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I am also getting the error: Error: The XML response that was returned from the server can not be processed

Please help!!!

My email address is daljeetr@hotmail.com


Hi Dalijeet,

First of all, where have you purchased this theme from? I cannot see you to be a buyer of it here on Themeforest.


I want to customize some features for the handheld version, do you have some documentation about it? like the css file path?



Hi caromanel

Plz give me more detail. For example what you want to do exactly?



I just purchased your template, but I cannot change the default colour setting. I have read some comments, having the same problem, but have not found a solution yet. Could you please help.

Thank you and kind regards


Hi albert

Thank you having for purchased my theme

plz send me pm.

Hi leventusta,

i bought your theme. Is there a sample database for me with the hole content like your demo version for joomla 1.6.

cause our installation shows only the header with the navigation, but no footer and no content. Also it is not possible to just to install the quickinstallation with all the scripts.

a 1:1 copy would be the best.

best regards mygrd


Hi mygrd

Thank you for having purcahsed my theme

If you let me i can install it for you. Plz send pm

vip_web Purchased


I found a few minor issues with it:

1) When adding nested menus with 2 or more levels, the menu items do not show arrows to indicate that there are submenus. This is very frustrating as customers will not know that there is more content unless they hover a mouse and pause for a second. How can I make sure arrows show for every menu which has submenus? 2) Suffix _red is not working on Green-Light theme. 3) If I make a menu item point to Category Blog, then open it, it shows articles, but when clicking on each article it does not open them as individual articles, it opens them within the same h1 tag. Let’s say, I made a page Web Design and selected to choose to show heading, it created h1 tag Web Design, it has 5 articles, all of them are shown. When clicking to open any article, h1 tag does not change. But I want each article to have h1 title tags. How to do that?

I am still working on the website locally. Don’t want to load it until it’s ready.


Plz send me pm, so that I can answer you via email.

joetann Purchased

When I install this on Joomla 1.6 I am still not able to set module position, because the template module positions do not show up in the list. Any ideas?

Is there an update for IE9 ? I just spent 4 days developing a site and now i see that doesnt work with IE9 ??!!


Hi Danny I will send a file to you. After that it will solve.

Plz send pm

vip_web Purchased

Same problem. The fonts don’t work in IE9 . The headings and menus simply disappear.

This is very frustrating as more people browse the web using IE.


Plz send pm too. I will send a file to you

Thank you! Everything works great! It is compatible with IE9 with the file you sent. Love the look and my client will too!

wirorhrh Purchased

Plz, is there any kind of documentation for this template? I cannot change theme, cant make the dropdown menus. Best Regards



Plz can you show me your problem with a link or screenshot?

ferdie Purchased

Since the launch off IE9 the template menu Items has stopped working. Is there by any chance a upgrade version that will accommodate IE 9 .


Hi ferdie

This cufon script does’nt support IE9 . Plz update it from here:


I purchased the template and was trying to install the plugins when I got this error as well: Call to a member function isAdmin() on a non-object in /plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/admin/util.php on line 228

Can you post the solution?


Hi margieyeung

Plz send pm. We will solve this problem togetter.

kevin271 Purchased


I have the same problem that Vjhash, but as the answer isn´t here, then here is my question again, how i can fixed?

Problem with upload / install

2. Ja Typo Plugin

This pligin haven´t abillited yet but i have the Fatal Error

Fatal error: Call to a member function isAdmin() on a non-object in /home/op/public_html/web/plugins/system/jatypo/jatypo.php on line 63

Please send the answer to jorgegallon@live.com and please, too public the answer here


Hi Kevin

I sent pm to you

My site is http://www.colemanandassociates.ca/index.php – I am not sure what else to tell you. The admin page won’t come up either.


Hi margie

Can you send to me your FTP info and Cpanel info? I will install it for you

What email address should I send this info to?

jarekm Purchased

I get this errors on the front-page of the site:

JFTP::login: Unable to login
JFTP::mkdir: Bad response
JFTP::chmod: Bad response
JFTP::mkdir: Bad response
JFTP::chmod: Bad response

do you know what could be the cause of that? I Have disabled the FTP in Global Configuration but then I’ll get this:

JFolder::create: Could not create directory
JFolder::create: Could not create directory

all is showing on the front pages of the site, I have tried to set Error Reporting to None, but that didi not help.

please advise

jarekm Purchased

aslo all my Directory Permissions are Writable


Hi jarekm

Try to change some path variable in config.php.

Check your var $tmp_path = ‘your/path/to/tmp’;

Then make sure this folder is writable.

i know you don’t claim that it is Joomla 1.7 compatible but do you plan to update the template so that it’ll play with J1.7?



Hello greek_mod and thank you for having purchased my theme. I surely plan to update it, it’s just that I cannot tell now when exactly that would be. I am working now on all my templates for updating them, right now I am working on l-epos. L-carmen and L-maximus will follow after it. Anyway we will keep in touch and you can also send me a pm, in case you’ll have some other questions.

Best regards, Levent

miles2 Purchased


I have the following question. I would like to change the ratio (width) between main body and right column in this template.

Can somebody tell me where can I do that (which file and code)?


Thanks for having purcahsed my theme

plz send me pm. I will explain it you

hotako Purchased


I have purchased this theme and also need to solve the IE9 issue. Pls reply my pm. Thanks.