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Hi there, How do I make the portfolio page in isotope layout ? it doesn’t show in the portfolio settings page.

Hi itgel,

the portfolio grid uses the masonry features to display your projects/items. So you don´t need to adjust nothing out the box.

In case you could have any doubt about adding projects, I really encourage you to read this part of the documentation in order to know more.

I hope it will help you out! : )

thanks it helped me out !

The insert module is not working. When I click on insert module I get nothing. I have the template setup as modular page and it does not work for the portfolio items either.


make sure you are using an updated version of the theme. In case you could be still in problems, do not hesitate to open a support ticket and provide there a valid purchase code, this is mandatory in order to get assistance by our part.

Cheers! : )

It was actually one of my plugins that was interfering. I have another question though. Is there a way to add a phone number field to the contact form?

I´m sorry Asha, but we just can provide support to certified buyers. Please, login with the account with you did your theme purchase in order we can provide further help.

Thanks! : )

Is there a license included with the theme for the visual composer plugin which the theme needs to function?

Hi Stephan,

Lobo does not use visual composer. We have developed a custom module builder in order to make easier adding your own contents and working with the concept and theme design.

Please, check the documentation in order to know more about how to add your contents with Lobo.

Cheers! : )

OOH! an update today!

I love it when the best themes stay alive and up to date, adding longevity or immortality to their shelf life / lifetime as platforms for creative expression and interaction with the masses online.

:) Lobo is one of the all time best themes for a host of reasons.

If you work with wordpress, you really need to license this theme.


Hi Chris!

thank you very much for your support always! Lobo has guaranteed the support for a very looong time, you can be sure about it. We are very happy having such a great community behind the theme : )

Hey there, Is anyone having trouble logging into admin dashboard ? the link which is/wp-admin usually worked to login but for some reason it’s not showing up anymore. is this a theme issue or my hosting ?

Hi itgel,

you should not have any problem logging in into your dashboard. In case you could have any related issue, I encourage to open a support ticket in order we can check what kind of issue are you facing up and in this way we can guide you better.

Cheers! : )


MiraMaya Purchased


I have problem with Vimeo Video. The video is displayed normally in headers. But when I joint module on the side of this video, the following message appears.


The embed code for this video is not valid.

This Vimeo video code works in header.

What is the problem?

Thank you, Edward

Hey MiraMaya,

I don´t understand very well your scenario. But first of all, make sure that your theme is updated to the last available version. This will ensure the full & correct functionality for all the elements.

In case you have your theme updated and you are experiencing some kind of issue, I recommend you to open a support ticket and provide there more information, your site URL and more details in order to us to help you closer.

Cheers! : )


MiraMaya Purchased

Hello again.

OK Problem solved.

Best Regards, edward

Lobo appears to load much faster than themes based around visual composer – and with all the patching of vulnerabilities of visual composer it appears you made a wise choice coding your own page builder.

Am I correct in assuming you and your team are committed to keeping Lobo fast and lightweight? I hate bloated themes and will purchase before weeks end. Thank you.

Hey Troy!

as you say, Lobo has its own module builder. The main difference here in front to VC is that you won´t load thousand of code lines that you´ll never use in your site.

Lobo´s builder and markup is lightweight and we will maintain it as it is because we don´t believe on putting features without no sense. If you review all the change logs, you will see that we just added really interesting features or we improved some existents. Overloading the theme with features just to be in the market trends don´t turn it better, in our opinion it does it worst. So in this sense, we will keep doing and developing our projects in this direction.

The only scenario where you could find a bit heavy our theme would be when you add a big amount of images within a single page. We have fond some few sites with a very large amount of images in a single page and obviously, this makes larger the page to load. But if you keep optimized your images, you can achieve really fast load times using large images and graphics. Just take a look at the demos, there we use and mix large images with videos, slides… and everything load smooth and fast.

I hope it will be useful, anyway, thank you very much for your interest in Lobo. It is really appreciated : )


Excellent reply and I appreciate the focus on speed – I love anything that can be done (images are on our end but with photoshop and jpegmini, users have no excuse) to keep the code lean and fast.

When 2016 lands, you and your team might want to highlight something like “updated for 2016” banners to keep sales rolling in. The work you have done over the course of the last year on LOBO really shows and I don’t want people to overlook this theme.

Well done.


Hey Troy,

thank you very much for your feedback and support to our work. It is really appreciated : )

Aside the theme development & design, we take very seriously the theme support, so in case you could have any related doubt or you could need some guides in some direction, do not hesitate to open a support ticket and we will try to help with doing our best.

Again, thank you very much for your appreciation and tips.


SVPLY Purchased

Hi guys. Quick one, how can I disable the arrows in hero sliders? Thanks!

Sure thing,

in order to disable this behavior, you will need to modify the main javascript file. This file is within js folder > main.js. Just open it with your preferred code editor and around the line 648 within the setHeaderSlider() function, you will find this line:

pauseOnHover: true,

Just set it to -> false in order to modify this behavior in such cases.

I hope it will help you out! ::)


SVPLY Purchased

Beautiful as always. Can’t wait to buy your next theme. Have a great week!

You are welcome : ) Thanks a lot and have a great week too!


itgel Purchased

Hi there, I’m having few issues with my website when loaded in mobile devices. CAn you help me fix this ? :)

Hi itgel,

I don´t know what kind of issues you refer to, the best would be to open a support case and provide there more details about it. Please, provide the URL to your site and more details about the issues, we will try to help with :)

Hello, I hope this is a quick question, otherwise I’ll open up a support ticket. Is it possible to disable parallax for mobile devices?



this is not an easy task because you would need to create a js script in order to detect mobile devices and then remove all the functions involved only in such cases.

Actually, you have an option to totally remove parallax, not just for mobile.

We will have this feature into account for future updates.

Cheers! : )

Hi there, I’m having a few issues with my website, as I’m using some bigger texts than others, when I resize the window or when I’m in a tablet, the text is cropped. I know there is the auto-height option for the vertical alignment, but I don’t like the way the website gets when it’s with that option, because the image can’t follow that size and gets a “blank” space under de image. I’ve tried to reduce some of the text, and I even coded on css to reduce “p” size. But that’s not enough. So I’m asking if its possible, to reduce the line- height, when the window is smaller. Or another suggestion for this problem. I hope you can help me.

Sorry, i mean “auto-height” in the inner wrap option, not in the vertical alignment.

Hello Maria,

I´m sorry to say that I can´t help you here with this query.

I would need to check this closer in order to understand better the scenario you are facing up. For this, I really encourage you to open a support ticket and provide there more details as your site URL and credentials to access to your dashboard in order to check your custom code.

Before, make sure you are using the last available theme version in order to prevent any old bug or weird functionality.

In any case, we need you provide a valid purchase code in order to access to any support help by our side. So just remind to add it when you will open your support ticket.

Best, Van.

Hello again, hum…true, I don’t have the last version, so in first place i gonna do that. And then if the problem remains I will open a support ticket as you recommended. Thanks.


SVPLY Purchased

Hey VKW, quick one. By default the menu text in the centre of the menu, how can I put it in the left side above the menu logo. Here is what I want:

Thank you!


you can do this using this custom CSS rule via Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS:

.compact-menu .main-d-nav ul .menu-item a { text-align: left; padding-left:10%; }

As you can see, I have added a padding-left propery, just use percentage or pixels to better control the distance for your menu items.

I hope it will help you out! : )


SVPLY Purchased

Crazy amazing, crazy fast support.


itgel Purchased

Hey there, Just a quick one. Is there a way to have the portfolio items appear randomly ?

Hello : )

I´m sorry to say that it´s not possible. You are able to sort your portfolio items as you prefer but no option is available to achieve this random behavior.


Hello, before I buy this theme, I have some questions:

1. Do you have a example of a video as a portfolio element? 2. Can I add a custom code in a module? For example a before and after slider? 3. Is it possible to create a module with a slider that changes the images automatically after few seconds? Thank you very much for your answer!

Hey Grafic!

first of all, thank you very much about your interest in Lobo : )

Regarding to your questions:

1. Here you can see a video project example. You can add videos from Youtube & Vimeo.

2. About custom code, I´m not pretty sure what you mean here with before/after slider. The theme tools allows you to add many different contents like texts, images, sliders, videos… possibilities playing with contents are huge.

3. About autoplay sliders, this functionality is only available when you add a slider within the hero area, but not within a content module due to performance issues. But you could tweek the js in order to get all the sliders within a single page working in autoplay, which is not recommended by our part.

Lobo provides many different options to create unique layouts. You can check some websites using the theme in many different ways within the theme´s page description in order to know how other users are working with it.

Anyway, thanks a lot for putting attention in Lobo!


ilgalla Purchased

Hi! Do you sell separately the module bulder plugin?


I´m sorry, but the builder was developed exclusively for Lobo.

Thank you very much for using the theme! :)

Hi guys, good job! Before purchasing the theme I read your documentation. If I understand the modules are 25% – 50% – 75% and 100% size. I did not understand if I can have custom size? For example height 600px? Or height auto?

Thanks, E.

Hello Emanuele,

you can set the modules as you say and each module will maintain a height based in the stablished ratio, but you can set any module to work in auto height, what means that you basically can use to add any content with any height.

Anyway, within the docs we provide more details that I really encourage you to read in order to understand better how the module builder works. This builder was developed exclusively for Lobo and it was designed and developed thinking on the theme´s concept, so we tried to do it as easier to use as possible, we received many compliments about how easy and useful the builder is.

In any case, thank you very much about your interest in Lobo! :)

Hi, Very Nice Work, I was wonder if I purchase that work, could I customize some elements, could I do that, I need for example to make the shop style show the items exactly like in works section, I mean the effect of yellow border bother me and the fade in image..etc.


the theme provides many different tools to customize your site, you can read more about all the available features within the official documentation.

In case of the yellow borders within the shop page, this is very easy to modify via custom CSS. If you could need some help by our part in this sense, we can provide some custom CSS rules to get rid of these borders.

Anyway, thank you very much for your interest in Lobo, it is really appreciated : )