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I would also like to know how to make the logo linkable so if someone were to click on it it would bring them to the homepage. For some reason this theme doesn’t seem to be doing that. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for buying Liveset and sorry for the late response. For the logo this is strange, it should be linked to the homepage. Can you send me a message with the log info to your website so I can check what is wrong? For the question regarding the homepage, what you want to do is possible but it will required modifications of code. Regards,


I have “Home » Project » 3Z pictures” in the <breadcrumbs> but the folder Project don’t exists. how can I fix?

Hi! Is there any way to disable the blog’s slider action when multiple images are associated with the post? We really just want a featured image and then images in the text…not sliding above the post. Thanks.

Hi, add this in the theme options custom css field

.post-attachement,.post-attachement-s { display:none; }

It should do the trick

Have a nice day!

Hi Ryuka, Thanks for the quick response! I will give that a try and check back in if I need anything else. Really enjoying the theme overall—keep up the good work.

Hello how are you?

I would change the word “project” in the url to another, in the pages of the work, as I do this.

thank you

Hi there i bought the Liveset theme im wondering how to change the background color for the #site-logo-img only i need it to be white (?) y tried in the CSS but isnt working bcouse it seem to call some inline code that i couldnt find, pls helpe me with this thx.

Hi there im having a problme with posts, i set a featured image and it isnt being show, it does wokr in one post bot not in the others, PLZ! HELP!

BTW im trying to see my site online www.ipt.com.co and the logo inst showing please help me….


Are there any sample / dummy data ?

Next question: How to remove or change the text Welcome this is Liveset a responsive WordPress theme on the home page???

how insert ACCORDION in home page?

I am trying to insert a URL in an image, linking to a page I have created. it seems that I can only link another image. Can you please help me with that?

Hello I have installed the theme with great succes, but I just cant figure out how to more than one photo in a portfolio….. I have even installed your demo data but I can still just see one photo in the admin on each project.

Please help.