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Thanks to a high demand for preloaded images I decided to make a little FIX . You can do it on your own its really easy to implement!

Download the IMAGE PRELOADING FIX here:

http://demo.freshface.cz/file/lcp/preloadfix.rar There is a text file with instructions. I also edited the demo files so you can already see the changes if you click on Live Preview or any of the Theme Color Images below. This FIX will be included in newer version of this theme which I will be uploading tomorrow (its before midnight in my country). I will also do my best to fix all issues pointed out by user “aidofm”, except rotating in IE. I was thinking for two days how to solve this and didnt find any solution, I am sorry. IE just sucks :-)

P.S.: Guys, please reply if that preloading is OK in demos before I will upload the newer version tomorrow, thanks a bunch!

arturs Purchased

Killer theme! Would be great also the main image to auto rotate the featured content, please.


I am sorry but I wasn’t making this slider with auto feature in mind so it would be hard to implement right now. But I will think of this when I will be designing my other themes (expect one in a few weeks).


Please can you tell me if this comes with PSD files so I can alter the logo etc?

Also how do the posts/pages in the slider get controlled – can these be altered in the admin area?



Hello Simon! PSDs I used are included and you can definitely alter the logo.

ad Slider: Write a post, add your image via custom field, assign this post to category “slider” and other subcategory (like Blog or Portfolio) and it shows up in slider :-)

ad Portfolio: If you assign your post to one of the subcategories in Portfolio it will show up in Portfolio section (no dates, no comments, etc.).

ad Blog: If you assign your post to one of the subcategories in Blog it will show up in Blog section (dates, comments, etc.).

You can assign the post to the slider and portfolio or blog at once. You can change the names of Portfolio and Blog category. You can create categories and subcategories as you like in these two main sections. Every subcategory with assigned post will be automatically added into dropdown menu. You can also add or exclude pages from main navigation panel. Just check the theme options screenshot I posted in item descriptions above.

This is great! I am working on my first wp theme… and well this is pretty awesome. It half makes me want to quite haha… joking but great work.


Thanks man, wish you many luck on your upcoming theme!

Hey _freshface,

Looks Stellar! Couple questions before I buy though! :)

Can the lightboxes play video files or at least hold vimeo embed code?

I do motion graphics and it would be super useful.

Also, I see the thumbnails are black and white…can the actual source image, be colour? ...and I embed a black and white thumbnail to match the look of your demo?

Also, the sizes of images, your demo, they’re all horizontal rectangles…can they be other sizes?

Also, one last one…the sidebar…Feasable if I figure it out on my own, to have a twitter widget displaying my most recent tweet?

I’d also like to voice the desire for the ability for that front page banner to be animated/scrolling! :)

Thanks, Guigsy.

Hi Guigsy! PrettyPhoty documentation says:
prettyPhoto is a jQuery based lightbox clone. Not only does it support images, it also add support for videos, flash, YouTube, iFrames. It’s a full blown media lightbox.
You can only use the rectangles as they are. Maybe try to find a twitter widget plugin or code your own widget and past the code into text widget. That B&W is just a photoshop edit, not an actual script.


Wonderful to hear that you’re including the fix!

I went ahead and tested the previews but I don’t see much of an improvement yet, I tried emptying my cache and I’ve also tried on different computers. There is a slight improvement if you wait for quite a while but It’s hard to say because sometimes it just pulses white and stays on the same image.

Perhaps maybe a different animation would work better?


Hi aidofm, the preloading is definitely fixed and cant be any better. Here is a little performance video on my machine http://screenr.com/sjB The video is nothing fancy in framerate, but you can see the point. You can recognize easily that preloading works by checking it in opera, because its the only big browser which loaded images by parts (from top top bottom, like on 56k dialup). Other browsers just wait until the image was loaded and then they displayed it. I tested the fixed version in opera now, and no “56k dialup effect” showed up :-) You can also try this: Open my demo, click on every image in slider and wait for every image to load. After you will all have them in cache, start clicking as before, but check if the transition between images is as smooth as it should when you got images in cache. If not, there is something with performance of your system (viruses, lack of regular defragmentation or full system reinstall, many windows opened etc.). And no quadcore can help you in these situations…Windows can be really tricky. If you can get to mac, you can also try it on mac.

P.S. There are also installation videos uploaded on screenr.com, so if anyone interested, go through that link and watch them, thanks!

@freshface It’s really cool that you’ve taken people’s feedback onboard.

Like aidofm, I also tried the new previews on a different machine and I’m also getting latency. (I’m on cable broadband with a quadcore PC running Windows 7). I agree with aidofm that a different animation (perhaps a slightly slower fade without white flash might help?)

I’d also like to pick up on the comment by guigsythemagician about black and white thumbnails. are all thumbnails rendered in B&W regardless of their original colour? I’d like to be able to display colour images in the carousel.

I’m being picky about this theme, only because I think you’ve got something really special here and as I said before something i’m likely to end up using.

Thanks again.

P.s. Are you going to set up a support forum for the theme at all, independent of TF?


Thanks, taking people’s feedback is onboard is a sure thing for me, I dont have a problem with that :-) Please read my last reply to aidofm. Regarding B&W: Its just photoshop edit, no script for B&W there. Regarding forums: Not now, but maybe later, I dont have enough themes and sales, so the need for forum isnt that urgent. If you want any support, please dont post here, but send me a message through my profile on TF, thanks!

Thumbnail previews load instantly for me in the live preview. Brilliant looking theme. Bookmarked for purchase.


I am glad to hear that, thank you for posting this!

Great theme man! Refreshing to see something outside of the normal here.


Thank you threat, it’s great you all like it that much.

Awesome theme, I just wanted to check one thing before I click the buy button.

The images used on the main header. Do they all need to be sized for 920×350 to display correctly? or does it resize the image to fit. i.e. could I upload an 800×600 image and it would crop to the correct ratio to fit.



Thanks! You can upload whatever size of image you want and it will automatically make image exactly 920×350 in size with correct ratio. So no stretched images here :-)


Cool, purchassed. Many thanks for such a cool theme… now too choose, Red, blue or Yellow colour theme. :)


You are welcome! Thanks for purchase!

WOW ! fantastic theme.. yes, am buying this for my site at: www.dsoundz.co.uk as my site needs a little refresh, and this WP theme is totally ideal for it – great work on the design.


Thank you Sam! I think this theme is suitable for many areas. Buyers who wrote me emails are mostly from sound and art industry (music, radio, theater, etc.) and they are very pleased, so I hope you will do well with your new theme! Thanks again! fresh

nice theme :) how did you code it to wordpress, p.m me :D


first of all…fantastic theme, really impressive! :)

I played a bit with demo version, and I have a couple of questions:

1) Clicking on portfolio link, I see that 4 pages are available, and all the links are ok. But when a I choose a sub-element (i.e. Branding), the block containing link to pages seems not to refresh, showing 4 pages yet, but some links (pages 3 and 4) are invalid.

2) Clicking on any image for the bigger version, I see a “port1.jpg” line on top left. It’s supposed to be a sort of title for the image?

Thanks in advance, and, another time, kudos for your great design and work! ;)


Thank you for your kind feedback Frigno! ad 1) I will look into this and add it into the newer release I will be uploading. ad 2) It’s just a text from “alt” tag to validate on w3c.


ad 1) In the meantime you can change your index.php file for this one: http://demo.freshface.cz/file/lcp/paging_fix.rar I will be uploading the newer version ASAP , so stay tuned-lots of reported bugs and wishes fixed

Fantastic theme, fantastic support from the author too! This is a must have, I think this will be a top seller and the author needs to bring out more stuff! :)

Hey There,

Is the background customisable?

Also can I choose my own colour, or is it fixed to red blue and yellow?

Thanks in advance for a response!


Hi Benny! You can change background in this line:

body { background: #000 url(../images/background.jpg); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:top center;

You can change theme colors in css stylesheet on your own.

Thanks for the prompt response, Great theme im going to purchase in that case!


This is a good one – i also like the theme configuration options for wordpress, which makes it very easy to customize. Nice Job!


Hi there, I’d like to buy this awesome theme! I just would like to know if the Js Lightbox could be only on the single project page instead of have it on the list of the projects. Sorry for the dumb question! Take care. Thanks!


Thanks mate! Yes, it is possible, but you would have to know some PHP and some WP to modify it.

Hey, do you use custom fields for the homepage images?


Yes, there is only one custom field called “mainimg”. You just paste an url and your image appears everywhere, even in slider (but you have to assign the post to “slider” category too, of course). Just make sure your images are bigger than 920×350. Resizing script takes care of it with proper side ratio.

Hi Fresh Face: I want to buy this awesome and beautiful theme; but I have no enough skills about WP installations, can you guide me, where can I find a serious freelance installer for you delicious work: I want it, but I donĀ“t wanna have troubles than I can answer for my WP installation ignorance.

Thanks for your attention to this message.


Thanks! Just shoot me an email via my profile when you are ready :-)


By the way there is included the HQ video tutorial how to set up my theme on fresh installation of wordpress, so I guess you could probably make it on your own with no issues. If not, please mail me, I will help you. Cheers!