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Hi! Fab theme! We are having some problems to get the theme to show the pictures in the portfolio and we really cant understand why – can you please have a look?


Hi Jessica! Sorry but:
Not Found The requested URL /wordpress/ was not found on this server.
If you still have any problem, shoot me an email after you fix this, thanks and cheers!

hey fresh .. can you please incorporate a Ajax or instant validation to the comment field .. i don know why people miss out on that ..

and i wish it had a proper portfolio page .. because the one you have now is also looking like a blog .. any ways i will be buying this theme soon .. please incorporate few changes


I will have a look what I can do with this, thanks!

I am reinstalling everything. I get back to you in 30 min.


Okay, thanks.

Hey, i’ve got a big problem with the template – i installed everything right and set the CHMOD to the right parameters but it wont work well

see yourself: http://danielpro.de/home/wordpress/

need help :)


What up smoke? :) could you please specify your issue more and shoot me an email? I will help you!

it didn’t work… check the above url now, i hope u can help me.

and it works! :D

Sorry to bother u.


OK, cool :D

jtownboy Purchased

still getting this error when i use the contact.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/33/d292819010/htdocs/naija/wp-content/themes/lcp_ylw/scripts/class.phpmailer.php on line 53


You are probably running old PHP4 :) Contact your hosting provider and ask if they can switch you to PHP5 . You can also try this temporally solution: Download this file: http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpmailer/files/phpmailer%20for%20php4/PHPMailer%20v2.0.4%20for%20PHP4/PHPMailer_v2.0.4.zip/download and replace with it the existing one in theme.

Hi, sent an email regarding theme breaking. thanks

What font did you use to create the logo on the demo page? I like it b/c its simple.

I also would be interested in seeing a dedicated portfolio solution in a future release. I think I will probably just hack something together to make it work on a full width page.


Hi nashh! I used simple Arial Bold with negative letter-spacing. Shoot me an email with how would you like it to work and look, we can discuss it, thanks.

jtownboy Purchased

W’SUp Fresh,

I switched the phpmailer file and it worked. I know you most get overwhelmed with questions, so thanks for being so patient.

I have another question 4 you:

Do I have to create a subcategory in order to use the blog? because when ever i disengage ALL the subs all my blog post disappear. Even while the i select “blog” within the category list when posting.

It seems like selecting just blog when posting a content wouldn’t work unless i chose a subcategory that accompanies the blog.

is that how u design it to work, could i change this, if yes, how so?



Hi jtownboy,

btw, have you downloaded the actual 1.3 release ?


Very nice theme. Congrats! Im want to buy this theme but i have one question:

1) Is it possible to have several images per “project”? I want to be able to put several images in the same project and make the view with the “componente” that is similar to lightbox possible. Can i do this “out of the box” with your theme?

Thanks in advance for your help. I will be waiting for your reply.


Hi Michael and thanks! You can always use a code in the post like this:

<a href="http://demo.freshface.cz/file/lcp/wp/ylw/wp-content/themes/lcp_ylw/images/img1.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]" title="portfolio"><img src="http://demo.freshface.cz/file/lcp/wp/ylw/wp-content/themes/lcp_ylw/scripts/timthumb.php?src=/images/img1.jpg&h=170&w=560&zc=1" alt="port1.jpg"/></a>

The prettyphoto relation part opens the lightbox view and the timthumb part resizes the image, you can add there your own dimensions, its easy.

Hi, congratulation for the incredible theme. Is posible link to video in the lightbox? And I have one problem with the navegation in my portfolio? Thanks and sorry for my english www.meideistudio.com/blog


Hi and thank you! The video can be in lightbox. I used prettyphoto lightbox plugin which is pretty good when it comes to the functions. Please download the latest version of my theme, it is fixed there. Thanks again!

jtownboy Purchased

i did download the latest version the day you instructed me to download.


Regarding proper structure of categories, you can check the demo_content I provided. You can see there how is everything categorized, etc. If you have any further question, please send me an email and I will be glad to help, thanks!

Hi -freshface. First, thanks for this amazing theme.;)

I have some questions before I purchase it. Can I use Plugins for Twitter or Flickr or anything else? Must I edit the code?

Thanks, cinaral!


Hi cinaral! Thanks for kind comment! For flickr and twitter there are plugins which add special widgets to the widget collection and you can add them to the sidebars.

4THPARK Purchased

What are the steps to editing/changing the background to another image? I tried looking for where to edit the background within the Wordpress Theme Editor, but there is no place to edit it there.


You can open it with your ftp client, it’s located in /css/style.css

jasonc06 Purchased

I dont know what im doing wrong but the theme doesnt work for me


Hi Jason! Never seen this error before! Please send me these informations to my mailbox and I will help you:
  • Wordpress version
  • The content of your .htaccess file if you have one
  • Did you installed my theme on a fresh installation of WP?
  • PHP version running on your server
ajfiel Purchased

Hello Fresh There are a few plugins not working with this theme as Wp_Users Online (slide stops, drop categories not working) and WordPress.com Stats. I suppose that this is related with the header.php and footer.php. Could you please check?



Shoot me an email, I will send you the fix for this, thanks!

When I install the Contact Form 7 plugin the slider and drop down menu stop working? Any idea how to fix this? thanks.


Hi, chambers,

Email sending is codet in template send.php. If you know a lil bit PHP , you can add the IP of sended email into my code.


I was trying to figure that out, but my php is very! limited. I dont know how to do it exactly.

would this work


and if so how and where do i put it?


please email me

I tried the requested form of contact for theme based questions, but 3 days with no help is too long for me. I understand people get busy, but so am I. When I purchase a theme, I expect it to work out of the box. This has not been the case with the last 2 ThemeForest themes I’ve purchased. I also expect some sort of help within a reasonable amount of time when theme based problems arise. But anyway. Maybe someone on here can help.

Ok, on to my question. I installed the theme exactly how the instructional video showed. The page shows up fine. However as soon as I change my permalink structure (permalink settings) to anything other than the wordpress default, my website shows the following error:

catchable fatal error: object of class wp_error could not be converted to string in /wp-content/themes/lcp_red/404.php on line 29.

I spent forever trying to find a solution to this problem with no success. I am suprised no one else is having this issue, since I’m assuming no one is content with the horrible default permalink structure in wordpress.

All I want to do is have my permalink structure set to / postname /. When I try changing it, the error message mentioned above appears. I have another wordpress site I have been using for over a year now with this exact structure and have had no issues. This tells me the problem is plugin or theme related. I should note that I only have the required plugins active for this theme.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just want to get started working on my site. I spent the first half of the week dealing with another theme that was so poorly coded that header tags wouldn’t appear properly, images wouldn’t center, and bullet lists would not work.

I paid the theme designer to help with modifications and he couldn’t even finish the job right. Take the money and run seems to be too common of a practice on this site.

I dont expect 24hr support, but I think if someone is kind enough to purchase your product, they deserve some help when an issue arises which appears to be theme based.

I apologize for coming off negative, but I’m beyond stressed out. If I have to pay someone for help, so be it. What ever it takes to stop me from pulling my hair out.


Dear Derek,

I made a little document regarding you and your not so kind behavior.

You can view it here: http://demo.freshface.cz/file/lcp/wp/noneedforname.jpg

I’m expecting you to publicly apologize for wasting my time, because you didn’t read the helpfile and still asking me questions from helpfile and you wrote a big lie in one of your comments under my item which can scare some buyers off. The lie is described in that document. My support is perfect and nobody ever wrote things to me like you did…