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Vertical line block is not fixed whit the BG picture when I scroll down the content section, so it look broken on pretty much all the browser that I tested for this templates.

Hi, for BG picture you mean Miami in the background? And for broken what you mean? The background picture is resized by Supersized Jquery plugin so that’s automatically resized and fixed. Please can you explain better? I checked in all browsers and I didn’t see errors

Hi i like your template, its posible to add:

Another contact form ( extensive ) for reservations ?? Testimonials ? Music? Pay pal ?

great job

Thanks alot, I waited for some opinion. The actual contact form works with an external php file that recovers all data inserted and sends all in your email. So it’s possible to add or remove elements in that form and it’s possible to add similar forms with same code. For Paypal it’s a little bit more complicated because I have to integrate the payment option in that page, but I can work on it if you send me more details. Maybe it’s better if you send me an email, Thanks

excellent. i contact with u via Email:


Best regards

I want to buy this item; I have a couple questions: it´s possible fix video from youtube amd Vimeo in the images gallery. Can you explain me how to do it after purchase the template?

Thanks for your answer.

hi, send me a private email with details, I can send you the documentation with video codes in place of images, thanks

Hi! I like your Template a lot but when we go on a smaller screen, it doesnt adapt to the screen like your 4 images (pc, laptop, ipad, cell). We have to scroll to see the images. Is possible to make images responsive?

Waiting for your answer!


Hi, thanks for appreciation. Can you be more detailed in a private message, please? Sorry but I don’t understand if yu mean the images in the background, in the gallery or in the whole site

Ok, i’m talking about the home page, where is the slider (look at my image:, we need the slider to be like 100% of the resizing page… in my demo, the girl bottom image is hidden… do you know what i mean ? :)

I sent in private.

hi , first compliment for the template, then i add a new gallery section but it doesn’t work. can u help me to resolve ? thx

hi, thanks alot, contact me directly via email, with your problem and eventually with your file modified. I try to resolve asap.

where can i buy the wordpress version of theme… I need asap for my club

Hi sorry, Wordpress version is not ready yet, but I’m working on it. My asap I think it’s too late for you…

I have two clubs. One thing i need and you night want to think about adding to the them is on the event page is a payment button. Where we can sell our tickets. maybe it can be where that sponsor banner is at, it can be a buy ticket now.

Also we need a table reservation system on the website. we need to be able to sell vip passes and table. thanks

please, can you send me a private message with more details? Thanks

Hey is there an email address to reach you at or something? I thought this was a word press site and I purchased it but im not sure where the theme file is?

I have no clue how to even use this? I assumed it was wordpress

Hey I never Received a reply back. I wanted to know if you could add a music player in the webpage. it says in the info to ask and you would provide it.

Hey, just curious when do you think the wordpress version of this template will be out?

Hi, sorry but I don’t receive communication about new comments and I lost all your messages, discovering now, really sorry. I’m waiting for a confirmation of a new template. If everything’s ok next week I’ll start to work on the Wordpress version of this template. I can update you, I think and hope in one week it can be ready


I have a question.

1. Is it possible to have an admin backend whereby pictures will be uploaded to the gallery page?

I love the template and I am willing to buy it as soon as I get a positive response.


Hi, the Wordpress version has just submitted and is under review. Maybe you can use that when it will be published


I bought your template. Have just one question: - How I put a link in front models for specific date in Events section? My idea is link each model with each event. I tried put anchors, but not worked fine… missing date header..

Thank you!

Can you send me an email, please?

You write from Wordpress. Is this available as a Wordpress-Theme?

It’s almost ready, it didn’t pass the Themeforest review, so I’m correcting some issue. Could you write me privately?

Is this template available on wordpress yet? Did not see any updates since 2 months ago.

I created the template but it was not accepted by Themeforest. The template passed general test and if you want I can send you the files. Send a PM

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Name Description Lounge Club Template is missing.


Hi, this template is not for Wordpress, but if you want I can send you a beta version. Let me know in private please, thanks

hi, you have a private mes !

Wow! Lovely!;

Thanks a lot!

hi how can i change the fonts?

Hi, sorry for the delay. I contact you directly on Monday. In short words you can check the style.css ( @font-face ) but if you can be patient I will support much more. Thanks