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i just uploaded the theme to wordpress. i can’t find the dummy content so that I can edit it. Please help!

Dear developer If i will use this theme for my hosting company then How this options will work plz tell me

1.Find the Perfect Domain Name Today! 2.ORDER NOW 3.Live Chat etc..

i.e i have to write separate codefor the above or what???

plz reply

How do you add the custom tags/html content to the homepage?

How can i setup Pricing tables?

ok, i have figure out how to add pricing tables. do we need to edit function.php file to change the content of home page’s “Our Plans and Pricing”? is there a way i can change them through WP admin panel.

i feel that editing function.php file to change Pricing is impractical. hope there is a handy solution for this.

help appreciated

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How do I change the 30% on the frontpage?

Hi @squidix I would like to know how to edit the Plans Section, i want to change the title Starter #1 and So on


The pricing page, as shown in our demo, is a blank template. You will need to upload the Sample Content XML document included in the download from ThemeForest and then edit it as you wish.


hi,i uploaded the sample xml file and i have the plans setup ,but in the plan it shows Start #1 ,Starter #2 , how do i change that?


That will need to be done manually by editing the HTML in the page.

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Thanks for the great design! possible to lead us in finding all the canned pages? we can’t seem to find sample content.xml. Thanks!


Thanks for your feedback! When you downloaded and untarred/unzipped the file, you will see a “XML” folder in package > XML . In that folder is Sample Content.xml. Just import that using the WordPress admin panel.

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I am getting this error when importing via wp-admin/theme. Any advice?

Installing Theme from uploaded file: liveweb.wordpress.2012-06-03.xml

Unpacking the package…

The package could not be installed. PCLZIP _ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature


You wouldn’t install the theme from the XML file. You would install it from the zip file. The XML file is a saved file for the posts, comments, etc in our demo.

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My bad. I Didn’t read the full documentations. Got it under control. Thank you ones again. BTW ..Excellent work on the docs! You’ve covered every question.


Thank you so much for your feedback, please do not forget to rate our theme! :)

Demo Is Not Working…...Please Check Demo Am Ready To Buy.


The demo is working now. Can you recheck? What exactly are you seeing? If this issue persists, send a support ticket to support@squidix.com

Hello, I love this theme. But I have few questions for you. 1st can I do the order now things by the help with woocommerce or wpcommerce plugin? 2nd how to make those domain search work?


Isaumya, you can use woocommerce, but the theme cannot style it. You will have to link it manually. For the domain search you have to have your integration code from your client billing software so that you can make this part functional. This is easy to do in WHMCS or ClientExec. I am not sure about any other billing softwares, but it should be easy regardless.

squidix, i haven’t get any reply from you, my comments are still on this page without a reply.

Live Demo please?

Also, can we see the documentation, i.e. examples of adding various types of content listed in the features.

There also seems to be several questions above from other customers/members without answers…


what code needs to be edited to allow for the domain form to function?

Not very impressed with this purchase, theme looks nice but the theme options are severely limited. The theme ultimately doesn’t seem very flexible!

Is the main page supposed to be a slider? or did you add those side arrows for decoration ?


Hi, I like your theme and I’m looking to buy. Tell me, is it easy to remove the “Find the Perfect Domain Name Today!” section. I’ll be using it to sell non hosting/domain servicres so wont need this section. Thanks Perry

Hello, i see in content-banner.php that only $ is allowed as currency symbol.

but i need in 2 different. € and R$ (Proberbly soon other currencys as well) or better leave empty.

hi, Just bought this template. Everything is fine. But i couldn’t add plans, and why choose in home page. How can i add that. Because i couldn’t find any page related to home page.


Can you please submit a support ticket? Thanks!


Hello, I’ve been trying to check out the live demo of this theme but it seems to be broken at the moment as some of the images and features aren’t loading or working. Just wanted to give you a heads up. =)


I’m not seeing a problem with it. What images are not loading?


Hey thanks for the reply. Please see the comments below:

1. Logo is not displayed 2. Slider is not functional (clicking on arrows or any of the 3 plans doesn’t do anything) 3. Domain name search is not functional (not sure if it’s suppose to be working in the demo) 4. Nothing happens when I click on “Plans” button at top.


1) We’ll fix that as soon as we can. I apologize about that.

2) We’ll be integrating a bxSlider in our next update. The slider isn’t functional as of this time.

3) It’s not supposed to be functional, but you can make it functional fairly easily.

4) It does, but you have to scroll down to see the difference as the top is the same as the home page.