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Hi there, I’ve bought the Lotus Spa and Wellness template and have many doubts. Unfortunately I’ve found it quite difficult to edit so here comes some of my doubts:

HOMEPAGE: - Is there any way to edit or replace the structur? Like for example: where there are “recent news” put just images and text.

-There are 3 columns: spa terapy, Daily special and Wellnes. The middle´s one is different to the others, I would like 3 equal columns (like the first one with other information) I don´t want the “send a gift” service in this case. How do I do that?

- How do I edit the “Hometab” structure, like change the “LOREM IPSUM” title and write just text without tabs.

SERVICES: - I write the title of the page and it then appear as the title of the service and as the heading of the text between ” – example – ” and It is doubled. I don´t want it.

So far these are my questions, I will write you again if needed, Thanks very much!


I have a problem, how i can customize the home?

other question, this theme not have responsive menu?

Thanks for purchasing our product. Please send mail using our TF profile. We have support team to give you full support.

There need menu plugin for responsive menu.



I’m on my way to buy this theme, but the menu in demo is not responsive (standard layout).Also, is there a demo content to get the the looks of preview site? And is it woocommerce 2.x ready?


yes, you will get xml file to import demo content to look like demo. we are currently working on woocommerce integration.


First thanks for the reply.

Any idea when you’ll be finished with the woocommerce integration and if I purchase this template now, will I be able to upgrade to template with woocommerce free of charge?

there need a week to integrate this. Yes you can upgrade this at free of charge.


I wrote on your profile but I haven’t got a response, theres a lot of trouble with your theme, on parallax 2 the posts on the sides are the same, its should be to be 3 different ones. When i change the “yourgift” part it ruined the whole page, now I have to uninstall the whole wordpress to make it work again. Images on the center slider mess all up if not the rigth size and i cant select “thumbnail” to use it. Please help us we really like your theme.

Today is our week end. Our support team will send reply tomorrow. Please keep in touch with our mail.


What plug in do you recommend for a responsive menu?

we have said this in documentation. this is WordPress – Responsive Select Menu 1.5


Hi. Is there a way to crop images and thumbs instead of stretch them inside the theme’s objects?

There need to add specific size based image.We updating this issue.you can check our demo for image size.


There’s some problems with images inside posts. If I put an image left or right aligned, the text doesn’t wrap around the image and it goes directly under it. The top area of the post shows the first image instead of the featured image. An update is strongly needed.

thanks for your comment. We are updating this issue along with other issues. Hope we can release this update by couple of days.


hello, after importing content this error exists Failed to import “Contact form 1”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form and another question, Where is this plugin Wusija subscription or do I have to downloud it??


sorry found about that wysija plugin.

if you will need any more help, please send us mail using our themeforest profile.


I am trying to get help now for a week. Besides having problem in not be able to edit the about us page, now I had to change my server and re-install the theme, now the general settings on Lotus Options is not working at all, I cannot change logo or images from there, and the slider is not working anymore, as well couldn’t find a way to add the dummy pages…. Can I have some help please? I am desperate to finish this site for my customer.

We have sent you a mail.

Hi there,

I have just purchased this theme, I am not impressed so far, I got a failure on all of the images when importing the xml file, the logo when I insert a new one, even set to the recommended size looks ridiculous because its too small, and the parallax slider doesn’t display the text and images properly…I am really disappointed! the theme demo looks great, but the theme when installed is going to need a lot of work to get it looking like the demo as a starting point..who do I contact to get these issues sorted, I’m willing to try before asking for my money back.

Hello, Thanks for your comment. may be there occurred xml download problem. We shifted server, this may be cause the problem. We are going to update this on TF.

Can you please send us your hosting access to our mail so that we can give you total demo look site.

You can send us mail using our themeforest profile.

Money back system is totally controlled by themeforest.

Our theme is working perfect. Please help us to give this information so that we can give you ready demo look site.


Stupid question: how to add or change READ MORE button? Somewhere in theme!

Ha, close your server [link removed] :) find there some .zip files ;)

thanks for noticing. Actually we are busy with server transfer.

Please send us mail using our TF profile so that we can send you updated file.


Hi, is the theme compatible with wordpress 3.8 ? Thanks

it can be used. you can check this.

How to I can put in the main slider more than 3 items?

How to I can put google maps at section “Contact us”?

you need to add slide to slider custom post . you can put map code to theme option map section.

Please let us know and send us mail using our TF profile.

Hi, i have some troubles with demo content, i manage with links by editing xml to new demo content links, but my demo site wont look like yours demo, i send email but witn no response..

Main problem is slider, cos it shows wrong and bugged first and only first slide, but on backend all lokks good. Can you send me proper and valid new demo content xml, to setup site exacly like youur demo or just update and test existing xml to avoid problems?

OK. we will check this and will give you feed back.


3 days ago, I sent you a request concerning a bug on browsing blog page. I don’t have any answer yet. Can you please reply Thanks

sorry for late response. You will get answer asap.


How to translate the button “Read more” (slider) and ALL (gallery)?


The tittle i put in SLIDE 1, its repeat for each slide.

It´s correct? how to writer one tittle for each slider?


you have link http://s504660020.mialojamiento.es/web/sensei/administrator/?ugdm1972

but this shows 404 can you please check this again.

it’s joomla site. We didn’t understand the matter as you comment here wp theme. have you bought our theme?

HI there, this theme is worst i ever had. 1. How to link “read more” buttons to a certain page? 2. How to make 3 different overviews in Home Paralax? All Spa Sites are double! All Wellness Sites are Single AND in one singel row. this is useless. 3. some things are not editable like “phone no”, its not that bad but not best work.

Answer my questions asap, i payed for a real theme, not for half of it.


please send us mail using TF profile so that we can send you the file.

waiting for answer to my email from sunday…thx

almost all things are ready. we will mail you within some hours.


Hello, Do you have a valid xml demo file for wordpress 3.8 ?

yes, we are organizing all things under wp 3.8. please wait for couple of days. we will send you this.


Hi, the look of this theme suited my customer, but unfortunately the implementation of it is poor. Doing things such as adding items for the services page requires adding custom fields for which the documentation is lacking.

Frankly I’m surprised Envato let this one through, not because of the design which is fine, but the back-end and customisation features which are definitely not on the same level as other themes available here.

Are you in the process of uploading an update because your demo site has also gone down so I really hope there is an improved version coming through?

Thanks for your comment. We are upgrading all things with proper documentation. Please wait for couple of days. We will update this.


Hi sorry that’s not good enough – I purchased this theme for a project which needs to be finished this week. So waiting a couple of days is unfortunately not an option for me.

We hope you can finish your project by this week. Just wait for some hours.