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The layer slider is not installing, missing the header files How that can be fix it?

Please contact support via item support page, issue will be resolved there.

Hello, I have post a support before ticket # 766715, but I can’t login with that. Can I PM you so I can find the login for that ticket?

There was server issue that has been fixed now. Please try using support site, it will work perfect now.

Is there a way to fix the events page so that it shows the list view with the closest event dates first and the events that are further out last? I had it set up to show just “upcoming events” and it did that, but once I changed it to “all events” it shows them with the ones farther in the future first and the nearest last. I tried to submit a ticket, but the site isn’t working at the moment. Thank you.

Could you please contact support via item support page and ask them to fix it for you? I am sure they will do it in no time.

Good day,

Any pleans on including a donation page on this? Also, are there any plans on making it a high resolution enabled theme?

I am considering buying it.

HI@alroyndhlovu : Thank you for your interest in one of our theme, For now . We don’t have any plan yet to include donation page on this theme, Our theme is already high resolution enabled theme. Thank You

What plugin do you recommend for multi language??? thanks still love the site….

Hi,thank you for your purchase and interest in one of our theme.for Multilanguage purpose we recommend WPML plugin.thank you for appreciation.

Still no WP4.0 – 4.2 update for this theme? Sad.

Hi @Deedadon, Please be advised as theme updates are in queue, could you please elaborate your issue where i can help you until update appear on theme forest. Thanks!

I have written support several times on the non-compatibility with WP4.0 and above. What issues do you expect me to elaborate when you keep deleting most of my comments because you consider them negative. No serious theme developer will keep its theme at 3.6 compatibility when WP has since moved on to several updates after that. Read my old comments if you want to know what the issues are. I wish I could have my money back.

Hi @Deedadon, I really apologize for the inconvenience you faced, Please be so kind and let me know your ticket# where i can trace your ticket status, as i am not able to trace your ticket with your buyer name. Thanks!

Still no WP4.0 – 4.2 update for this theme. Last update was done almost 9 months ago. Buyers beware.

Hi @Deedadon, Theme updates are already in queue, we often update our themes you can see our portfolio, latest version will be live soon. Thank you!


izen Purchased

Could I add with RELATED PROJECT,NEWS and EVENTS carousel slider still NOT fix too Hope latest version will be FIX and live this month. Thank you.

Hi @izen, Please follow your ticket to check status of issue. Thank you!

Hello. I left a message on your support page a few days ago and I’ve not heard back. I’m having an issue concerning the sliders.