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Nice theme. Good Luck :)

thanks folk. best wishes for you also :)

Hy have a problem using quickstart:

The template for this display is not available. Please contact a Site administrator.

Thanks for letting us. Quickstart is working fine. We are also going to check this. We will send you mail after checking. If you want , we will help you to setup. Please keep in touch.

Please set up with only sample data(english) installation.

Great theme mate, Best of luck with sales ;)


I just purchased the theme and was wondering if there are any installation instructions?



OK thank you, a bit annoying that I have to set up an FTP server just to install a template but OK.

I’ve run through the installation guide and having already installed joomla I’m still struggling to get the template on. Is there any way of simply adding it to the joomla? I find it a lot of hassle to create an FTP server simply to update a template.

Can you please send us your ftp and cpanel information to our mail at pentagon@pranon.com WE can help you in this regard.


Tried to upload the zip directly but doesn’t seem to like it. Unzipped and installed all extensions, now want to install the quickstart, how do I go about doing this?

Extension can’t be installed without zip. OK we will provide you quick install video instruction link within couple of hours.

Hi, just bought the template and run thorough the install only to get the following message:

The template for this display is not available. Please contact a Site administrator.

How do I rectify this??

It will happen without sample data installation. Please install sample data(english) while installing quickstart. you can check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5_KbO3tE-g&feature=youtu.be

if you need anything else just mail us , we will help you in every step.


Dose this template support RTL ?

RTL exists in theme option panel but right now there is no RTL support based custom css. Thanks

Dear Sir,

Looks like you have a nice template, however i am having a problem after installing the quick start version with english data checked, the admin side work fine but the front side gives an error of

addScript(JURI::root(true).’/templates/lotus/js/script.js’); //check if t3 plugin is existed if(!defined(‘T3’)){ if (JError::$legacy) { JError::setErrorHandling(E_ERROR, ‘die’); JError::raiseError(500, JText::); exit; } else { throw new Exception(JText::(‘T3_MISSING_T3_PLUGIN’), 500); } } $t3app = T3::getApp($this); // get configured layout $layout = $t3app->getLayout(); $t3app->loadLayout ($layout);

please help

Please send us your site url. You can send us your site’s admin information as well as hosting information to our mail. You can mail us through our TF profile.

Generally the error occurs due to absence of T3 plugin. As you installed our quick start , T3 plugin is attached there. So we need to see your site as well installed file.

If you give information, we will re-install this . Please mail us through our TF profile.


I purchased your Lotus WordPress theme today. I cannot seem to locate the Google Map Module? Can you please tell me where I can change the Google Map settings thank you.

don’t misguide by this cross lines. these occurs due to TF comment filtering.

great thanks webPentagon. I know need to know how to remove the Read More button from the Lotus sliders. I don’t want a button, nevermind I did using custom.css thank you

OK, I’ll let know you.

Hi again,

it seems that after installation, that once i change one slider title from the home sliders module the slide 1 title is copied to the rest of slides, so when you add another title on slide 2 the same slide one title appears also, same problem with slide 3, i tried to approach your people via email but no answers so far www.taweel-law.com/files Your Urgent support is appreciated


we have got your mail and assigned a person to look after this. We will give you feed back as soon as possible. Please keep in touch.

We sent you mail with saying We have fixed this on your site. Please check this :)

Hello :) Looks like you have a nice template, however i am having a problem after installing the quick start version with english data checked, the admin side work fine but the front side gives an error of

in which version did you face the problem? please send us mail using our themforest profile.


It might sound a successful set up on a theme that is visually strong rules. Think twice when buying the theme, as well as the support is not enough

please sent us a mail what you need to know. Don’t change layout without knowing anything. We will guide you. Just mail us your desire. thanks

You can change module from module’s position selection. If you want to change layout from template manage, then overall looking will be changed. So please mail us what you will need exactly.

We have set up your site. The site layout is OK. But you gave us bad rating. We are planning to update this but this bad rating discourage us. Can you please change this rating?

If you will need any further help , please mail us.

How can we remove the copyrights from below ?

please follow the root… templates -> lotus -> tpls -> blocks ->footer.php

templates - lotus - tpls—blocks—footer.php

Hi, Nice Theme.

I have checked your demo in ie 10 (Windows 8 ). Website loading too slow and design breaks. The Document running is IE5 Quirks

thanks for letting us. we will check though it should work on ie10. there is no support for ie5

Hi, I am using ie 10 in windows 8 laptop. When i load the website in ie 10, site is loading but site is broken. Give your email id i can share screen shot

you can send mail from our TF profile using dropbox link. We will reply.


after finished the installation the front end doesn’t show your lotus template. Please help to see what’s wrong.



i like you to help me to do custom work for this joomla template please email pnmcse at yahoo.com if you would like to do it. thanks

please let also let me know the rate/hour that you are charging. thanks

please mail us using our themeforest profile. we can discuss.


It’s possible installing only the template without quickstart?? in my package there’s not a template.zip…..

ok i send you now..

I got it. I’ll give you feedback as soon as possible


I bought your template for a joomla 2.5 website but can’t get it working…
It’s an existing website so can’t use the quick setup.
The website is demo25.addcreteil.fr.

As you told earlier in this thread, I zipped the correct folder and uploaded it to my server but the page is really…. white!

Is there any chance you could set it up for me if I give you an admin access?
That would be awesome!

please send your admin access as well as hosting information to our mail using our themeforest profile.


I noticed a problem The module Mod Lotus Pr slider module repeats the usual title in three silde even if they are different How can we solve?

so we can expect 5 on 5 rating :)

have you given this? thanks :)