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Nice and clean design. All the best :)

Hello, thank you very much :-) I tried to make my best, to create desaign this clean, so thanks once again :)

Hey, nice work! Sure looks promising. All the best with sales :)

Hey mate, thank you :-) nice to see that other author appreciate my work :) following ya

hey Pista,

The screenshots of Lotus look beautiful, but for me, in IE8 on a laptop running Windows 7, the live preview displays all-wrong and it clearly seems to be serving me the tablet version. (And no, I’m not on a netbook, or kindle or tablet or any other cool device… just a 15.4” Dell laptop, that is all.) Maybe its just something with the live preview?

The jquery Share doesn’t do anything, and the Lotus Social Scroller bar thing in the screenshots displays as a plain, solid colored (no texture or text) square box that’s pushed wayyyy off to the left side of the page; beneath the vertical mobile menu. Hope this is helpful, great item! ;-)

Hello, thank you for your opinion. Well truth is, this template was made especialy for mobile and tablet browsers. Futher optimalization for old IE versions are pointless.

Really nice and clean template, I can see many uses for this. If I purchase this, can you make it where the user can download the full sized image to their device in the image galleries?

Hello, thank you for your nice words. About your question, I think if you’ll place URL to image, into picture’s caption it’ll do.

Can I use it to make a web app to be downloaded for free in the app store? I will use Phonegap to package it, and I have the dev license from Apple, but wondering if it would pass the Phone gap req’s

Hello, I don’t see any reason why is shoudn’t pass, but for this reason, you will have to buy and extended license to order of Envato licese rules.

Looking good :) wish there was a dark version :P

Thank you, dark theme is comming up with next update, stay in touch!

Actualy dark theme (update) is waiting for approval right now :-)

Does this support most mobile phones? I tried a few other Themes similar to yours and they failed in these areas:

- do not support embedded post images (in a post).  Something so simple is not scaled properly?  They run off the screen.   We have step by step tutorials and so there are many screen shots taken and inserted into the the Posts.  Does your theme scale the images so they fit in mobile screen (responsive)?
- Adsense Ads do not appear when using the most popular Adsense plugin QuickAdsense.    This plugin works with WPTouch and other mobile themes.  Have you tried?

I’ve replied you in AxiaMobile Wordpress, there’s the same question.

so this is not a wordpress mobile theme? how is this to be used?

This is HTML template, there’s no wordpress or any other framework within it.

first of all, really nice design! However the description is a bit confusing, because it doesn’t use the “jquery mobile” framework but the jquery framework…for my website I am missing styles for common ui elements like checkbox / radiobutton; are you planning to add these features?

Hello, thank you for nice words! Well you might be right with bit confusing title but you can still import jQuery Mobile FW by your own, than you’ll gain your requested jQM styles.


I really like this theme. However can you fix the following 2 bugs?

Bug 1) The share button is not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer on a desktop pc

Bug 2) The buttons are very small when viewed on a desktop pc

Thank you!

Could you please send me a screenshot of your issues? I checked it, and it’s fine.


Thanks for the reply.

I upload the screenshot at: http://postimage.org/image/e4q3m3trn/

This is in Firefox 15.0.1. The funny thing is when I open index.html locally in browser then it display correctly. However when I upload this onto a webserver then visit the address then I have the problem of smaller font.

Note I changed the jquery and istok-web.js to something referenced locally and its still the same problem.

Thank you for looking into this.

Kind regards :)

PS. I did some more tests and if I press control + to zoom in then it looks ok. It seems when I put this on webserver and try to access it from a non mobile browser it zooms out.

Well that pretty wierd :-) could you pass me your hosting URL ? (via email) I’ll take a look at that, there might be some small issue with JavaScript. But if it will be fine in my browser that means you have some special setting saved in your browser especialy for your hosting.

How do you add jquery mobile page transitions to this?

Hello, there’s no default page transitions on this template.