Kindly Post your support query in our forum with your site link. forum link :-

Is this a wordpress theme only, or does it come in a standalone HTML5 template version?


Is it possible to make the link bar on the right side wider? Also, is it possible to put the text links for navigation, instead of the icons?

We are planning to purchase this theme for a children project, and we need to have extra large navigation.


Both the things are possible, but you need to do some quick modifications on the code. Some of our clients did something similar. Unfortunately i don’t have the link

I want to buy your theme but Parallax Doesn’t WORK properly in mobile and other devices.Its also not responsive for the same.Can you please tell me the reason of this issue. Thanks.


Parallax has been intentionally removed for mobile devices due to performance reasons. Its based on skrollr library which is much differnt from normal parallax

Thanks for this wonderful theme. I have a simple issue with “About” page. Here the highlighted box for the third person is squeezing down to a little. I have tried playing with scroll pro plugin and tried changing the values. But nothing worked out well for me. Can you give me some guidelines?


Kindly post your support query on our forum. Our developers will assist you once they are back online.

Hi there

Cool theme!

1. Am I right in saying that I could link Services > Ideas, to it’s own page, with more information about that specific area, on another URL i.e. 2. Can you set the number of blog items to appear on the homepage?

Thanks :)


1. Yes its possible, with a minor addition (button/link) to the services box content. You can create a page which is excluded form ‘One-Page’ and shall link to that page.

2. One-Page shows 3 blog items and the older ones will appear on navigation. The number is not configurable

I really like this theme. Very nice work. So, presale question: is it wordpress 4.0.X compatible? Do you plan to maintain this theme for the next two year?

Best Regards


Yes the theme is WP 4.0 Compatible. Even the demo is running on latest WP version. Next 2 years seems a long period, however we will support and update the theme to a maximum possible period.


You are right … two years is a lot of time. Thank you for the reply

Do you have an example of a horizontal scroll parallax effect using this theme?


No Such demos. Its a Skrollr library based theme. You can check Skrollr demo for its detailed capabilities.