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A few questions: Is there a specific way the content blocks section is suppose to work for the home page? It doesn’t seem to be affecting my home page. Is there a way to add a page to the flex slider?

Also – I have the same issue going on as ctrlinternet above in that some of the images do not re-size in the first step down for response (maybe 800px)?


No specific way you can either enable or disable them. If they’re not working be sure there are categories selected in the options panel as well as post’s being assigned to those categories.

You can regenerate your images with this plugin. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ If this doesn’t work I’ll be sure to give you some css for the fix.

I looked into it appears there was a small bug in the responsive stylesheet it’s been updated and fixed. You can get it here. http://londonthemes.com/themes/londonpress/wp-content/themes/londonpress-demo-three/scripts/css/responsive.css Or you can wait on the update and re-install. Thank you.

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I’m Russian so i don’t speak English very well.

I baught you theme “London Presse” and I heve one bog problem:

I can’t do this “You need to setup your home page. Settings » Reading » A static page (select below) » Your home page use the home page template.”

Because in my admin-pannel I don’t have this option “Your home page use the home page template.”

I have just this that choise for static page- the pages of my blog (sitemap and My gift)...

My site it is http://paris-land.ru/

So, whay can I do?

Thank you for Help!!!!!


Replied via email. Thank you for your purchase :-)

noticed that when the main slider shrinks a bit the links are no longer clickable on the demo is there to make the slides clickable when they are smaller?

nice looking theme!


Thanks for letting me know, I’ll see if I can find a fix for that soon.

How can I set the number of related posts in a page? Another question: must I upload all files again to update the theme?

Thank you very much.


Replied via email.


Excuse me Skyali, can you send me the email again? Thank you.



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HI there

First off great theme… However I am still having the issues I raised with you via email….

The slider plugin has no header? Thew posts are not showing up instead it is taking the posts to the media page.

Thank you


Replied via email. Thank you.

Please be sure to update your theme to the newest version.

# Fixed audio player
# Updated dark template ratings stars
file to update
- style.css
- scripts/functions/post_options.php
- scripts/css/dark-template.css
- scripts/functions/extra_functions.php
- scripts/js/custom.js
+ scripts/js/audio.min.js
+ scipts/css/rating-bg-review-dark.png

I love the template, thank you.

What would be the easiest way to add a simple top menu to the theme? For example – About Services Contact But at the very top of the page, in addition to the main menu.

Many thanks.


That would be considered a customization you could try using a plugin or hire someone/me to do the customization. Thank you.


OK. that’s great. It is quite a simple requirement. Could you email me a guestimate of what it might cost? We have another template that we would like it to look like. But a plugin might be a good idea to get commonality across web sites (which is ultimately what we want)

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I´m not a native english speaker, so i hope you can understant my question.. I just bought your theme, but i having some troubles because in the feature list include unlimited sidebars, but i realised few minutes ago that i just can select these custom sidebars for wordpress pages, but i can´t do the same for categories and the list of post that belong to those categories… for example, if i have sidebar1, sidebar2… and category1, category2, i would like to use sidebar1 for category1 and the posts of this category, and use sidebar2 for category2 and his posts… and so on… so, how i can accomplish that?... This is really important to me…


Replied via email. Thank you for your purchase.

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Hi Skyali!! Sorry, but I don’t found xml archive, where is it?



You can find it in the “extra file’s” folder. You can locate it in the zip you downloaded from Themeforest.

Update Londonpress 1.2 – (6/25/2013)

#Fixed responsive issue's for tablet/iphone

#Updated buddypress styling

#Updated dark template styling

files changed.





This update will resolve all the responsive issue’s found on tablet’s/iphone’s.

Hi, I see on the site that anyone can rate, can the rating only be allowed for registered users? Thanks


The plugin used for that is KK Ratings. You can check the settings to see if it’s possible.

The color picker in the theme demo doesn’t seem to work.. I select a color, click off it, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Any chance of fixing this so I can mess around with the colors before purchasing?


Sounds more like a browser issue, try clearing your cache this should help.


Did that. I am using the latest version of Chrome. Will try Firefox soon..


Please screenshot me what your seeing using the contact form on my profile. Thanks.

Skyali’s having a baby

Hey guys Skyali here just letting you know I am in the middle of having a baby and all support will take an additional 24-48 hours from this post(7/19/2013) to be answered. Hope you guys can under the delay. Thank you all for your support and I thank you :-)

I am also looking to hiring a new team member for my support team within the next 24-48 hours. This will help you guys solve issue’s much quicker then before.

Hi! I really like your theme, but there are two things that i need and it doesn¡t have: 1. A list ranking the posts by votes 2. The possibility for users to vote multicriteria. It’s the first time i try to create a blog, so…are these questions easy to solve with londonpress ? Thanks a lot!


Hi, Thank you for contacting Skyali’s Support. Please use my new account for support forward your issue’s via the contact form. Thank you.



Around a month ago we purchased the London Press Theme from you. We got an IT company to install it last week and it isn’t fully operational. They installed it on Word Press 3.6.

The theme’s options in ‘Appearance’ – ‘LondonPress Options’ are missing and the slider option isn’t working. The slider, which was activated, went down after five minutes and gave a message that it was out of date.

We plan to launch the blog (www.digitalwomenuk.co.uk) on 19 August so we have no idea what to do. Is there an option for Word Press 3.6 as the theme is for 3.5. If so, how can we access it ASAP? It feels as if I’ve purchased something I can’t use.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance


Hi, Thank you for contacting Skyali’s Support. Please use my new account for support forward your issue’s via the contact form. Thank you. http://themeforest.net/user/Skyalithemeforest

Please do not use the comment’s for support it’s not conducted here.

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Hi!! I have renewed my wordpress version, now is 3.6, for this reason the LAYER SLIDER WP don’t works… I need a solution please!! My site is www.lacalculadorarusa.com


lairissa Purchased

Now send to the new account. Thanks!

Layerslider(4.6.3) updated for Jquery issue

I’ve updated LayerSlider script for any issue’s on Jquery being out of date.

Re-download the theme by going to your downloads section.

You can update your theme by re-installing 2 ways.

1) Delete your old theme file’s and re-upload the new theme file’s you’ve downloaded from ThemeForest.

2) Overwrite all the theme file’s via FTP.

Update Londonpress 1.3 – (11/03/2013)

* Reduced the gloss for custom menu background's - when setting a custom color for your top menu the gloss will now show clearer.

* Top Search bar has been cleaned up, now when you click on it the outer shadow has been removed.

+ Added a way to import the demo widget's and instructions on how to install them.

# Fixed the audio player styling for masonry page template.

# Fixed the footer background color option
files changed.

File's Updated

- images/custom_button_bg.png
- style.css
- scripts/functions/custom.php

Update Londonpress – (12/04/2013)

#Fixed audio player
* Updated Layerslider to latest version 3.6.5

File's Updated

- style.css
- scripts/functions/plugins/layerslider.zip
* Updated child theme script
File's Updated
- scripts/functions/extra_functions.php

* Updated child theme script, fix for css issues.
File's Updated
- scripts/functions/extra_functions.php