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Hi, I am looking for a Host WP theme as well. This theme would be great for my project, but must be WP. If you could make it responsive feature ( slider as well – !important) that would be great. As soon as you create the WP version I am on..Cheers

(WP version) I forgot ask about the localization feature .pot and sample .xml to be added as well if possible. Cheers


Is there a release date of wp version? I’m waiting on it.

Thank you,



We’re almost there!

Real sorry for the delay guys!

A Wp version of this template would be great :), I would buy it for sure.


Hi Alex,

Making some final touches today and tomorrow! We’re very close.

That’s cool, let me know when the theme is up so I can buy it :)

I will buy this XHTML /CSS version of theme, but after you implement code for slider, that is only reason why I am not buying.

Hello, I have purchased Liveweb template. But now i am unable to make the third level menu in the website template. i.e under the main menu I want a sub-menu and in the sub-menu i want another sub-menu. Please help me soon….

is this template have a php contact form ?


No contact form, but you can use a plugin like Contact Form 7.


This is a lovely design and I am interested in purchasing a copy but before I do I have a couple of questions, these are:

1. Exactly what pages are included in the template?

I ask this as I notice the “Support”, “Services” and “Blog” tabs do not link to pages.

2. Does the “RESELLER” slider work correctly?

I ask this as I notice that it does not do anything on the live preview.

3. Does the template include any PSD files for images that have been used?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

There is PSD on package?


This theme doesn’t have PSDs with the package.

LinkRio Purchased

Hello my friend.

I bought 3 templates from you (contstruct, glasshost and this liveweb, they all came with PSDs but this did not come. How can we solve this?

Thank you!


This specific one, unfortunately, does not come with PSDs.

I want to view the demo but I get an error. Please help.