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buenas tardes, mi nombre es Teresa y he instalado el tema en wordpress, mi problema es que el menu no esta completo. podrian ayudarme

buenas , gracias por atenderme, la verdad que soy nueva en esto de wordpress y estoy un poco perdida. más tambien que todo esta en ingles y me cuesta bastante entender. como me has explicado en el mensaje he activado los p`lugins del tema en wordpress, estoy trabajando con esto desde mi dominio con el modulo que me ofrecia OVH porqeu es una posibiliodad de hacer mi pagina y no depender de alguien especializado en html y codigos, por eso escogi la opcion . no se realmente si instale bien el tema, mi prtegunta es : tengo que descomprimir la carpeta antes de añadirla a wordpress? muchas gracias.

estoy intentando tambien validar el codigo y no tengo ni idea, vaya que estoy muy muy perdida!!!!!

Hola Teresa,

en caso de que nunca hayas instalada un theme de WP o hayas realizado ninguna instalación similar, tengo que decirte que nosotros no podemos asistirte con ello.

En ese caso, lo mejor que puedo hacer es recomendarte que o bien, en caso de que quieras gestionar tú todo, busques en Youtube algunos videos acerca de cómo instalar WP y un theme y que todo eso lo complementes con la docu de Lobo. Con ello te debería de resultar sencillo comenzar a trabajar, no te preocupes porque es más sencillo de lo que pueda parecer al principio.

Si de lo contrario prefieres que alguien te asista para instalar el theme y realizar las configuraciones más básicas y así. Escríbeme vía el formulario de contacto que hay en mi perfil y así puedo recomendarte a alguien con quien podrías apoyarte para ello.

¡Espero que te sirva de ayuda! : )

How can i change the main navigation menu from 50% of the screen to 30%? I have already tried using the .compact-menu .main-d-nav { width: 30%; } but it leaves a black area in the last 20% of the page. Can you help me?

Thanks !

The gallery is on this page:

OK, I see what happens. You can choose from two different gallery skins. Please, check this part of the documentation:

Gallery — Inserts a gallery. It looks like a basic image module in the front-end, but when you click it, a full blown gallery will appear. All options can be changed here, but the skin is a global value set in the Theme Customizer > Styles section.

As you can see there, you will be able to modify this skin via Theme Customizer > Styles section.

I hope it will be useful! : )

Thanks. That was helpful! – I have made a support ticket regarding the menu.

Hello, I have a pre-buy question: is it posibvle, when I enter into a project item like this one:, to have a full with video instead of the image, I believe it’s the featured image.. I need to see the video first, as soon as I enter the portfolio item.


Hola Lucía,

muchas gracias por detallar este tema, ahora lo entiendo correctamente.

En este tipo de portfolio, cada item está generado sobre la base de un módulo 4-2, es decir, que ocupa todo el ancho y tiene un alto ‘dos’. Así que esto no es inicialmente modificable desde las opciones del theme.

Si solo vas a utilizar esta vista ‘en cascada’ y quisieras modificar el alto, sería relativamente sencillo. Lo que sí debes saber es que una vez asignas una feat image para ese item, la imagen va a ocupar todo el ancho del módulo. Luego si estás visualizando a 1280 de ancho, tu feat image ocupará ese ancho y el alto que tú le asignes, pero si quisieras que cada proyecto tenga su propio alto, quizá sería un poco más fácil de modificar, tendría que probarlo para darte una solución lo más sencilla posible. Pero como poder, se podría hacer con unos pocos tweaks.

¡Un saludo y muchas gracias por tu continuado interés en Lobo! :)

listo, compré =) Cuando arme un poco todo te pido ayuda con estos temas que te comenté.


Genial, Lucía! Cualquier cosa, me dices. Puedes o bien abrir un ticket de soporte en nuestra área específica para ello y bien escribirme un mail a través del formulario de contacto que encontrarás en mi perfil, aquí.

Muchas gracias por elegir Lobo para tu proyecto! Espero que te guste la experiencia de trabajar con él! : )

?can you tell me where the slug for “portfolio” is? i would like to change it. i am good with coding, just need to know what file. thanks!

Hi cheekks21,

This would require the changing of the portfolio slug, in order to do this you simply must open /wp-content/plugins/lobo-portfolio/includes/portfolio.php file and modify this line:

'rewrite' => array("slug" => "portfolio"), // Permalinks format

Change portfolio to whatever you prefer.

Please note the following:

- You’ll have to reset the permalinks if something doesn’t work (you get 404 errors, for example).

- You are not allowed to have any other page with the slug which you give to the portfolio. Let’s say you change portfolio to gallery. You won´t be allowed to create any other page with the name gallery. If you have a certain page, trash it, then delete it permanently.

In case you could need further help, I suggest you to open a support ticket where you will need to provide a valid support code.

I hope it will help you out! : )

worked perfectly! thanks so much for your FAST response!

Hi, this theme looks awesome!

Before purchasing, I have some questions on the mobile view.

I notice there are some alignment issues in the demo mobile view (e.g. overlapping buttons in checkout pages and extra cart icon at the bottom of the site). Has this been fixed or can be fixed easily using CSS?

Thank you!

Hello inlightof,

the extra cart icon at the bottom part overlaps with the “buy theme” button that it´s only present in the demo, this button won´t be part of any final site.

Anyway, you can modify or get rid off in any moment with some few CSS.

Thanks for your interest in Lobo! : )

Hei Van !

I come to you because I always have a problem referencing my site on google.

A friend see the source code that the content : content = noindex and I would like to index my website on google.

Is that I can change myself from the platform Wordpress ? Thans for your answer !

Hello David,

this depends on the way you did your WP installation/configuration and this is not a theme issue. Lobo is ready to handle this configuration depending on your choices.

If you need further help, please, open a support ticket and provide there a valid purchase code.

I hope it will help you out! : )

Hi, we’re going to buy your theme, but first we need to know if it’s possible to play a video in background (fullscreen), or in the home page slideshow. Thank you, regards, Gianfranco Giachetti –

Ciao Gianfranco!

yes, you can play videos (Vimeo/Youtube) within the hero area ‘fullscreen’ or you can play them within the video modules for this proposal with different sizes.

Thank you very much about your interest in Lobo, it is really appreciate it! : )


I’ve created a modular page where I’ve inserted several image type modules with a specific module width, height and caption.

But when the module height is set to auto, the caption doesn’t display or render at all even in the page source.

Is there any quick fix on that?

Thank you.

Hello webandart,

We should check this out in detail. Please, open a support ticket and provide a URL where we can see this issue in order to understand better this. We´ll try to help you with it : )

Hi! Eventually we bought this amazing theme for our new project. We just installed it and stated working on it locally via xampp, and immediately we got console errors relating to plugins.js file, line 224, on BackgroundCheck script. Something like ‘plugins.js:224 Uncaught Elements not found’. Nothing has been uploaded or added, just the default Wordpress example page and post. Is it normal due to working locally, while it will be fixed once online, or not? Sorry, but we’d like to be sure about it before starting to work hard on the new site… thanks.

Hello Chris!

this notice appears because as you know, Lobo is able to adjust the header color elements automatically depending on the hero image displayed in this area, this is how this feature works by default. Then, when you have not any hero element set in your page, the option tries to identify the kind of image in your hero area and when not finding one, the javascript responsible returns this notice.

You can set up an image or just adjust with the option for this in your page the ‘light’ option (at the bottom of the page options), for example. Then the theme will set your ‘light or dark’ elements scheme and it won´t try to adjust it automatically depending on a image placed within, that in your case is not set.

I hope it will be useful! : )

Yes! Fixed! Thank you so much for your quick support. I’m loving this theme more and more…

Just started using it and this is my personal review: The best theme I’ve ever tried. Working with it is so pleasant, small customizations in order to achieve your own design. Using it is easy, also because documentation is incredibly clear and exhaustive. Code is well written, with no extra useless plugins or stuff. All is perfect. The result is awesome. I only wonder what happens with very huge monitors. Unless you upload huge images (not a good idea if you’ve got lots of them) I think I’m going to try to set max-width (2000px?) to html / body / hero areas etc in order to get a column-like layout for huge screens. Not the best thing, but maybe better than getting blurry images, isn’t it? I don’t know if I’ll manage that but I’ll make a try. Cheers.

Hello Chris!

first of all, we are really happy you find Lobo useful and easy to work with. This was our main goal since the first pixel : )

About the very large screens, just notice that the theme is a full width solution, so your images should be as big as possible, for example, if you are using somewhere a two columns layout, to fit a 2000 pixels width screen, your images should be at least around 1000px width each one. Only in case that you are using very large single row images in very large screens, you could find pixelation. Otherwise, the theme perfectly fits in the most scenarios. I can say that Lobo in a 27’ iMac monitor with 2560px width just shines and looks espectacular.

Anyway, thank you very much for your motivating feedback and I hope you will do great with your project! : )

Thank you. I know your theme fits perfectly all screens, the problem might be images smaller than the actual screen’s (or blocks’) width not the theme’s structure, in case of very large monitor. I know it’s just a rare case, but I’d honestly prefer to have a sort of fallback to max-width body in those cases instead of stretching images to fill the whole available space. But that’s my problem :))) Regards.


mattiz15 Purchased

There’s some way to have both video background and overlapping text in a hero? Just like this example: – Thank you!

Hello mattiz15,

well, this is how the video hero option already works. If you play with the page options you will see that you can set up a video for the hero element. Within the same page options you can read ‘Custom titles’. You can set up a title and then, via CSS, you can place the text centered in the hero area. This agency just did this, playing with the main typeface, sizes and position.

I hope it will help you out! : )


aithon Purchased

Hello VanKarWai,

I just updated to WP 4.5 and am having a weird issue. I have a page using the Modular Page template. When I try to edit in the Text Module Content area in Text view, my cursor is not visible, so I can’t see where I can add text or code. Same thing happens for the Module Title, Background Color, Text Color fields—any field where you can enter content. I can, however, edit in the Visual view, but then that won’t allow me to add code. I would have to wipe out all content if I need to make any edits.

FYI, Text view editing works in the Default template. And I deactivated all plugins except for the Lobo ones to check if any of them are causing the issue, but that didn’t help.


Hello aithon,

this is pretty weird. We have done different tests and the theme is working correctly. Not only the modules are working normally but this weird cursor issue is not present.

Otherwise, please, open a support ticket and we´ll try to help closer.

Cheers! : )


aithon Purchased

Hello VanKarWai,

I just submitted a ticket.

I’m not having issues with images, but thank you for the GDLibrary tip.


Unfortunately I’m getting a major problem along with WPML. I’m working locally with WPML latest releases (WPML Multilingual CMS 3.3.7, ...) but Theme and Plugins Localization doesn’t load, it’s blank. It only happens with Logo theme, and it works well when another default theme (ie Twenty Fifteen) is activated instead. Have anybody get this issue before? Quite weird. I need to fix it. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Hello Chris,

notice that Lobo not only supports WPML but we were working directly with the WPML team to provide fully support to the plugin. So you should not have big problems with it. In case you are having some related issues, please, open a support ticket and provide there credentials to access to your installation in order to understand better this scenario you are facing.

Cheers! : )

Thank you for your help. I’m trying with a new installation to check if the problem occurs online too, for now I can say that in my case the ‘Theme and Plugins localization’ page goes blank with WPML latest release (Multilingual CMS 3.3.7), however it works perfectly along with a previous WPML version (I checked that with Multilingual CMS 3.3.5). I’ll open a ticket as soon as I go online. Regards.


mattiz15 Purchased

I noticed that video background doesn´t work on mobile browser. How can I disable the video on mobile and show a background image or background color?

Hello mattiz15,

you already have this option implemented with the theme. As you know, you can choose from different options to customize your hero area. When choosing a video background, as you point, mobile devices can´t display this kind of content. Instead, you can configure a background fallback image using the image field for this. There you can read this:

An image can also be chosen when you are using a video hero, to stand as a fallback for mobile devices (it replaces the video completely).

Thus, you just need to set up an image hero and also a video. Then, when your site will display in non mobile browsers will display your video content and when displayed in a mobile device, you site will display your image hero as a fallback to cover this scenario.

I hope it will help you out! : )


mattiz15 Purchased

It worked! Thank you very much.

Hi Team Lobo, How can i make the backgrund of the big menu white and all the text social icons and so on black? Is this menu always black as standard? Thanks! Regards Kenneth

The hover/active color depends directly on the highlight color you set in the theme´s options, but if you want to modify this to a different one, you can do it by adding this other rule: .compact-menu .main-d-nav ul li a:hover { color: rgb(249, 102, 11); }

I hope it will be useful! : )

Sorry for being a pain in the ass. The code snippet worked fine, but the selected/active color is still white. I know i can change the main color in the theme options, but that will make a lot of other stuff black as well and that does not fit the website.

How can i change the highlight color without changing the main color?

Thanks again..! :-)

No prob, Kenneth!

try in this way: .compact-menu .main-d-nav ul li a:hover,
body .compact-menu .main-d-nav ul li.current a { color: #0ED7E4; }

This should work for hovered items and active ones, you can set hex/rgb values, as you prefer ; ) – If you scroll all the way to the bottom and select “Older Posts” it should show more posts (there are 6 additional posts that should appear on the 2nd page of Blog)?. This doesn’t happen – It refreshes the content of the current page. How can I get the “Older Posts” button to work?

Hi organicreative_2,

you should find such option at the bottom side. Make sure that you have correctly configured your sites reading options setting a max/page number. Once done this, if you are still having this issue, please, open a support ticket and we´ll have a look closer into this weird detail. Just provide an admin user and password to you site to check this out.


Hello, great theme.
I have a question: why some images in the portfolio change the colors?
In the same web-browser please check this image
and the same image in the portfolio
Do you see the differents (pink)?
Is possible to fix them?
Thank You,

Hi Nick,

I have checked out your site and I can see that the image loaded in the portfolio module is this one, where colors are the same. Make sure that you are correctly uploading the same picture. If this is ok, please, open a support ticket and provide an admin user and password to your site in order that we can check this better. The theme can´t modify your pictures colors or similar.


tkseward Purchased

?The layout formatting of the Lobo Woocomerence is very messed up during checkout. Please try and add an item to the cart and go through the checkout process.. something is very wrong as it looks terrible. here is my url:

Hi again,

first of all, I´d ask you to calm down because we are not asking you for any payment or similar. Where did you see that $40 fee? We offer free support included with your theme´s license under Envato´s policy. Thus, if you have expired the 6 months for support included, you should renew your support license, which is around 17USD and I must say that we did not supported this, but it is a mandatory process impost by Envato against us and many other authors, I´m sorry to say that we don´t do the rules and we are not happy with them neither.

When I say that the checkout page works correctly I mean that it is working normally in our dev installation and we have not received any other notice from other users, for this reason I though that it could be some particular problem related to your site in a isolated way. Something that was working perfectly for you before because you have the site working for a while, so in some moment this appeared broken and we need to know more details in order to understand why happened this in your site. We just want to help, believe me.

You can contact with us via this contact form.

I hope it will help : )


tkseward Purchased

Envato is asking for $41.30 which is outrageous (Even $17 is asking alot, but i guess they have to make money.. i hope you get a little of the top from this otherwise it just makes me want to buy another theme). I am guessing the high price is for the other themes that I have bought?! anyways sorry I am upset, but I rarely had any issues with this theme and now something which seems like a simple fix (i.e. replace a php file or something) Envanto is asking me $41.30 to use the support system. I will contact you through the form with my Username and Login so you can take a look at what might be wrong. Again sorry, but I am hoping to sell a few items on here and it def looks so bad that I will lose customers. I know its not your fault, but I did recently update your theme and I think this is when it went broken.


as you can see now, your checkout page is working normally. We guess that you copied and pasted the shortcode from the docs and it finished with a raw tagged code breaking your checkout page layout. This was a bad configuration and not a theme issue. Now we have fixed this error with your configuration and your site is running again as normally it did before.

I hope it will help you out! : )


csqunj Purchased


Love the theme! Several questions: 1. The design is responsive in general, but is there a way that I can manually adjust things for display on mobile devices? For example, the 75% and 25% wide modules look good on desktop, but they don’t quite work on mobile devices. Texts in 75% wide modules are not fully displayed, and there is always a empty module next to a 25% wide module. The sequence is also messed up. How can I fix these? 2. The hover effect of the portfolio items displays the titles, and the captions do the same thing. Can I get rid of the captions of the portfolio items? 3. I would like the social media links to be opened in new windows.

Thanks a lot!!!

Hello csqunj!

basically you need to play with the ‘wrap’ options that you can configure within each module to prevent cuts in your texts or contents. Anyway, as you have some questions that I need to develop in order to explain you how to achieve each detail, please, open a support ticket and I´ll help you with them : )

Hello, is there a way of changing the Vimeo preset “blue” color?