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I’m having trouble adding the button shortcode to my page.

I’ve tried copying it, and pasting it multiple places, but without luck.

Any idea why?

Site is here: http://kasesetours.com

Button should show under the “Safari” section..

Thank you Eivind


Hi again. I found out the problem is caused when the button is placed inside a grid together with text.

The solution: make a whole new section containing only the buttons under the section with the text-grid. It works, but the button falls a bit to far down.

Is there a shortcode I can place the text in to keep the paragraph tag to wrap around the button aswell?


I have 2 problems:

1) How I find Masonry Layout Blog, I can’t find it. And, how I can use more than 2 web pages with the same layout?

2) How can I change the photo slide that appears in each page?

Thank You,



we noticed that the search bar where the user should precise the search, doesn’t come up with anything.

Hi Nic,

does the HTML “Love Travel” version have the same HTML/CSS code as this WordPress version? I see there are some differences (like search bar, and top bar, shopping cart etc.)

Thank you for your answer, Bye :)

Do you please have some manual or description how to change content? Can it be done with WP admin?

Regards, Uldis Cipsts

Hi there,

Having some difficulty with this theme. The slider seems to be bringing the footer of the site to the top. You can only replicate this when logged in as for some reason, any changes made don’t appear when logged out. Very strange.

Please help.




I have send the ticket but i didn’t get any reply in 2 days . My ticket id is #325386 .