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Awi70 Purchased

Does it work with WP 4.5.1 and WC 2.5.5?

Hello Awi70,

Lobo is working correctly with both last versions. The demo is actually running them : )


qatmax Purchased

Are you aware of this alignment issue on mobile devices?

In the cart “Apply coupon” and “Update cart” acts all weird.

Any quick CSS fix?

qatmax Purchased

Link works just fine. Or just open your demo, go to your cart and scale down the browser window – and you will see…

Anyways, i’m not paying $ 41,30 to tell you where you made a mistake :-)

Hey qatmax,

I´m sorry for the misunderstanding with the support query. It´s not our intention you pay more reporting something or just doing a simple query, as you can see in other threads here or in the support area. I want to clarify, having the chance for this, that this new support policy implemented by Envato is a bit meshy and this situation is very far from our proposals providing help and support. So do not worry about it and less if this could be due to some possible bug. I totally agree in this sense with you and you won´t be charged for a simple query, of course (I din´t realize that your license was expired, for us your badge is the regular one and I need to be more familiar/put more attention to the new badges, apologizes).

About the detail you comment here, I tried to open this link in Chrome and Firefox (Mac) and I see a blank page. So please, write me using the contact form in my profile and provide there more details in order that we can check this out better.

Thanks for your understanding! :)

Anyways, I have seen what you mean in the demo and this detail will be fixed within the next update. Thanks for let us know!

Is there an option to not use the burger menu and have a standard top menu?

Hi neverknowdefeat,

there is not any option to create such functionality within the menu options. You should develop that menu behaviors.

Anyway, thank you very much for your interest in Lobo! : )

So how have these guys done it?

Hi neverknowdefeat,

I´m sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, the theme provides two different menus. The one with the hamburger and a ‘regular’ one. I initially understood that you wanted to use a `regular` menu hidden and using the hamburger to open the ‘regular’ view.

So yes, you can choose from the theme options the ‘hidden’ menu that opens when you click on the hamburger trigger and you can select the ‘regular’ menu that will display your site pages in a horizontal menu in the top/header area.

I hope this will be more clear now and sorry because the initial misunderstanding! : )


mmork Purchased

Hi. Lobo is totally beautiful and I think about buying and using it for a smaller portfolio site. The one concern I have: The demo appears somewhat slow. Is this due to the large size of the theme itself, or is this due to the large content?

Hello mmork,

as you can see, Lobo´s layout is based in imagery and media contents, so depending on this you will have lighter or heavier pages. In this sense, we optimized the theme in order to make faster any resource loading and requests. Lobo is very light in code terms, so your site loads timings will depend on your contents optimizations and images uses.

Also, the access to the contents will depend a lot of bandwidth in your visitors connections and the hosting performance where the website will be installed.

I encourage you to check other websites using Lobo, you can check this out within the theme page description where many `wolverines` are using Lobo in their projects with great results.

Anyways, thank you very much for your interest in our theme, it is really appreciate it! : )

Hi VanKarWai team, i have a very big trouble. I recently updated the last version of the theme and the last version of wordpress. Till yesterday was ok, however today was a chaos. Upload a picture is taking too much time and then inside of a portfolio takes infinite time to show the gallery and never shows. So, i can not update my portfolio. What’s going on? S.O.S.

Hello perykovich,

you should not have any related problem with the updates. In any case, please, open a support ticket and provide more information there as plugins installed or in case you have done any other modification in order to have it into account, your hosting performance is very important here as well. The theme update does not make the uploads slower or similar, so we´ll try to understand why are you experiencing this.

I hope it will help! : )

Hi, I have a small problem, I hope.
If I use “lobo child” I con’t see the footer. When I switch in lobo (normal theme) I can see the footer.
Why? Can you help me?

Activate thema and reactivate thema child seems Works!

Great! In case you could have any doubt, just let us know, ok? : )

Hi, I think I have a problem .

My last post was in February, but now going to create a new project in the Portfolio section, I realized that it disappeared the Module Builder.

If I try to edit an old project, the Module Builder is regularly present.

How it could be?

Thank you.

For some reason the theme was not updated.

I have trouble doing upgrade, when I do the update it tells me “Failed downloads. Forbidden” ( Download non riuscito, in italian) .

Username and API are correct.

Hi Nathaniel,

such kind of errors could appear when installing the theme in a subdomain with some confusing configuration or even related to some CDN configs blocking from you to upload files. As this could be many server/config related details, I really encourage you to open a support ticket in order to try to help closer with your site configuration.

Cheers! : )

Yes, ticket opened. Thank you. :)