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Very cool.

Only one problem. The portfolio images on the home page have no label on the smartphone. I can not see what content / category hides behind the pictures. The desktop version is top.

Is there a solution or an idea?

Hi Tom,

I´m sorry to say that I don´t understand well your query. Would you mind to be more precise with it, please? Thanks!

Oh Sorry,

Google Translator: D

My problem relates to the mobile version: I can not recognize which project is hidden on the home page after the displayed image on your phone. In the desktop version, there is a mouseover effect if I want to get displayed the title of the project.

My question: Is there a way to display a title?

Yes, I understand now. This is a normal way to work with such elements in touch devices where you would need to click twice in each project to visit the page. For this reason we use the .no-touch classes to add this layer with the title and some metas. This is becoming a standard way to implement such features.

You you please look at this: The home Here is making it’s way in the bottom of the page. Any ideas?


I´m sorry to say that I don´t understand your query here. Would you mind to be more precise, please? Thanks! :)

It’s all good – got it figured out. It was because the twitter wasn’t configured correctly


Eneen Purchased


I’d like only to show images with subtitles in my portfolio. Some projects have only one image some more images. Is it possible to directly link to gallery from home page like here: ...with custom title and without showing “view gallery” logo? Or just open project images in lightbox like here: -> link to “The surfer”. ...but in lightbox gallery with subtitles like above?

Best regards.


well, you can´t do this exactly, but you can modify the “view gallery” tag or even adding your own gallery title. You can see a lot of different tweaks of this kind within or support area.

In this case, you could change the “view gallery” and open on click the gallery to show your works inside. As you know, you have different configurations for the galleries, they are not a simple lightbox system. Galleries in Lobo has its own engine and you can choose form two different designs and two different content displays.

I hope it will help you out with your doubts. Anyway, thank you very much about your interest in Lobo! : )


Eneen Purchased

Is it possible that you can set such example on demo page?

I´m sorry, but this is not possible because some custom CSS and some custom core code is needed to work in that way and demos can´t be altered like this. I recommend you to check our support area and search for some threads about this detail in order to know more : )

For some reason the emails are not being sent from the contact form here ( I have checked “all” and “spam”) :

Any ideas?


if you google for this, you will see that this is a very common issue with Wordpress themes. Please, implement the plugin we recommend or just contact with GoDaddy.

In any case, I would like to recommend you a couple of better hosting companies if you do business with websites – or

These are serious companies for hosting. GoDaddy I agree is a very big company, but this is like McDonalds, maybe you stop being hungry but your a not eating real/healthy food.

The theme has not any problem in this sense, it is in use for more than 3k sites.

I hope it will help you out! : )


wingazing Purchased

I’ve done both. Implemented the plugin (using PHP) and contacted GoDaddy.

This is a case of the client wanting to keep GoDaddy and here is what they said…

FROM GODADDY: The relay server is working and the emails are being sent out. they tested with the relay server it never get to the relay server server so it’s basically getting lost in translation. They said that the on the code should be set to

I’ve installed contact form 7 and it’s working just fine.

with that said – the client still wishes to have the previous look, using the native contact form.

I am hoping there is a solution.


I´m sorry to say that we can´t do too much more here, as I pointed to you before, it is a server related issue. The last thing I can do for you here is to recommend you to open a support ticket where you will find support with my mate Ruben, maybe he can guide you in some way to deal with this GoDaddy issue.

I would like to remind you about choosing a better hosting provider in the future in order to have and provide a better infrastructure to your clients.

I hope it will help you out! : )

Hello, can you please help me. I’ve looked a lot for my problems and they are popular, but I didn’t find answer for myself. 1. How to remove the main preloader or the hole preloaders at all. I tried to go to css and functions.php but I couldn’t find the correct solution. 2. How to make the header be with just one color. Always be one color for example #000; 3. I have want for my navigation menu always to be with “small(on Top)” mode. because when you scroll down the sticky menu appears as a “Big type”, but I want it to be always as a menu type “Small”.

I will really appreciate if you give me answers for these 3 questions. Thanks


the most of them are covered within our support area. But as always, please, log in with the account where you did the purchase/license for the theme in order to get support : )