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Congratulations! Good Luck with Sales LosBastardos :D

Thanks my friend! Good luck with sales for both :D

Good luck with sales bro

Thanks drupalet

Unique work , neat touches here ; congrats!

Thank you Bedros! :)

Below every post you should add PREVIOUS NEXT Post icon so that its easier to navigate :).. Also is there a compatible plugin to add PAGE NUMBER in the footer insted of previous next?.. This theme is really nice since I usually dont have much to blog about..

Hi, Thanks!

This theme have post navigation, below each comment list has the post navigate (previous / next post).

Have this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-pagenavi/

If have another question, just ask :)

Thanks env1ro :)

Great Work! GLWS! ;)

Thanks AirTheme ;)

Modern design wordpress theme, perfect for blogging, good work.

Thanks dude :)

nice theme, gud luck :)

Thanks AliA :)

Great job, GLWS o7

Looks Awesome ! GLWS :)

Thanks metro :)

Hi Regis, as always you made a great job! :)

Hello Valentín, thanks my friend :)

Is there a way to add more icons to the social networks bar?

Hi, Yes, but you will need to change the code inside the file header.php

Hi, I bought your theme but I had a problem with the menu options, the first option is the “menu” in the form of an icon of a little house, but on my theme the “menu” is written down. How do i change it to the icon form?

Hi, check the documantation, there are screenshots explain how make this. Regards.

Awesome blog theme, really liking it – curious though why I don’t see post tag elements for my own posts. Your demo shows a post tag called ‘Standard’. My default category is selected in my post but it’s not showing the tag element in the post page or home page posts.

Im using WP v 3.9.1

Forget it :) I realized that I needed to use the WP tag feature, not the ‘Category’ feature to see this. Please ignore!

Hi, good it worked! :)

Hi, lovely theme.

Quick question: is it possible to have a different background for each page too (so not just for each blog post)?

Thanks MetMarc :)

I sent a update to ThemeForest with this function in theme, I think tomorrow 06/09 this update will be online. :)


Wow, you’re fast! :-) Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on it, I put your theme on the shortlist for my client’s new website.

Thank you! :) The update is already on, hope everything is ok now. :) Regards

Hey! When I click the image on the post it opens the image not the post.

How can I change this to open the post?

thanks in advanced

Hello pcnds

I sent a theme update to ThemeForest that fixes this issue, I think tomorrow 06/09 this update will be online. :)



JSight Purchased

I have to say I am really, really disapointed. I bought a $43 theme that won’t work correctly without modifying the css.

And I had no answer for the last e-mail I’ve sent to you.

The videos don’t fit correctly (we have those huge black bars on the sides), and the texts don’t align correctly beside the images.

Hi Julien, sorry delay. I fixed this video fit issue, also I sent the updated version to your email.


JSight Purchased

Hello LosBastardos,

Thank you for your reply. I’ll try the fix as soon as possible.

Regards, Julien


toy828 Purchased

This theme is cool! Just one question! How can I set featured image slider?

Hello, This is a post, you need choose “Gallery” in post format, then you will see the Image Gallery Box, put all image to slide there, and then, publish your post, easy :)

Regards, and sorry to delay.


3rd-Eye Purchased

Hi there, loving the theme very much just a question about a Disqus issue I’m having. I just recently installed it on my site after using it before and noticed that comments are appearing twice in this theme. Something you think might be theme related?

TehStig Thanks to purchase and also, thanks to post here the solution :)

If have any another question, just ask :) Regards