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Buenas! Me gustaría saber si hay alguna manera de hacer que el menu principal no cambie de color al pasar el ratón. Un saludo!

Hola Jesús,

no entiendo muy bien a qué te refieres. ¿Estás usando el menú visto, que se sitúa arriba o el lateral que se abre al hacer click?

Dame más detalles e intentaré ayudarte mejor : )

Estoy utilizando el menu que se localiza en la parte de arriba y al pasar el raton por encima se pone el fondo del menu blanco. Te adjunto la página para que puedas verlo mejor. Muchas gracia!

Hola de nuevo, Jesús

Ahora entiendo lo que querías decir. Puedes prevenir esto añadiendo esta regla a tus estilos personalizados:

#header #nav-wrapper.enabled .main-d-nav { background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0); }

Es la manera más sencilla de modificar este comportamiento.

Espero que te sirva de ayuda. ¡Un saludo! :)


I was just wondering if i could have one small piece of advice about my hero-text css. On smaller devices/phones it goes behind the logo. I have managed to reduce the size on smaller devices using a media query but wish to move the title down with css and for some reason i’m struggling. Im almost there but any advice would be great! its literally the only modification to the theme i wish to make! its so cool great work

Heres a link:

If you scale it down to phone size you will see my one and only problem!


I think I’ve just resolved the issue!


Ive looked around everywhere but i cant find a way to have a text slider to use for client testimonials and so on, Is this something you can help me with? Thanks

Hi nial,

you have a slider module to do this. In this case, I recommend you to check the documentation in order to know more about how the different menus work : )

Hi. Thank you for your continuous support and assistance. May i check if i am able to disable mobile view as i had been getting issues to have my website displayed properly in mobile devices. Hope to get your reply soon. Thanks.

Hi Jason,

I´m not sure what you would like to disable in mobile and what kind of issues are you finding in devices. You should have not any problem in this sense.

In any case, I recommend you to open a support ticket and there, please, provide more info about your device and mobile OS in order we have more details and data to understand your scenario.


Hola buenas. Me gustaría poder usar los comentarios de jetpack, en las publicaciones de portfolio. Hasta ahora solo he podido en las entradas de blog. Agradecería tu ayuda, mis clientas extrañan poder comentar en sus galerías de fotos.


como puedes ver en la demo del theme, esta no es una opción que esté implementada o que forme parte de la batería de funcionalidades incluidas en su core. Así, si quisieras añadir por ejemplo esta opción, que además depende de un plugin de terceros, tendrás que realizar el desarrollo correspondiente para implementarla.

Nosotros no realizamos trabajos de este tipo que escapan al scope de las tareas de soporte, este tipo de personalizaciones del theme, en caso de que no tengas los conocimientos necesarios, deberás de ser realizados por un/a programador/a. Para ello, en caso de que lo necesites, te recomiendo que eches un vistazo a este servicio o a este otro.

¡Espero que te sirva de ayuda, un saludo! : )

Hi, I’m using Modular template to build a page, I need to put a long piece of copy, why there’s no “auto” option in “height” setting. Did I missing something? Please help me look into that, thanks.

Hi, I´m going to remove your comment because you are sharing sensible info as an access to your site. This is a public forum. So please, open a private support ticket in order to get some help by our side

Support area –


Hi Can is possible to add description between slider and works grid ?


yes, you could add a text block between the sliders and projects. You would need to write the code for this within the portfolio template. For this, you need some basic code knowledge.

Anyway, thank you very much about your interest in Lobo! : )

Hi There, How are you? I am trying to make the subject field on the contact form mandatory. Please advise me how to do this. Thanks In Advance. Kind Regards,

Daniel Levine

Hi Daniel,

the easiest way to do this would be adding the “required” attribute to the select element. The subject field is a select form element that it can be modified with the “required” att. In case you could have any related doubt, do not hesitate to open a support ticket.


Hi, I installed your theme on this site. I noticed a strange behavior when I press back button on my browser. Sometimes it shows wrong informations and then reload the page. Is there any option to fix this? Thanks.


I don´t know what you mean with such behavior. But anyway, I suggest you to open a support ticket and provide there more info about this issue and we´ll try to understand better this and we´ll try to help closer.



licachat Purchased

Hello – how do you recommend updating the themes? I seem to be having issues trying to install your updated version on Wordpress. Keep getting a ‘that folder already exists…’ error.


the best way to update your WP theme is to replace the whole theme folder within wp-content/themes/lobo. This will replace your old files with the new one.

This depends on your core file edits or depends if you are using the child theme or not. But basically this should be the best way to update your site.

I hope it will help you out! : )

Hi, I checked your theme on Ipad. I see that the hover function on the table doesn’t work. I would to like to know if you forgot or it’s a development decision. The right thing should be to have with the first click the hover text, and then with second click the relative action.

Without this, on Ipad/Tablet the website experience it seems poor. Let me know please.

Hi Letizia,

this is a development decision based in a standard where the touch devices put two touches to access the project and this is not a good decision from a usability point of view.

Notice that the hover event is a hover based in a desktop input and not in a touch input. It is this the main reason to remove the “hover function” in touch devices.

If you are very interested on it, it would be really easy to remove such behavior just using CSS for this.

Anyway, thank you very much about your interest in Lobo : )

Hi, thank you. I lost the text description in this way. The shopping page, for example on my iPad, makes what i have in mind. Same looks with one touch title and description. I can have a similar behaviour using css in the home page?

It’s this what you are talking about? thank you.

Well, in the shop page this works as you refer because the info displayed there gives the user to choose from two different options. To see the product detailed or directly to purchase the product, because of this we have maintained this behavior there, because in this page the usability has different needs.

And yes, this behavior could work as well in the main portfolio with some CSS tweaks : )