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Is there a more recent version from plugins than Version 0.1 and Version 1.0.5?

Plugins crash admin whenever saving a post or page. Tested on multiple servers



plugins should not crash the admin, in fact in no other installations is happening this, so please, open a support ticket and provide there your site URL and an admin user and password to your site in order to review this issue better.

Anyway, make sure you are running an updated version theme.


This theme is not great if you want to embed video from youtube – it heavily crops video, and not uniformly, the player controls do not work and i found the theme support unhelpful, once you have bought the theme they keep pointing to towards the documentation which reveals there is lots of bugs with video in this theme. Should not be advertised as ‘perfect for filmmakers’.


Hey Lindsay,

it is just that Lobo manages Vimeo videos, specially, in some different way in order to embed them and play with the controls that don´t allow to put too much modules videos in the same page.

But if you have read the docs, you will see that the theme allows self-h HTML5 video, so, you always can use this technology in order to add as many videos as you want within the same page without any kind of limitation.

Anyway, thank you very much for your review (1 star), I think we don´t deserve that score after all the hard work developing the theme or attending your queries in our support area. But if you think that our work just worths this, we accept it.

Best, Van.

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The parallax scrolling is a bit laggy/buggy on the iPad. It only moves when I release my finger (during scrolling) and is really terrible for user experience.

I know it is a Safari problem and we just have to wait, but is it possible to turn it off for just for iPads (and maybe all tablet/mobile devices) for now? But still have it on normal computers? If yes, how do I do this? Thanks!



as you know this is an iPhone/iPad issue, but anyway, which iOS are you running? I ask this because we tweaked a lot the parallax effect in order to have the smoothest scroll experience possible for iDevices and the results, IMHO, are pretty good. The parallax is working during the swip/scroll, not just when releasing the finger… of course that it is not working like in a native app, but works pretty well.

In case of disabling the effect just for devices we should review very well all the code because such change could have some non controlled behaviors. I will review this closer and I will let you know, ok?


Hi Van,

I’m doing a child theme and need a lot of help :) Because I have a lot of questions and found some things that aren’t working well.

Witch way do you prefer, here? or maybe is better using your support center?




you can open a support ticket and we can follow there any related doubt you could have :)

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Hi, Loving the lobo theme, thanks!


Hey Fon!

while uploading or updating any plugin or image, WordPress uses tmp folder to store uploads temporarily. This error is thrown by php when its unable to locate temporary folder. This is basically a server side problem related to your hosting, as they may have forgot to set up temp dir for you, but can be treated simply by changing PHP settings using php.ini file.

So in case you don´t know how to create a php.ini file into your server, I recommend you to contact with your hosting provider in order to fix this issue.

Basically you need a php.ini file with this declaration:

upload_tmp_dir= /home/username/public_html/tmp/

Note – php.ini is a file where one declare changes to PHP settings. Every server is configured with default PHP settings. So you can do changes using php.ini file.

Note – Some persons try to fix this problem changing folder permissions. Never try to give 777 permission to any folder for solving this type of errors. It may works but might not be safe.

I hope it will help you out! :)

Hi, I’ve had your theme for a while now and sometimes my photos don’t appear on the portfolio item page. I have to refresh and then they appear. Please help!!!!



open a support ticket and provide there the URL to your site in order we can check this out.


Adding fonts via @font-face in custom CSS doesn’t work. The theme author regards the addition of fonts, that are NOT in the Google library, as customization and not aa a support issue. So for all prospective buyers in Asian and Arabic countries – be aware of that issue and that you might need to hire someone to implement your fonts.


Hi minimal,

via support we have explained you in 2 different ways how to implement @font-face simply using the custom CSS features you can find within the theme.

We talk about customizations when you want go further and modify different elements within the theme.

Once again, support is not mandatory and we always help to all our customers for free and for unlimited time. We help with any kind of issues, but never with customizations because this is not our work, for this, again, you have services like:

https://www.elto.com/ or https://www.odesk.com/

Thank you very much for your rating (1 star).

The last update vanish with my logo and all images in “Image Hero header” from online portfolio! They appear at admin but not on the running website. I Know that here is for comments, but I’m not comfortable to have to login in ticksy! I have no time for this. This last update made a mess on my website.


It looks like I’m not the only one with this issue. I just updated to the latest version and it caused all my Hero Images to not show, as well as the “light” logo to not appear.

Please let me know if there is a quick fix that I can do or should I wait for the latest patch?


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Same thing here !

Image Hero headers and logos : vanished under version 2.3.2

Please provide a quick fix for that problem.


Dear friends, seems to be some kind of problem with the last update that we are reviewing and fixing ASAP.

Apologizes for any drawback related to this.

Thank you very much for your understanding.


Rueben Author Team

Hey everyone! As Van said, there is a critical bug in the latest version of the theme, which slipped through our review process.

We already have a fix and we’re waiting for the update to be approved on ThemeForest, but if anyone wants the update sooner than in a few hours, please open a ticket on the support forums and we’ll give you a direct link to download this fixed update.


Sorry for all the inconvenience,