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Awesome Slider :)


Thank you mate ;)

Very nice looking. How easy is it to set up slides as in your demo that have the same color as the background? I really like this effect. Also, any possibility on a category widget? That would really be cool! Tim


Thank you for your kind words ;)

How easy is it to set up slides as in your demo that have the same color as the background? - You can have the PNG transparent slides or you can also use your custom HTML for slider.

Also, any possibility on a category widget? - Currently theme has recent and popular posts widgets but category widget would be nice additional ;)


Thanks for the information on how to accomplish this. I think I can do that. And I hope the smile means you will build that widget for a future update…*)

Thanks again.

Very nice theme.. good luck with sales..


Thank you mate ;)

another awesome theme from you mate!


Thank you mate ;)

This is really lovely. Nice and clean with some great features. Is the main slider on the homepage height adjustable? It just seems a little high for my needs.


Currently, you have to edit CSS file but I will add this feature into the admin panel.

You’re so fast :D

great theme!


Thank you mate ;)

Also looking forward to your new theme too!

Suay mak mak kub :)


Thank you krub ;)

beautiful theme i featured it in my site :-)


Thank you very much ;)

Hello! I have a problem with the theme.

In the page titles and Headers installed in the theme font wrong displayed when i write in Cyrillic. like this: https://img.skitch.com/20110302-cxksf4qc7mn7cm6×2s67nnb282.jpg

Can I change the font to assume this? http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/PT-Sans (PT Sans Narrow Regular)

And what will it take to make?

Thanks in advance


Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please. I will help you add this ;)

Sawadee krap

very nice theme, I love it. Only one question, have you any plans to implement a sortable portfolio page in future? That would be very helpful.

Cheers quentro


Thank you for your kind words.

Sorry, currently no plan for sortable on portfolio page. But I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers ;)


Thanks for the fast reply. I will purchase the theme if there is a way (with plugins f. ex) to make the portfolio sortable. Do you have any tips?

Many thanks


if you do not mind me asking, what is the font being used in (Lotus)?

guidum Purchased


very nice theme ! bravo. i want to implement the homepage style 3 shown in the preview (posts) where should i configure this ?

ideally i’d like to mix styles: keep the nice homepage admin and also display most recent posts below …is this possible ?

thanks !



You have to create blog page. Then go to Lotus admin > Homepage > Homepage Content Manager.

Select blog (and other page if you want) then drag each to order then save changes.

guidum Purchased

2nd question : “17 Background Patterns”

modify through screen.css ?


You can choose background pattern via Lotus admin > Colors > Header Background Pattern


Oh sorry, I though you mean header font.

Font name: Snickles

Hello Buyers ;)

I have updated theme to v1.1 which add category posts widget and 3 more background pattern options.

Go to Your account > Downloads for the latest version

Nice theme. I do have a problem with blog entries. I made two blog entries with no feature images, and the first line of text is indented too much, almost to the right margin.


Could you provide URL please


Thanks! All fixed now.


No problem ;)

Excellent theme. Purchased it recently but however I am experiencing a problem with the blog.

I have no feature images on my blog posts, and the first line of the excerpts does not start on a new line after the comments icon – almost like it is indented to the right as described above by jegonzalez.

Also, maybe a suggestion for future versions is to include the shortcodes in the editor?

Otherwise, TOP WORK :D love the theme :D


Thank you for your kind words ;)

Could you provide URL please.


Top Author, Fixed the problem quickly. Thanks again :D


Thank you very much for your kind words ;)

Hi buddy, I just bought your theme, Can you explain me how can I resize the place for the logo, becuase I want to put a bigger logo. http://utopiazero.com/error.jpg

what I need to edit, I couldn’t find in the code something to change for fix it, can you Iluminate me and maybe other that are trying to do the same as me.

I really apreciate your help.



Also for background pattern issue.

Open /css/screen.css find “body.home #header_pattern” change margin-top to -195px


hi again, I chage it in the .css, but that just fix “home” http://server1.utopiazero.com/

but the others not for example: http://server1.utopiazero.com/?page_id=2

and I dont know if it will work fine when a put the slider.

maybe if you can tell what I need to change to make that place bigger, I thing that will fix it all, the logo and the menu will be center to the logo like when we use the original one.

any way would be great if you can send to me the demo site to 25days@utopiazero.com.



Open /css/screen.css find “body #header_pattern” change margin-top to -382px also find ”.page_caption” change margin top to -82px

I would recommend you to use the default logo height.


Hey, that’s a cool logo “la tienda de pedro.”

Good luck on your site.