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I’ve got a problem with portfolio 4.

the videos do not always line up – what is happening?


Make sure to scroll down to the middle to see what I mean.

Thank you,

That’s very simple, just open slideshow-nivoslider.css file and remove this line specified for #sliderwrap tag:

margin-bottom: 25px;

Great – thank you so much.

I although – have another problem. I’m currently trying to insert the logo on the slider menu line. I have the left spacing correct but I am trying to make ONLY the text valign: middle – how can i do this?

example: http://merge.pro/index2.asp

Can you please contact us via contact form on our profile page, since this issue requires a lot of explanation, and I don’t think this is a right place for it.

Hello, very nice theme.

I just do wonder, why in IE 9 the slogan does not show up. Any suggestions?

Thank you

To be more concrete, no H2 formatted head line at all shows up in IE 9 . Also the “accordeon like views” (don’t know the word) under “services” are looking awful.

The solution is to set “compatibility mode on” in IE9 . Then the h2’s are working fine. OMG . I hate IE’s. I bought a “ready theme” for not to dive into IE compatibility problems. My fault, I did not tested the theme with IE 9 before buying ;-)

Is there any hope for a general workaround of the theme concerning IE 9 compatibility? Or do I need to set this piece of code into the head tag, to force IE 9 to render like an IE 8 , hoping this does not affect other details of rendering?


this problem can be solved by updating Cufon file in your javascript folder.

Here is the updated version which you have to replace in your javascript folder


I hope this helps…

ps: welcome to IE haters club.

Indeed, it was as simple like that and it works fine :-) Thank you very much for your support.

Btw .. could you provide a similar easy to go solution to make the anythingslider understand captions the same way nivo slider does? There’s an update in the script too. I already tried to figure out how this might work, but there seem to be too many files to change.

Very nice theme. Does this theme have tables? I didn’t notice any.

Hi rick_m,

there are no table rule declarations in css files. Only styles you can see on Live preview are available.

Nice theme

Hi, I like the design and wanted to view it in red ( online demo ) but it appears all the color selection only leads to broken links… Will you be updating / fixing the links on the demo site ?