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Hi there, back again with more questions, I’m really sorry!

1) Could you please tell me if the page builder will allow, for example, a 3 column layout and allow some extra large thumbnails taking up taking up the space of 2 columns instead of just one? in the sense of a feature post?

2) I found the wonderful samples on your description page with actual use by freelancers etc. Some have used a 1 column design ( http://jeremysnowsill.com ) with just one full width image, is this possible with the standard design?

3) Can I alter the height of individual thumbnails to what ever I need, even if through coding? is the grid PHP coded, for example?

4) are there other animations for the thumbnails, such as fade or animate to top?

5) With your page builder, is it possible to create a page that has multiple grids? eg. combines, firstly, a section of a 2 column grid, then a section with a 3 column grid?

again, sorry for all the questions Mister VKW.



Oh…one more.

6) for the fullscreen gallery on the bottom of this page: http://vankarwai.com/themes/lobo-agency/portfolio/skylines/

Is it possible to have the project name on hover, rather than “view gallery” ?

Thanks again,