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I ave purchased your theme and now I want to know why the shopping cart slider in header is not sliding down??

Kindly reply as soon as possible.


sure. I need your email for that to send my wordpress credentials.


I have sent you the wordpress credentials. Do you need ftp credentials as well??

It is telling me that it can’t be uploaded when it reaches 95%, anyone know what the problem is?

I have tried to install with Wordpress 3.9 and 3.9.1..


The theme itself?

I’m looking to purchase this theme. Can you tell me how many different options I can have per product? I have some products that have 10 different options the customer has to select in order to place their order….

Thanks in advance for your help


awesome to know – thanks


will this theme work with the latest version of WP 3.9.2?


Am am in need of a reply that I have been seeking both via your message board and via Mark’s email. It has met without response:

We are using WP Ecommerce Version in conjunction with WP 3.9.2 which appears incompatible with this version of WP.

I would update the plugin but Mark has been quite specific about not updating the plugins on the site in the past without prior consultation as they may introduce incompatibilities and errors with you theme.

There is a problem passing info from PayPal Express Checkout 2.0 using WP Ecommerce to PayPal.

Error page: http://www.bernadettethompson.com/products-page-2/checkout/

PayPal has indicated that there is nothing wrong with the API signature itself. We NEED assistance and a reply as this is affecting our daily business.

When the cart send the info to PayPal as part of the api call it is sending an amount of ZERO. The variable of zero is being sent.

This is usually caused by the script that the cart sends to the API. This could be a problem with the plugin but you have always said to NOT update it without your say so.

It could be a distant possibly that the theme is involved as well.

PLEASE REPLY TO THIS or to our open ticket or by email.

Thank you in advance,


Working on it.


nice clean theme, before I buy this theme, I would like to double-check:

1.on the shop page- could I have items appearing such as the tiles are on this website http://articima.de/de/zementfliesen/mehrfarbige

I would like to be able to have a larger picture appear when people hover over a product as on the linked website as well as have a similar lay out.

2.can this theme be translated? by using codestyle localization or wpml plugins?

Many Thanks


Yes it can me used with WPML

I purchased this theme about 2 months ago and this is my experience so far:

1) Theme is out of date, so installation videos is a bit off. 2) If you update certain plugins, some other features of the theme won’t work properly. 3) In the beginning, I emailed transparent.ideas.com@gmail.com for support. His responses are always after 24 hours. After a while, I was told to send all of my questions to a website where my responses are averaging 5-6 days for a response.

I’m a bit unhappy with this theme at the moment because the theme is out of date and when you ask for help, it takes days for a response. I’m just idling away waiting and waiting and not being able to work…

This is a nice theme, but if it doesn’t work, it’s no good.


Please open a ticket @ support.transparentideas.com


I did. Response times on those tickets are about 5-6 days long. Can you confirm for me if that is the norm?

PS: I’m about to travel for 12 days.. I hope everything will completed by then too.


Please refund me

Good day, I bought this item I require when I get an order set to send me an email or alert, as do

Hello, I want to purchase this theme, I need to know if I could hide the “Add to cart” button and use the plugin like a product catalog but without shopping cart feature.

Hi, is this theme compatible with woocommerce?

dumshi Purchased

Hi, I have tried all solutions to get this Theme up and working. After spending more than 2 weeks trying to get it running, I am giving up.

Please refund me. As other buyers also suggests, this theme is not just Out Of Date, it won’t work even with the plugins supplied in the Zip.

I installed the compatible WP, and all plugins from the supplied ZIP file and still can’t get 100% as seen in the DEMO. Two of the plugins in the ZIP is blank. I am not sure this is the reason why. But why send me blank folders?

Bottom line, please refund me. I can’t even think of spending one more minute on this anymore.


Did you contact our help desk, if so please give me your ticket number

dumshi Purchased

I bought another Template from another provider. I want hassle free Templates. I never had problem with any templates before.

Hope you understand and refund me fully.

It was suppose to go on http://cctvprosolutions.com. But as you can see I have installed another template there and very straightforward.

Hi there,

Is it possible to hide the “shop” link at the navigation bar, but still display the featured/popular products section on the homepage?

And also, possible to hide all “add to cart” button?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, there is an option in this theme to switch to catalog mode, where this is possible.

totalcy Purchased

is the website wpml ready?

Shopping cart widget is not work appearing in widgets section! This is ridiculous I’m only 5 minutes in and there is already a problem. Please respond ASAP and fix this. I have already emailed you but received no response.

Hi, i need help.

when i delete all the tickets. in the front page (index) appears:

There has been an error. We apologize for any inconvenience, please return to the home page or use the search form below.

Go - See more at: http://www.atelierelgolf.cl/#sthash.dgmbWfpB.dpuf

do I need to fix my website is: www.atelierelgolf.cl


itrackz Purchased

Hello, im having a problem with the submenu, i need a menu inside a submenu but when i add it it shows in the same column and not to the right please fix that, thank you

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Very bad support a week trying to resolve incidents on my site and nothing.

368-Popular-Product 362-How replacing the word 361-When I open a product and I click 360-When I click on a product 359-Popular Products priority


itrackz Purchased

Hey the tax does not show in the checkout page, please help thanks

itrackz Purchased

What settings should i use at the settings-store-taxes?

itrackz Purchased

There are no tax settings at checkout tab, only in the top menu there is a TAX menu where i enable and disable the tax and i did, but it does not work.


Go to Settings->Store, Open Taxes Tab and configure the tax rates

Hi, there. Im having problems with the Popular Products settings. When I try to use popular products I get this error message: Warning: Division by zero in /domains/syrusson.is/test/wp-content/themes/lookshop/wpsc-products_page.php on line 338


Hello, you have to set products per row setting in the Settings->Store->Presentation

itrackz Purchased

I have sent you emails many times and you just sent me to another website where there is no help at all, i opened a ticket and nothing, please help if you don’t want to help be honest and tell us, you offer horrible customer service, you don’t have a document where it explains that if we update some wp plugins the code will break, nothing, please update your script because is very very outdated. Or just refund our money, thank you